Pirate’s Most Arrogant and High Profile Man Chapter 508


Three days, fleeting.

In the war between the richest group and Whitebeard Pirates, the heat has not cooled down, and the hot search is still getting higher and higher.

Just because the richest group acted again.

The speed is so fast that the whole world can’t respond.

Of course, it is only the richest group’s responsibility to cause trouble.

In these three days, Thundergod and the Tsar successively attacked the Marine Fortress, especially some important scientific research sites, and robbed a large number of power rocks.

The outside world does not know the specific circumstances, only that the richest group Thundergod and the Czar shot Marine.

The main purpose power rock did not appear.

Even some scientists didn’t let it go, all packed away.

Although the richest group has taken away many scientists in the past four years, no one is too scared of scientists. Even more how Kaos’s goal is the sea of ​​stars.

Naturally, the arrogant and despotic provocation of the richest group made Marine and the World Government so furious that it made Gorosei completely determined to start reforming Marine.

And execution is faster than ever.

I don’t know how many years ahead of the original!

Pursuing the root cause, success also covers someone and failure also covers someone.

After all, the current three Marine sisters already possess Admiral battle strength.

All this is forced.

So Marine’s big move also attracted the attention of the whole world.

In the second half of the Grand Line, a piece of Sea Territory.

The legendary Golden City left the Calm Belt and came in vain. It attracted the attention of the surrounding Sea Territory. I don’t know how many people rushed to the city overnight.

Pirate, hunter, merchant ship ….

People from all walks of life are scrambling, just because Golden City will only stay for three days, and then disappear for a period of time, and the period of disappearance may be a week, maybe half a month, one month, or two months.

Currently wanting to board Golden City, it is luck.

Because Golden City can appear anywhere.

Gaia Building, 20 floors underground.

The scientific research laboratory of the richest group, also known as the research laboratory of Caesars.

The sealed elevator goes all the way down, and then a sound of high heels resounds in the research room full of technology.

All the way is unimpeded.

Finally came to a spacious room, two men in white coats were studying something, looking very dangerous.

“When did the boss become interested in science?”

The familiar voice of spit, but also contempt.

Kaos and Caesar turned around and looked at Betty dressed in cool clothes, slightly surprised.

“xiu La La La La La ~”

“When did you wake up?”

Both of them are a little excited. In the worst case, Betty may never wake up.

“Two hours ago.”

Betty rolled her eyes angrily. When she woke up, she found that there was only a maid beside her, and no one else was seen.

This makes her very upset.

It is said that the group loves each other as a family?

But then I learned that everyone avenged her and broke Whitebeard Pirates.

Edward · Newgate is still squatting.

This comforted her.

It is also good for my old mother to have a strong desire to survive, even if she becomes a vegetable, she is still fighting spiritually, and she just survives with her tenacious will.

Then I had a big meal.

Finally, I went to the office and was rushed here by the stinky lady of Stussy. By the way, I talked to the stupid BOSS who had been here for several days about Marine’s problem.

“Just wake up!”

Kaos was very satisfied and nodded, but watching Betty’s right hand broken from his elbow, his eyebrows frowned subconsciously.

But looking at Betty’s appearance, I didn’t care too much.

The mood is not affected.

“Boss, your image is a bit miserable!”

Perhaps perceiving Kaos’s gaze, Betty laughed at Hehe’s looking towards Kaos’ golden right leg and left arm. The disability situation is much worse than hers.

I was so touched.

“Trifling has one hand and one leg, and it grew out within a few years.”

“As the leader of the group, it is the most basic duty to protect the safety of your subordinates, little KS, you don’t have to be moved!”

Kaos shook his head to make a cool look, always remaining handsome.

“That’s really good thank you.”

Betty twitched his lips with a look of disgust.

“Let Caesar develop a prosthesis for you first. With your Seimei Kikan, it may take a while to regenerate.”

Kaos’s severed limb does not affect him, he only needs to manipulate gold to form the most perfect hands and feet, and then regenerate through Seimei Kikan, but Betty is different.

Her Devil Fruit ability does not have that ability.

Can only be regenerated through Seimei Kikan.

Don’t look at Betty just breaking from the elbow, and Kaos’s arm and right leg were broken shoulder-to-shoulder, but Kaos will definitely be faster than Betty in terms of the speed of regeneration.

This is the gap of Seimei Kikan.

After all, Kaos’s Seimei Kikan has been developing in this area and has never given up slack.

“No need, with this queen’s innate talent, it will grow out in less than three years.”

Betty is very disgusted with prostheses, instead of wearing that thing, it is better to break her hand to remind her all the time.

“Then whatever you want.”

Kaos shrugged indifferently.

as everyone knows The richest group is not a single word. He is also famous for being reasonable when he builds someone. He is an amiable boss who keeps pace with the times.

“It looks like we have to celebrate tonight.”

To be honest, Betty’s waking up made Kaos feel good.

Originally, if Betty didn’t wake up after a while, he was going to find some Devil Fruit to find a way.

The first goal is Big Mom, maybe that woman’s soul power can play a role.

How can I think of Betty waking up so soon.

It is worthy of his sexy role, and the desire to survive is different from normal people.

“This is what the stinky woman of Stussy asked me to bring to you.”

There was no wave on Betty’s face, and she threw the file in her hand to Kaos, and then wandered around in the research room. There were many things in it that she couldn’t understand.

The freshness is full.

Kaos took the file and looked at it with Caesar.

“xiu La La La La La ~”

“Marine is preparing for the second world conscription, but also planning to select an Admiral from it?”

Caesar was surprised by the news on the document.

Just forget about conscription.

But an Admiral was selected from the conscription.

The most important thing is that Marine Headquarter seats will be added by one.

“A lot ahead!”

Kaos subconsciously touched the chin, it’s right to calculate time and space shouldn’t be abdicated so early, didn’t expect Sengoku to become Fleet Admiral soon, and have struggled for several years.

The three Sisters of Sakasji also ascended to the position of Admiral in advance.

However, what the World Government thought was that it added Admiral seats.

Could it be said that Marine is about to usher in the era of four Admiral?

Is there any mistake, the original is not acting like this.

Is it necessary to play so big?

The direction of the future is a little unrecognizable!

This is not the Pirate world that I am familiar with.

“Xiu La La La La La!”

“It’s no wonder that Looting Power Rock Marine did not move. I think it should be dragged by the conscription.”

Caesar was still wondering, thinking that when Enel and Crocodile were robbing Power Rock, how Marine was just loud thunder, but only tiny drops of rain, it turned out to be preparing for conscription and changing term!

“Some play in the next era.”

Kaos thwarted a cigarette and raised the corners of his mouth.

At the same time, a large number of news papers began to spread to the sea, all of which were news about world conscription and Marine’s upcoming reform, which caused a lot of shock. .

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