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Pirate’s Most Arrogant and High Profile Man Chapter 510


“Marine is the blade and shield of the World Government to maintain justice. I believe that in the future, Marine will still be a nemesis of evil. We will turn it into a sharp blade to convey justice to the whole world. Any criminal with extreme crime will It will be Marine’s target, and we will turn into a solid backing to protect justice and the people…”

Sengoku was full of spirits, greeted the audience with hundreds of thousands of eyes and the world’s attention, with a resolute expression in his face.

From now on, Marine will usher in his Sengoku era.

And this lecture is one hour.

A lot of things were expressed during the period, including Sengoku’s self-encouragement, Marine’s development, and justice…

When Sengoku stopped, the entire square Marine looked tight, because they knew the important moment was coming.

“He joined Marine at the age of 14 and entered Marine Academy. He participated in the actual combat for the first time at the age of 18. He was promoted to a corporal at the age of 28 and learned Rokushiki.

At the age of 34, he was awarded the title of “Black Arm”.

At the age of 38, he was promoted to Marine Headquarter and he captured countless Pirates. His whole body was bruised all over his body.

At the age of 42, he was transferred to Instructor. He has cultivated countless elites for Marine. His contribution is indelible. In order to better develop Marine, he is willing to step down as Admiral, Zephyr, you come up. “

Sengoku looked solemn.

And as Zephyr took the stage, the entire Marineford Marine applauded warmly.

That meticulous and determined face, despite its sternness, many Marines are extremely respectful.

As for who has contributed the most to Marine now, there is no doubt that it is Zephyr.

Not even Sengoku can compare.

Think about how many mainstays Zephyr has cultivated for Marine, no matter which force talent is the first element.

“Marine’s biggest contributor, you deserve this honor! Until now, it’s hard work.”

Sengoku picked up the contribution badge from the plate held by Vice Admiral next to him, and personally put on Zephyr and performed a military salute.

“Although you have removed the position of Admiral, you must be the position of Marine Chief Instructor. I hope that Marine talents continue to depend on you.”


Zephyr is solemn, his face is still so determined.

With Zephyr stepping down, Sengoku spoke again in the face of the audience, “Because of the world’s heinous criminals, the era of cultivation opened by Golden Emperor Gaia·Kaos, and Pirate King Goldo·Roger’s dying conspiracy, leading to the explosion of Pirate in the sea

These mobs have wiped out humanity, burned and robbed them, and lost their conscience. They have broken up countless families and scattered their wives. For justice, the World Government will have four highest battle strengths.

Marine Headquarter is not only a representative of the highest battle strength, but also a sword and backing for fighting criminals, protecting justice and the people, and Admiral’s responsibility is even more important.

After strict screening by the World Government and Marine, the new Admiral candidates with fame, strength, and achievements are all to see include Vice Admiral Sakarsji, Borsalino, Kuzan, and Issho, who has been exceptionally promoted in the world conscription. “

Sengoku looked towards Sarcasji, Borsalino, Kuzan, and the last man with his eyes closed.

The four people followed by Zakasji also stepped onto the high platform.

At this moment, countless eyes of envy and hatred were concentrated on the four of them.

Especially Issho.

Compared to the three sisters of Sarcasji who were born in Keban, Issho is completely unorthodox.

There are many people inside Marine who are dissatisfied.

But many outside forces have a solemn expression. Since this man has been exceptionally promoted to Admiral, regardless of political consciousness and other things, the battle strength is definitely monster level.

If there is no strong support, then only the face of Marine and World Government will be lost.

This also means that Marine chose this man named Issho carefully, at least to withstand the test.

Because Marine Headquarter not only represents the highest battle strength and responsibility, but also power.

Except for Fleet Admiral, Admiral has the most power in the entire Marine, which can be said to be under one person above ten thousand people.

“Now I officially declare, Sarcasji.”


Sarcasji stood and stepped forward solemnly.

Sengoku, the coat of justice that symbolizes power and strength, personally put on Zakarsji “Now order the former Marine Vice Admiral Zakarsji to be promoted to Marine Headquarter, code-named Akainu.”

