Pirate’s Most Arrogant and High Profile Man Chapter 426


The rising sun is rising.

The auction came in an instant.

The powerhouse meeting has officially started.

All the great characters that should have come in these three days are all here, and there are even a lot of conflicts.

However, they were all solved through gambling, drinking and arena. The various forces did not end up, and all the people who ended up were their own subordinates.

There is no doubt that the paper drunken lantern riddles of Golden City make everyone sigh or fascinate.

Apart from anything else, just the golden buildings that can be seen everywhere, let everyone realize the wealth of the richest group.

And the Golden Emperor is called the richest man in the world, and he deserves it.

At this time, Holy Land Mariejois, as the controller Gorosei of the World Government on the surface, can be said to be unable to eat well and sleep well recently, and has been learning about the current situation in Golden City through Sengoku.

I’m afraid that Pirate, regardless of the law and of natural morality, will unite to do things.

In fact, the five people also know very well that these proud and arrogant guys are impossible to join forces.

Because no one accepts anyone.

In other words, there is not a Sino-European link that can convince everyone, or the hegemon that overpowers all powerhouses.

Whitebeard and Golden Lion are very strong, world one of the very best.

There will always be people who will not be convinced of them, even the acknowledge allegiance, at most they are afraid!

Even if Yonko or other Pirate arrive at Raftel in the future to complete the so-called Pirate King trial, these people will not be there.

Even if Roger is present now.

There is only one way to convince these monsters or even acknowledge allegiance.

That is the absolute strength, the degree to which it can be easily defeated.

Only then will it be possible to use personality charm and broad-mindedness to subdue.

And the biggest possibility is that these monsters would rather die than acknowledge allegiance.

The auction venue that can accommodate tens of thousands of people at this time is today’s home venue.

Early in the morning, various forces or aristocrats and rich people entered, even if it can accommodate tens of thousands of people, it is an utterly inadequate measure for the current Golden City. For this reason, it will be broadcast on various buildings through live broadcast.

On both sides of the red-carpeted walkway, many journalists were shooting with cameras.

There is also an image of Den Den Mushi being recorded.

There are still many people who cannot enter the auction venue watching the excitement. After all, only tens of thousands of people can participate in the auction, and not everyone is eligible to enter.

“Princess Lorian, the ghost, has entered the arena.”

“That is the biological brother Glass King Roseft and Agate King Hack Futes.”

“Shadow·Ajialu is here too.”

“There are also Captain Iloth and mysterious female Kismi.”

“Pirates Breaking the Waves.”

“Moria Pirates.”


“That is the explosion Pirates led by the explosion lord Gotti.”

“There is a Branch Lord, Kance.”

“There are three Branch Lords Hacken.”

“Six Branch Lord Great Axe Ho Gunters.”

“Seven Branch Lord Lhasa.”

“Beasts Pirates is here too.”

“Big Mom Pirates.”

“Whitebeard Pirates, Flying Pirates.”

“Marine also entered under the leadership of Admiral Sengoku the Buddha and the hero Garp.”

With the ebbing of time, the auction hall that can accommodate tens of thousands of people began to fill up, and the last aisle was full of reporters.

Someone found that all sitting in the first row were big Pirates, like Whitebeard Pirates, Flying Pirates, and Explosive Pirates.

There is no shortage of lone rangers among them.

Of course, the richest group headed by Kaos, as well as their responsibilities, also sat down.

With the golden gate closed, the entire auction fell into darkness.

Not five seconds before, a burst of explosive music sounded.

Then a variety of multi-colored lighting effects began to cover the most central auction high on platform, as if a concert was about to be held.

It is indeed a concert.

It’s just Baccarat’s debut singing.

At this time, Baccarat seemed to be the most dazzling Miki in the world, shaking the audience with her enchanting dance.

Kaos has given many opinions.

After all, the Hallyu girl group in the last life is still fresh in my memory.

All kinds of sexy hip twists, enchanting swings, all exuding charm.

There is no doubt.

The debut was a success!

Even Whitebeard, Golden Lion and the others watched them in a daze, and they were surprised by the novelty.

