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Pirate’s Most Arrogant and High Profile Man Chapter 429


“Ten ordinary species, four Insect species, and five ancient species Devil Fruit have all been auctioned off. Next are five Paramecia Devil Fruits. I believe everyone will be very interested.

The first Paramecia · Taste fruit is real. Compared with Zoan Devil Fruit, Paramecia has more probability, and the starting price is one Beli. “

Following the auction of several Zoans, Betty still did not delay and started auctioning five Paramecias.

“Dao fruit is real? Never heard of it.”

“A person who hasn’t learned from the sea!”

“Who was the last Ability User?”

discuss spiritedly, many Pirates frowned, apparently most of them have never heard of this Devil Fruit.

In other words, this Devil Fruit was not well-known last time.

As Betty said, Paramecia Devil Fruit has more probability than Zoan, but it also depends on people.

If there was an Ability User before this, at least it can be compared.

But the point is that ninety-nine percent of Pirates have never heard of it.

“Two hundred million Beli.”

A cold voice resounded throughout the audience. Kaos followed the others to cast his sights over, and found that he was still an acquaintance who had fallen in love and killed each other on Post Island.

Slipper ·Dairis, Paramecia ·Slip-Slip Fruit Ability User, the past few years have become more mature and beautiful than ever.

It turned out to be in the second half of the Grand Line.

The dress is still very bold, with a red hood on the upper body and short shorts on the lower body. The exposed skin is smooth and supple with amazing luster.

Long hair with orange red waves.

The original bounty of 232 million is now as high as 430 million.

“Three hundred million Beli.”

Another female Pirate shot, it is the ghost Pirates captain ghost Princess · Lorian, wearing a floral Princess skirt, a pair of willow brows green eyes full of smart and arrogant, light purple long hair tied extremely heroic.

“It’s Slipper·Dairis.”

“And the ghost Princess · Lorian.”

“It’s so beautiful!”

“Five hundred million Beli.”

Wild beast Pirates also started to shoot.

“Five hundred and thirty million.”

“Five hundred and sixty million.”

It may be that we don’t know the actual effect of flavor dao fruit, so the price increase is a bit slow.

“Seven billion.”

An extremely charming female voice sounded.

“Mysterious Pirates, mysterious female·Kismi.”

With pale yellow amber eyes staring, a big blue wavy hair is vertical, Kasme still wears a purple red skirt with a veil, and her slender and round legs wear black stockings.

“Seven billion ten million.”

The Ghost Princess offers prices again.

“720 million.”

Slipper also shot.

“750 million.”

The mysterious female Kasme frowned slightly.

“760 million.”

Ghost Princess proudly lifting the chin.

“Eight hundred million.”

Slipper coldly snorted.

“Nine hundred million.”

The mysterious female Kessmi directly added 100 million.

The three women are on the bar.

Many people looked at the three women with great interest, let alone a very good landscape.

“One billion.”

The amount of money increased very slowly, and finally the mysterious female Kessmi made a billion.

Then the ghost Princess and Slipper were silent.

“One billion at a time.”


“Three transactions.”

“Congratulations to mysterious Pirates, next is the second Devil Fruit Paramecia · molten fruit, starting at one Beli.”

“Two hundred and forty million.”

“Three hundred and ninety million.”

“Four hundred million.”

The auction value has risen sharply. Obviously, many people have heard of this Devil Fruit.

Because the previous Ability User bounty bounty more than 300 million, now it seems to be dead.

“Five hundred million.”

“Five hundred and fifty million.”

In the blink of an eye, the amount was as high as 600 million Beli.

“Seven billion.”

Previously, the mysterious person who photographed the ancient sword Dragon Fruit was shot, and it was 700 million Beli.

“720 million.”

“760 million.”

“Eight hundred million.”

The situation slowed down, 800 million has exceeded too much value, after all, the last Ability User only bounty more than 300 million, enough to see the role of this Devil Fruit.

“Nine hundred million.”

But the mysterious person did not let go, and the second price increase directly increased by 100 million.

“Nine hundred million yuan at a time.”


“Three transactions.”

“Next is the third Devil Fruit, Paramecia whispering fruit.”

“One hundred million Beli.”

“One hundred and twenty million.”

“Two hundred million.”

Few people are interested in this Devil Fruit, and they know that it is not a powerful Devil Fruit.

So it was finally auctioned off by a Pirates for 200 million.

“The fourth one, Paramecia · Paste Fruit, the starting price is one Beli.”

“Three hundred million.”

“Three hundred fifty million.”

“Four hundred million.”

“Five hundred million.”

“Five hundred and thirty million.”

“Six hundred million.”

Paste fruit auctions are fast, and no one bids when it comes to 600 million Beli.

“Congratulations to bind Pirates.”

Betty dropped the auction hammer in his hand, looking towards the direction that bound Pirates with a smile.

“Next is the last Paramecia · sulfuric acid fruit, the starting price is still a Beli.”

The golden platform wriggled, and a strangely patterned Devil Fruit was guarded.

“Five hundred million.”

“It’s the explosion of Pirates.”

Many people present frowned slightly and exploded Pirates to make another shot, which showed that they saw this Devil Fruit.


As long as you are not a fool, just listen to the name of this Devil Fruit to know how precious it is. This is sulfuric acid.

When mentioning sulfuric acid, the first idea is corrosion. This alone is enough to show that this is a powerful Devil Fruit.


“One billion!”

“Has Big Mom Pirates also shot?”

“Ah great generosity, there are 500 million, one billion shouts from the beginning.”

“Is this the big Pirates?”

Many people whispered and looked towards the direction of Big Mom Pirates. Although Charlotte · Linlin did not personally show up, the arrival of other members of the Charlotte Family alone has surpassed many other Pirates.

This billion alone eliminated more than half of the players.

“1.5 billion.”

The meeting place suddenly stopped, and the line of sight was focused on Marine.

“Cool Lala!”

Whitebeard grinned, not planning to auction.

The same goes for Golden Lion.

As for Kaido, I am only interested in Zoan.

“2 billion.”

Pirates was not surprised by the explosion. After the sound of the explosion, Kance called out a second offer after getting the nodded from the explosion lord.

That attitude is obviously aspirational.

On the side of Big Mom Pirates, Katakuri and Perospero frowned and thought for a while, then chose to give up.

“This Devil Fruit is very valuable.”

In the Marine camp, Tsuru is very optimistic about this Devil Fruit.

“Two-three billion.”

Sengoku did not hesitate, and signaled Marine Vice Admiral, who had just bid for the bid, to continue.

“Two and five billion.”

The bidding for Marine Vice Admiral just ended, and Kance made another offer after the sound.

This time Tsuru also gave up.

The other party’s ambition must not be concealed.

“Two-and-a-half billion yuan once.”


“Three times.”


“Congratulations to Pirates for the explosion.”

Everything is going well, the price of 2.5 billion has exceeded the original value of Devil Fruit.

“Next is Yuikiri Fifty Workers, ten in total!”

“O Wazamono 2 billion, three workers!”

A total of 26 Devil Fruits, only the last two Logia are left.

There is no doubt that the finale exists.

There are other auction items before this.

As time passed, unconsciously was about to end.

Yuikiri and O Wazamono were all auctioned, and the final value was 2.7 billion.

There are fifty Devil Fruit illustrated books, which are more popular than imagined. One is 100 million, and fifty is 5 billion.

Other medicine ingredients, jewelry, etc. have also made significant gains. .

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