Pokemon Battle System Chapter 369


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Lin Chuan took a sip of “mud” Swallow. To be honest, it tastes good. It is salty and spicy, like eating spicy strips.

After eating, Lin Chuan licked his lips. Although the appearance is not very good, it is delicious and can be raised to length, which is already very good.

Lin Chuan estimates that he can eat for another month before the effect of this kind of food will disappear, and at most the effect will be weakened before then.

I went to Dreamworld last night. Lin Chuan has reached Level 49, and his abilities have been improved.

“Eat some more.” Crissie took out another bit of “mud” and threw it out. Lin Chuan took another bite of Bite and ate it.

Time passed. After Lin Chuan took Crissie across the South China Sea, she gradually saw the appearance of Aries Region. This was her second trip to Aries Region.

After entering the Aries Region, Crissie found the direction of Wanghai City and flew over.

There are many people in Wanghai City now, because tomorrow is the time for the Intermediate Rank Trainer of Aries Region to attack Wanghai Building. When the time comes, it must be a big battle.

No one wants to miss this kind of battle. You can see this level of battle, but it’s rare, and you can usually only see it in movies.

After arriving in Wanghai City, Crissie first found the task publisher, that is, the wealthy businessman named Zhan Yun. Although more than 300 Trainers will attack Team Diablo tomorrow, when the time comes, Team Diablo may be defeated and the people in the building will be free, but this Cérbalt rich businessman has not chosen to cancel the mission and complete the mission. That is effective.

If the other party repents, Pokemon Alliance has the right to hold accountable. This is the advantage of Trainer. Behind it is the Pokemon Alliance, the most powerful force in the Region. No force can fight it.

Outside Wanghai City.

“Are you alone?”

A slightly fat man looked towards Crissie with disappointment. He originally thought that there should be a lot of trainers who would take over the task, but didn’t expect it to be a girl, or an intermediate rank trainer.

Crissie saw the disappointed look in the other party’s eyes, and knew that the other party obviously felt that she could not complete the rescue mission because she saw her alone.

Crissie opened the mouth and said: “I am alone. You should understand that currently the Top Rank Trainers in Cerbalt Region are heading to the West Coast. There are very few who are sure to complete the task. Only I am willing to take your task.”

Crissie cannot guarantee that the task will be completed, but apart from her, the probability of completing the task of other intermediate rank Trainers is much smaller than her.

“Oh.” Fatty Zhan Yun shook his head and sighed. In fact, he also knew that there is no Top Rank Trainer in Cerbalt Region, but there is no way. That friend is very important. If you don’t rely on the power of Pokemon Alliance, there is no way to save it.

He glanced at Crissie again, and sighed: “Try it. If you don’t succeed, there is no way. You can only watch the battle between Aries Region and Team Diablo tomorrow. Which side wins, I hope he is fine. .”

“Leave it to me.” Crissie can’t guarantee, but she is confident. Team Diablo will have no time to take care of the people in the building when the war starts tomorrow. When the time comes, she can take the opportunity to save people.

After that, Crissie entered Wanghai City.

Wanghai City is still normal. Crissie found a hotel and stayed in, take a day off and wait for tomorrow to start the rescue mission.


2nd day.

Many people gathered in Wanghai City, because today is the day when almost all intermediate rank trainers in the Aries Region are dispatched to attack Wanghai Building.

At this moment, there are more than 300 intermediate rank trainers in a square in Wanghai City, almost all of the intermediate rank trainers in the Aries Region.

At the top are three Elite Rank Trainers. They looked towards more than 300 Trainers. Although the team looks untidy, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that every intermediate rank Trainer shows respect look.

People in Aries Region have a strict attitude towards powerhouse. The Elite Rank Trainer is considered to be the most powerful and status trainer in Aries Region. Basically all trainers admire and respect them.

“The reason for calling everyone this time should be understood, and I won’t be too nonsense. First of all, if there is no Trainer of Flying Type Pokemon, don’t participate in this battle.” Fighting Type Elite battle history, the voice is loud and spreading The entire square.

Without the Trainer of Flying Type Pokemon, you can only enter from the bottom of Wanghai Building, but the space in Wanghai Building is too small. The destructive power of the intermediate rank Trainer is already very powerful. Once a battle occurs, it is easy to cause huge damage.

So, the battlefield should be moved to the air as much as possible to avoid the destruction of the building, and the people of Team Diablo will inevitably stay on the top of the building. Even if they enter directly from the ground floor, they will eventually fight on the top of the building.

Trainers without Flying Type Pokemon are actually very few, because there is no Flying Type Pokemon when going out, which is really inconvenient.

Normal, the intermediate rank trainers have Flying Type Pokemon, even if it is not the main Pokemon, Normal will accept one as a means of transportation.

Otherwise, you have to take a car when you go out, and you have to buy a ticket like an ordinary person when you go a little farther, which is not a waste of time.

With Flying Type Pokemon, it is much more convenient. You can go to various places at any time without spending money.

“Next, our destination is the roof of Wanghai Building. All Trainers will release Flying Type Pokemon, and then we will gather in the air, ready to go!”

After speaking, everyone immediately started to take action. They all released their Flying Type Pokemon, did it, moved towards sky and flew away.

Wait until all the Trainers are lined up, and three Elites will lead them, moving towards Wanghai Building.

At the same time, Crissie also left the hotel and came to the vicinity of Wanghai Mansion. She was about to enter Wanghai Mansion, but for the time being, she was waiting for the opportunity.

The person Crissie is trying to rescue is called Zhan Xi. She suspects that it may be a relative of a wealthy businessman.

Originally, Zhan Xi came to the Aries Region to hand over the goods with customers. Then when the Wanghai Building was negotiating, Team Diablo suddenly attacked Wanghai City and occupied the Wanghai Building. People in the Wanghai Building were forbidden to go out. Zhan Xi also So I was trapped and could only ask for help from the outside world through the Internet.

That’s why Zhan Yun released the mission. I hope Alliance can send someone to rescue Zhan Xi.

There are still many people near the Wanghai Building, all onlookers, ready to be the crowd.

Crissie was not going to go in from the first floor. It was too conspicuous. She was going to wait until the battle started, before entering the building in the chaos.

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