A total of three dance music.

A song of national style, similar to that of the Tang Dynasty.

The remaining two songs are of the Korean girl group, plus various lighting effects and music, they are destined to spread throughout the world afterwards, especially dancing in front of so many big guys.

Baccarat was Peak when he debuted.

After the performance, the audience choked for ten seconds.

“Jie hahaha ~”

“Gaia, I am more and more interested in your men.”

With a cigar in his mouth, Golden Lion looked sideways towards Kaos who was sitting not far away, speaking from his heart.

Once because of the Queen of Pleasure District, he had a fight with the richest group. Now Lucky Queen has given him a lot of freshness.

“Cool Lala!”

Whitebeard laughed too.

Many people haven’t come back to his senses from Baccarat’s performance. After all, this kind of pleasing, sexy dance with enchanting and enchanting, enchanting and enchanting is really new and shocking.

Very waves!

Especially some hobby female Pirate or aristocratic tycoons, their eyes are full of desire.

“The emperor’s responsibilities are all versatile!”

Kaos tilted both legs, forefinger and thumb a handful of cigarettes that he was igniting, without concealing the pride and pride on his face.

He almost fell in just now.

If it weren’t for him to have trouble with the kidneys and heart, and not eat the grass at the edge of the nest, he really couldn’t control it.

After all, Baccarat’s temperament is too strong.

Under the sight of focal point of ten thousands, Baccarat stepped enchantingly after the performance, confidently walked down the platform and sat next to Stussy.

Next is the time of Betty Young Lady.

The sound of high heels stepping on the ground spread throughout the audience, subconsciously quieting the originally noisy venue.

Betty is wearing an evening dress, walking on those long legs, fluttering with long purple hair, standing on the platform and looking at the crowded venue, her sexy red lips are outlined with a smile, and her sexy aura is full.

“Welcome everyone to participate in the powerhouse meeting held by the richest group. This queen is the sexy director of the richest group. Betty, the dancing queen, will make a cameo appearance in this Auctioneer.”

Betty is not long-winded when she comes up, and goes straight to the topic.

Very capable and neat.

right hand moves A Devil Fruit appeared on the golden ground.

“Zoan · Brown Bear Fruit, the starting price is one Beli, the higher the price will get.”

As the words fell, the whole Auction House immediately quarreled.

Did they hear me wrong?

One Beli?

The richest group is so proud?

But someone soon understood.

According to the normal price, this Zoan should be more than 100 million Beli, but it’s hard to say now.

“Fifty Million Beli.”

A voice was deafening.

“Fifty million Beli want Devil Fruit? Two hundred million Beli.”

Pirate was disdainful and tripled directly.

“Three hundred million.”

“Three hundred and ten million.”

“Three hundred and fifty million.”

“Four Million Beli.”

In a blink of an eye, an ordinary Devil Fruit came to the price of 400 million, which is really when money is not money!

It seems that no one here is a poor ghost.

“400 million Beli auctions a common Zoan, idiot.”

Someone looked at the Pirates who offered 400 million Beli with sarcasm.


“hahaha ….”

“The second one, Zoan·Rice Fruit·Sweet Rat Fruit.”

With the first Devil Fruit worth 400 million yuan, Betty once again made a move to the ground, and another Devil Fruit was arched by the golden ground.

The brown bear fruit was delivered directly to the auctioneer by a waiter.

“One hundred million.”

“Two hundred million.”

“Three hundred and thirty million.”

This Devil Fruit was not photographed by many people, and it was significantly different from the brown bear fruit.

So the final price remained at 330 million.

However, it has exceeded the original value.

The third Zoan Weasel fruit was auctioned for 350 million.

The fourth Zoan · antelope fruit, the price remains at 320 million.

The fifth Zoan · Lion Fruit was sold for 530 million yuan.

The sixth Zoan · Camel fruit was sold for 310 million yuan.

The seventh Zoan · squirrel fruit was sold for 320 million.

The eighth Zoan · sea lion fruit, 480 million.

The ninth Zoan · macaque fruit, 410 million.

The tenth Zoan · Pangolin fruit, 450 million. .

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