Pirate’s Most Arrogant and High Profile Man Chapter 425 – Comrade Mao

Pirate’s Most Arrogant and High Profile Man Chapter 425


“That’s Big Mom Pirates!”

“Not Charlotte · Linlin led the team, but the third child Charlotte · Katakuri, rumored to be the strongest of all Big Mom children.”

“Beasts Pirates is here too.”

“Damn it, that is Kaido of the Beasts.”

“I came here in person.”

“Explosion Pirates is here too, that is the Explosion Monarch!”

“Hey! Really or fake.”

“That’s Whitebeard Edward · Newgate!”

“The Golden Emperor has such a great face? These powerhouses in the second half of the Grand Line came one after another.”


There are still three days to open the powerhouse. The arrival of a big man these days has made the entire Golden City inexplicably suppressed.

There seemed to be an invisible pressure that made most people breathless.

Beasts Pirates, Big Mom Pirates, Explosive Pirates, Whitebeard Pirates, plus Marine, Flying Pirates, or other famous Pirates and Lone Rangers, are all famous characters.

Morgan was so happy.

Leading the reporters under his hands, constantly taking pictures or recordings.

These highest forces and overlords gather together, even if nothing happens, the gathering alone is enough to be big news.

It would be better if it were to fight.

Even a fool can feel the chaos with swords drawn and bows bent. You must know that these big guys are all hostile to each other, and they have all fallen in love and killed each other, both brightly and secretly. .

However, arrogance and recognition are revealed in the rivalry.

That is the spirit that powerhouse possesses.

At this moment, all eyes of Golden City are looking in the same direction.

That is the Betty Hotel.

In the face of so many bosses, the richest group did not neglect.

Stussy, Baccarat and Betty personally organized the reception, as the host, they were impossible to come out.

Today Stussy, Baccarat and Betty are all dressed up, all in evening dresses.

Or elegant, sexy, or charming!

All are charming and different.

Even in the face of so many powerhouses, the three daughters still maintained their aura, taking enchanting cat steps to calm down, and did not shame the richest group in the slightest.

The appearance of the three women is the center.

Stussy and Betty are a little better, it is Baccarat, the whole heart is beating to the throat.

Faced with so many eyes, the pressure is unimaginable.

It is terrifying more than Haoshoku of that stupid man.

But she still froze.

Maintaining a confident smile, remembering what the stupid man said specifically to her beforehand.

The more I think, the more angry.

What makes her most likely to be ashamed.

This is simply an insult to her.

Distrust and humiliation in all directions, from personality to soul to body.

So Baccarat secretly vowed to fight for some breath.

No one should be underestimated, especially the stupid man.

She wants to prove that she is capable of doing the lucky job.

She is Baccarat.

The lucky queen of famous.

In the future, she is destined to become a world-class star and queen woman.

She is no worse than the stupid women Stussy and Betty.

“Thank you for giving face to the richest group. Please forgive me if you offend during this period.”

The three women face everyone, holding up a red wine glass!

Stussy spoke first.

“Jie haha ​​~”

“Queen of Pleasure District, Dancing Queen, Lucky Queen, come and be my subordinate!”

The Golden Lion laughed, and the other fleet captains sitting all around were silent.

However, the female fleet captains such as the Jelly Queen and Black Widow showed a little dissatisfaction.

Whether you admit it or not, the Queen of Pleasure District, the Dancing Queen, and the Lucky Queen at this moment have overwhelmed the limelight of other women present.

Almost all men’s eyes are on the three women.

The beautiful ones like the Jelly Queen are better, but those who are deformed or whose looks are not so good are more or less unbalanced in their hearts.

It’s not about strength, it’s just about appearance and temperament.

It is not an exaggeration for the three women to say that they are beautiful.

“Cool Lala!”

Whitebeard took a sip of wine and laughed for some reason.

The same is true for Garp not far away.

This made Sengoku evil fiercely glared at Garp.

The dragon entire group sits far away, at least far away from Marine’s position, all wearing masks.

Since the arrival of Garp and Sengoku, the dragon has been huddling in the hotel, even participating in this banquet is a low-key force, for fear of being discovered by Garp.

He bet.

If Garp finds out that he is here, he will definitely smoke him.

When the time comes, the Golden Emperor, who is an ally, is not easy to shoot, so it is better to keep a low profile and try to minimize the presence.

There are only a few people in the audience who can laugh so freely like Golden Lion, Whitebeard, and Garp.

People like Katakuri, Marco, Onigumo, Moria, Jelly Queen, Kance, etc. were silent, just looking at them with a serious face.

Maybe people like Chinjao the Drill can interject, but it’s not necessary.

There are too many powerhouses present, and many of them will grow up in the future. They may be too young now to dare to intervene easily, but not necessarily in the future.

“If Mr. Golden Lion can convince our BOSS, I don’t mind joining Flying Pirates.”

Stussy reached out and stroked her forehead hair to the base of her ears, showing a graceful smile.

Last time because of this, the two sides made a big shot.


“Is the emperor’s face value responsible for rebellion?”

Just when Golden Lion was about to reply, the closed golden door opened, and a playful voice resounded through the audience, and all eyes were shifted.

Kaos moved three feet off the ground, followed by Enel and Crocodile.

With his upper body naked, the yellow golden light wheel turned on his back, a black vertical hair has long turned into a golden waist, and the dark eyes have also turned into golden eyes.

There was no arrogance burning on his body.

Compared to the previous appearances, this time it looked a little plain and low-key.

However, the temperament of cynical, arrogant, defiant, aloof and remote has not changed.

Enel, Aquino and the others behind him were not shrouded in the fancy special effects, all of them face the audience.

“I thought you were going to be a coward!”

Kaido’s eyebrows are cold, and he is the first to speak sarcastically.

“You give face so much, how can this emperor be a coward.”

Kaos just glanced at Kaido, and then looked at everyone in the hall. “Everyone here is standing at the top of this sea, so please give me a face if you have any grievances. Before the auction starts, everyone can Have fun in Golden City.

It’s rare for everyone to get together and have dealt with each other, I believe they all know it well.

If you really can’t see anyone, Golden City has various gambling measures. Since military force is used, no one can do anything about it, so it’s better to change it.

If you don’t want to bet, you can also fight for wine. “

“hahaha …”

Kaido and the others are all laughed heartily.

As Kaos said, everyone present has dealt with each other, and if military force can be used to solve it, then there will be no current scene.

It’s the gambling and alcohol that Kaos mentioned is a very good way to shame people who are not pleasing to the eye.

It may be that what Kaos said made sense, or that he didn’t want to make trouble, so the banquet went smoothly.

Alcohol and gambling also occurred.

At the same time, there have been many news birds flying to the sea from the outside world.

“Extras! Extras! Whitebeard Pirates, Blast Pirates, Flying Pirates, Beasts Pirates…all arrived in Golden City.”

“Marine Headquarter Sengoku the Buddha, hero Garp, Chief of Staff Tsuru…”

“The highest forces of the sea are all gathered in Golden City.”

“This powerhouse meeting…”

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