With the military rank hung on her chest, Zakarsji turned to look at the silent Grand Plaza of the vast crowd, murderous-looking “I will carry out justice, and no evil can escape from my hands.”

I don’t know that because of the over-valiant and formidable looking Sakarsji, this oath not only does not terrifying, but also gives the whole world a sense of conquest.

This woman is so heroic.

I don’t know how many Pirate thugs all over the world smile sinisterly. If there is a chance to meet the woman like Zakarsji, you must let her taste the pleasure of Yongdeng Bliss.

“Sit where you belong.”

After Sarkasji took the oath, there were four more chairs on the left side of the platform. You must know that there is no seat on the platform, and even Sora is sitting under the platform at this moment.

Sarcasji walked like a dragon and stepped like a tiger, sitting in the first position on the left, which is the position that symbolizes Marine’s strongest Admiral.

“The original Marine Vice Admiral Borsalino, promoted to Marine Headquarter, code-named Kizaru.”

Sengoku once again put on a coat of justice and a badge for Borsalino.

Like Sarcasji, Borsalino turned and looked at the square and took an oath, “I hope some criminals can escape my pursuit…”

Borsalino’s unique speech made the audience a little stunned, but anyone can hear the arrogance and self-confidence inside.

It’s a pity that he has a hot body, but his face is a little hard to say.

Borsalino sat next to Sarcasji after speaking.



“The original Marine Vice Admiral Kuzan, promoted to Marine Headquarter, code-named precognition.”

Sengoku looked so serious that Kuzan also wore a badge and Admiral justice coat.

In the face of countless flashing lights, precognition also swore “I will firmly support justice and fight all evil.”

Leaving a word, precognition turned around and sat beside Borsalino.


Sengoku looked towards Issho, who was standing last, with a serious face.

Because he knows how powerful this man is, he is fully capable of taking up the position of Marine Headquarters Admiral.

And he has already investigated Issho’s character and so on.

If it were not foolproof, how could Marine really dare to give Admiral the place?

“From now on you will be the Admiral of Marine Headquarters, code-named Fujitora.”

Sengoku personally put the badge and coat on Issho, with solemn eyes.

Issho closed his eyes tightly, his expression didn’t change much, but he was nodded, and then turned to face everyone, very calmly and began to swear an oath.

“Justice will never be absent, life is above all else!”

The scene was shocked again.

After many people came back to his senses, their expressions were a little weird.

Justice will never be absent, this sentence is nothing.

The key is that life is above everything else, and the whole world is snort disdainfully.

In this fucking world, children know that life is the cheapest.

However, Issho is already in the fourth position. I am afraid that there will be a lot of challenges in the future. I believe there will be many Pirate who are willing to use this exceptionally promoted Admiral head to complete his reputation.


In vain~

ten thousand li The cloudless sky struck a black and red lightning, and then the dark cloud covered the curtain, causing the world to fall into dimness. A BGM that was full of oppression and suffocated people from the soul came and once covered the entire Marineford.

This familiar formula greatly changed Sengoku and the others complexion.

Through the live broadcast, the whole world also opened its mouth slightly in disbelief.

Could it be…

weng weng weng!! !

The thrilling black and red lightning was densely packed and fell down, and three of the long rainbow threads cut through the sky, leaving long tail feathers falling in horror!

A lot of smoke and dust shrouded for a while, both the scene and the whole world kept swallowing, staring at the gradually dissipating dust.

With this way of playing, there is only the arrogant and limitless man in the sea!

This is Marineford.

And Marine powerhouse gathered.

How dare that man, how dare to come here with such a high profile?

It is simply ignoring the existence of Marine.

With just such an appearance, Marine’s reforms this time will completely become a foil. It is conceivable that the next hot search must be news about that man rushing to Marineford with great fanfare.

It’s too much.

Grab Marine’s limelight on Marine’s territory.

Not so arrogant and supercilious.

Ascend to the empty space of Fleet Admiral who has just retired, Sengoku who has just become Fleet Admiral, the three Sakazuki sisters who have just become Admiral, and Marine in the entire square, all with iron or gloomy faces.


The dust dispersed, exposing the most central situation to everyone’s eyes. .

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