Pirate Storm Master Chapter 726

The current status of this energy barrier.

It is enough to prove how powerful this single fist it from Garp is!

After seeing that my fist can work on this weird cover.

Garp is again a series of “Dang”, “Dang”, “Dang”, “Dang” ······.

All of a sudden, dozens of punches were punched against the energy barrier!

Forcibly with a pair of Iron Fist, the powerful energy barrier was cracked, and then it was blown to pieces!

Just when Garp wants to make persistent efforts and directly smash this weird battleship to pieces.

The two energy cannons issued by the empty card fighter are finally once again, and the energy storage is complete!

After simply adjusting the angle, the two guns were fired directly at Garp!

zi zi!

Bang!! !

Just a few meters away.

Garp, who was lying on the energy mask before, punched the energy mask!

In an instant, I was bombarded by these two lasers and shot out several hundred meters!

Then in the sky outside several hundred meters, a gorgeous firework exploded!

“Very good, I hit it!”

Both shots hit the empty card on Garp’s body and opened the cabin below again.

Launched a huge device with a diameter of one meter!


The moment it was launched!

On the outer ring of this weird huge device, a circle of light blue fluorescence was lit up.

Then there was something in the center of this huge device that kept buzzing and turning quickly, and it quickly lit up a blue and white rays of light!

After five full seconds!

The empty card that is fully charged is facing the place where Garp was blown out just now, still shrouded by rays of light!

Fired this gun out!

“Go, my super electromagnetic pulse cannon! Let this World see how you are!”

The moment the blue white radiance of the super electromagnetic pulse gun is launched, in a flash, it becomes the focus of people’s eyes!

In Pirate King’s world.

There has never been a “super electromagnetic pulse gun” as a cross-age technological weapon!

I’m afraid that even Ling Yu didn’t expect that Kongka actually used his constant contact with Enel from time to time to pull Enel, who was unwilling The study of electromagnetic force.

Designed and simulated the cross-age sci-fi weapon of the pulse cannon!

In fact, this is also based on the design and simulation of a super electromagnetic pulse gun. The air card can break through to almost the Marine Headquarter level in a short time.

Through the research of empty cards, there are still explanations from time to time.

Enel can continuously break its own perception of Goro Goro no Mi, and use it.

In the step-by-step experiments and development, the strength has improved rapidly, and in just one year, once again breakthrough, it completely crosses the Marine Headquarter level military force!

Otherwise, Enel, whose personality and empty card are not very good at dealing with, how can it be possible to complete the experiment with empty cards again and again!

It’s not that I have tasted the sweetness!


The moment when the super electromagnetic pulse gun burst out.

Marine Headquarters The gaze of the battlefield at the rear was completely attracted!

Even in the battlefield ahead, they cast incredible glances at the Heavenspan blue and white beam of light!

“What the hell is this! Why does it look so good, but it feels so dangerous to me?”

Whether it is the soldier of the Marine Headquarters or the soldier of the storm union!

Many people are very curious about this!

And precognition, Buretto, Robin and other powerhouses are turning pale with fright on this!

Even the battle between precognition and Buretto has stalled!

Because the stronger the person, the more powerful they can feel this blue and white beam of light!

In the battleship of the storm union.

Robin looked at the Heavenspan beam of light in the distance and above the empty card. At that moment, he was punched through the decomposed cloud layer. Said with a smile: “It looks like they really made something amazing!”


On the other side of the battlefield, Marine Fleet Admiral precognition Kuzan also looked back with some worry!


“Hahaha, don’t you see a lot of terrifying guys in the storm guild? Precognition you guy is fighting against me and you dare to be distracted, let me die!”


Buretto continuously wielded dozens of fist shadows, bringing up a burst of terrifying whistling sound, and hit the chest of precognition Kuzan!

“Iceberg·Shield of Thorns!”

In the face of Buretto’s heavy punch! Precognition In an unhurried moment, a large piece of ice with long thorns stood up from the ground and stood in front of him!

“Does a piece of ice want to block my Buretto? Break for me!”

bang bang bang!

All the rocks splashed for a while!

Countless ice giant thorns were directly smashed, and the ice behind the giant thorns was smashed to pieces!

But when Buretto shattered this wall of ice, the silhouette of the precognition was already disappeared!

“Go there!”

Ice world · Ice coffin!

When I was looking for my silhouette in Buretto.

The ice around Buretto instantly turned into a circular ice wall and surrounded him in the middle!

When Buretto wants to jump up and escape these ice walls.

Suddenly found that my feet were actually frozen on top of the ice by the ice!


But it doesn’t wait for Buretto to think!

The ice wall, which was originally only a little taller than him, was quickly raised at this moment!

Instantly angry at a height of more than ten meters.

The sky above the dome is also quickly closed under the control of precognition.

At this speed, I am afraid that within a few seconds, the entire dome will be covered by ice!

Although Buretto does not know what precognition is going to do, he will not be obediently and honestly trapped in such obvious traps set by the enemy!

ka ka ka!

Vigorously work out miracles!

Under Buretto’s brute force!

Without even a second, he quickly broke free of the two pieces of ice that had frozen his feet!

Then, push hard on the hard ice surface under your feet!

In an instant, the extremely hard ice surface was directly crushed by the giant kick, forming a large pit with a diameter of three meters and a depth of about one meter!

Then, Buretto took advantage of this counterforce to instantly surpass the ice-shrouded dome!

But when he got out of the pit of ice, what awaited him was a huge pillar of ice that fell from the sky and stabbed him fiercely!

It took less than a second to jump out.

Buretto once again braced the huge ice pillar and fell into this incomparable gigantic ice coffin!

Even the coffin panels were nailed strictly by precognition Kuzan with “cold ice nails”!

After nailing Buretto back.

The precognition puts both hands on the dome of the ice coffin and accelerates the conveyance of the strength of Cold Ice!

Frozen everything in the space below in the ice!

After the Buretto was completely frozen, the precognition Kuzan was slightly sighed in relief.

“Finally, I have solved one. Next, let me see what is going on with Sensei!”

But I just stepped on Geppo just before the precognition, not far away!

Suddenly mutation happened behind him!