Pirate’s Most Arrogant and High Profile Man Chapter 509


In a trance~

Five months have passed away quietly!

In these five months, many things have happened on the sea.

For example, the legendary Golden City will appear in all parts of the world from time to time, perhaps in the first half and second half of the Four Seas and Grand Line. Each appearance causes the surrounding Sea Territory to vibrate.

I don’t know how many Pirate thugs, wealthy merchants and nobles want to go.

Some people broke their fortunes on it, others won money, some even missed the red light district and the gambling city, and some others won fame and wealth in the arena, and they became famous after they spread out…

Here is known as heaven and hell, as long as you have the courage and luck, you can get everything you want.

Except for Golden City news.

It is the news that Beasts Pirates, Big Mom Pirates, Explosive Pirates and many other Pirates competed for the site in the second half of the Grand Line. They are either fighting or fighting every day.

There are also world destroyers, Red the Aloof, Wang Zhi… These legendary Great Pirates, appear and disappear unpredictably, will show off their sense of existence from time to time.

In addition, there are nightmare Pirates, bondage Pirates, and Lantis Pirates are soaring…

And the ghosts Princess·Lorian, Slipper·Dairis, Buffalo·Arquette…These people who don’t know Pirate, bounty are going up.

Every day there is New Generation on the sea, killing each other or robbing each other for money, fame, and power.

Not uncommon.

apart from this something unknown happened.

For example, Hezhi Country.

Stussy has sent people to handover with Kurozumi Orochi. In the past few months, the country was again controlled by Kurozumi Orochi, thus building weapons factories in various places for the production of Kairoski and munitions.

After Kurozumi Orochi’s propaganda, all the people hated the Kozuki clan. It was believed that it was because of Kozuki Oden that the country was always in darkness. Except for the sunshine in the flower, other areas were covered by thunderclouds for many years. Shrouded, for this reason sunshine has gradually become a luxury.

I don’t know how many people want to enter the Flower City and have sunshine.

In just five months, sunshine is light and salvation for them!

Kurozumi Orochi uses this to make everyone willing to work for him, and the condition is to have the qualifications to enter the Flower City.

One more little thing.

Don’t know if it’s good luck or fate, Kozuki Momanosuke and Kozuki Hiyori escaped from Wano Country with the help of the remnants of the Kozuki clan, but they did not die after a shipwreck.

But just two children, no one noticed.

Even if Kozuki Oden is still alive, the richest group will not take it seriously. The level gap is too large to pose a threat.

But the biggest news in these five months is Marine’s reform.

For five full months, the Marine conscription has gradually ended.

On this day, clear sky ten thousand li.


Today Marine is destined to be recorded in the annals of history, because today Marine will usher in a new beginning. At a glance, the Grand Plaza was ready to go, and the powerful Marines stood straight and looked extremely serious.

There are countless Seaman gazes looking forward to the high platform, and there are many reporters around.

There is no doubt that this is another live broadcast.

The symbol of supreme power, Marine Fleet Admiral Steel Skull will resign as Fleet Admiral today and be promoted to the commander-in-chief of the army, and will be stationed in Holy Land Mariejois.

The cameras in many reporters’ hands kept flashing, and their expressions were very excited. You must know that these are great characters, and today they are invited here to witness the new history of Marine.

Under the attention of the whole world, a stalwart body slowly entered the sight of the public. This man has been a legend throughout his life. In his hands, Marine can be said to be coercive to the world, even allowing justice to be implemented throughout the world.

This man dedicated everything to Marine, dedicated to justice.

Merit, fame, and strength are all cream of the crop!

He is the outgoing Marine Fleet Admiral, the steel-boned Kong who was promoted to the army commander, a Legendary that many powerhouses respect.

The sound is like a bell, and the breath of the superior is like a big mountain pressing down the needle in the entire square.

Everyone couldn’t help but look at Sora.

This is a charm.

“I am Marine Fleet Admiral Steel Skeleton Kong. I am very fortunate to be a Marine to defend justice and protector people.”

Standing on the high platform, I looked at the 10,000 people square with a solemn expression.

“In recent years, there has been more and more trash on the sea. For the people, we Marine must go through water and tread on fire to guard justice. I hope Marine will still implement justice after I leave. Now I invite Marine Headquarter Sengoku the Buddha.”

Kong’s speech is very short, according to normal circumstances, it should be a long talk.

Ke Kong didn’t want this, he didn’t need to show his achievements to the world, it’s empty and confident.

even more how Today is the home court of Sengoku and Admiral, so Sora will not take the lead.

Some words are more suitable for the new Marine Fleet Admiral to speak.

At this time, Sargaski, Borsalino, and Kuzan were standing in the first row, their expressions were very serious and solemn.

Not serious at this time.

Today Kuzan is wearing a white suit vest and dark blue shirt, and a Marine coat.

The temperament of ice-beauty is very tight.

Borsalino next to him is wearing a yellow and white striped suit, and Zakarsji is wearing a dark red suit. The 36E murder weapon of the three is the most eye-catching.

But beside the three of them, there was still a man standing.

He has short black hair, a beard around his mouth, his eyes are closed tightly, and there is an “X”-shaped scar on the left side of his forehead, which extends to the eyes.

With a tall figure, wearing a light purple kimono, tied with a black purple belt, and wearing a Marine coat, the Marine coat is lined with purple, a purple collar is wrapped around his neck, and his hands are wearing white handguards. Bandages and wooden shoes.

A lot of camera flashes ka ka sounded.

Because of the live broadcast, people around the world speculated that this man might be the fourth Admiral selected from the world conscription.

To become Admiral, the battle strength must be monster level.

Can not be ignored.

At this time, Sengoku looked solemn and wore a suit and strode up to the high platform with big hands.

“Now I convey the order of Holy Land Mariejois Gorosei, Marine Admiral Sengoku the Buddha will succeed Marine’s new Fleet Admiral.”

Sora took the Fleet Admiral coat from Vice Admiral next to him, looked at Sengoku with satisfaction, very pleased, and then personally put it on Sengoku.

Then Fleet Admiral’s military rank was also set on the suit for Sengoku himself.

“From now on, you will be Marine Fleet Admiral, and Marine’s heavy burden needs to be carried by you. I believe you will do better than me.”

After wearing it, his empty and solemn face showed a little smile.

I thought it would take a few years before I stepped down as Fleet Admiral, but I didn’t expect surprises.

Even Admiral has added a seat.

One can imagine how huge the influence of the cultivation era is.

“I will certainly not let down your expectations and justice.”

Sengoku sullenly saluted a military salute. His expression was as serious as he was. What he took over was not only Fleet Admiral’s position, but also responsibility.


The flashlights of countless reporters below kept firing, clinging to this historic moment.

“Next execute Fleet Admiral’s powers and responsibilities!”

Sengoku patted Sengoku’s shoulder gently, then stepped back and stepped back from the high platform. From now on, this will be the stage of Sengoku, and his stage will be in Holy Land Mariejois, and more comprehensively the whole world.

And his responsibility has become even heavier.

At this time, Sengoku stood on the platform and looked down at the entire square. At this moment, his vision changed. .

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