Pokemon Battle System Chapter 370


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Crissie hides in a corner, looking at the Sky of Wanghai Building, when the time comes, the battle will happen there. She can enter Wanghai Building from behind while everyone’s attention is there, when the time comes fighting burst, no one will care about her.

Crissie’s purpose is to rescue. She doesn’t want to get involved in the battle between Aries Region and Team Diablo, so she stays low-key.

Time passed, Lin Chuan lay on the wall, showing his head, looking at the Wanghai Building towering into the sky in the distance.

Near the front entrance of Wanghai Building, there are all people, most of whom are watching the excitement. At this moment, we are waiting for the arrival of the intermediate rank Trainer.

At this moment, Lin Chuan’s gaze paused, because he saw a purple thing flying out of the window of the building and moving towards Ground.

The familiar purple disc surprised Lin Chuan. He finally knew what Pokemon Team Diablo relied on. It turned out to be this kind of Pokemon.

Genesect, Bug Type and Steel Type Pokemon, Species Strength is as high as 600, originally only from the Bug Type Pokemon in ancient times, after being modified later, it became a cannon on the back.

Genesect is very powerful, and the speed is not slow. As Pokemon of Bug Type and Steel Type, it only has one weakness, that is, Fire Element. Apart from this, the resistance is amazing.

Lin Chuan was a little surprised. It turns out that Team Diablo has mastered the Gannosecte, and there are still dozens of the Gannosecte, which is quite terrifying.

However, Lin Chuan remembers that Gannosect’s back cannon seems to have a card slot, which can use special energy cassettes to let Gannosect release Techno Blast of different Attributes.

Lin Chuan glanced at Genosect whose sky had turned into a disc. This Genesect seemed to be about to attack Ground’s people.

Sure enough, as soon as Ganosect appeared, the crowd in Ground panicked and rushed to flee. After all, they were just eating melons, not here to die.

Genosect fell to Ground and turned into a human form, but he did not attack at all. It seemed that he was just trying to drive these people away.

“Genesect, that’s easy to deal with.”

Lin Chuan realized that Team Diablo relied on Gaino Sector, and immediately relaxed, because Gaino Sector was afraid of Fire Element moves, and Lin Chuan was good at Fire Element.

As long as it is not for the siege of multiple Gannosects, Lin Chuan is almost not afraid. Whether it is Steel Type or Bug Type moves, Lin Chuan’s damage is very low.

Except for these two Attributes, it is not the style of this system, and Gaino Seckett is unable to exert the maximum formidable power, so there is no threat to Lin Chuan.

Genesect’s strongest exclusive move, Techno Blast, Normal. Only when an energy cassette is installed can the strongest formidable power be achieved. Otherwise, it will only rely on the Techno Blast of the ordinary Attribute to face the opponent of the same level. use.

Lin Chuan showed a thoughtful expression. In fact, he was wondering whether Ganuosect was considered Legendary Pokémon. If so, could it be possible to complete the multiplication by Ganuosect.

Genesect’s Species Strength is not bad. If there is a multiple bonus, Lin Chuan will use Flame Vortex to kill in a second, and the good luck will be more than twice at random, then you will earn it.

I heard Crissie said before that more than 40 Gaynorsect teamed up to repel 17 Top Rank Trainers. No matter what the process is, Gannorsect’s strength is definitely reaching Legendary Pokémon. The threshold is up.

Lin Chuan guessed that it was at least level sixty or above, and only at this level can it compete with the Pokemon of the Top Rank Trainer breed, even if the level is higher.

If you can reach level 70, that would be great, of course, the premise is that Ganosect belongs to Legendary Pokémon.

Lin Chuan remembers that the Legendary Pokémon in the previous life is divided into Legendary Pokemon and Mythical Pokemon, and in addition to Quasi-Legendary Pokemon, those with a Normal Species Strength of 600 can be regarded as Legendary Pokémon, and Gaynorsec seems to be Mythical Pokemon.

“Try to see if you understood, today’s battle score has not been used up yet.” Lin Chuan is a little expectant, he initially calculated in his mind, if he can defeat Gaynor Seket, and the multiplier is doubled With the above, that person can obtain at least four thousand combat points at one time.

A little good luck, the multiplier bonus is higher, that is, the combat value income of 5,000-6,000, which is much more than the normal combat value income of only more than 3,000.

Of course, if there is only a double bonus in the end, then Lin Chuan can only admit defeat, but even so, Lin Chuan will not lose, at least 2,000-3,000 combat points, Lin Chuan does not think he will be lucky So bad.

“Can’t the battle score be more frequent?”

Lin Chuan feels that the combat value income is still too low. Even if he encounters Legendary Pokémon every day, Lin Chuan will only have one combat score per day. Even if each time is tripled, he can earn more than seven thousand combat value income at a time.

If you want to save enough combat value to increase the control of Fire Element, you need at least half a month, bad luck points, and more than a month to save enough combat value.

As Lin Chuan was thinking about it, the crowd on Ground had already left a long distance and dared not approach the building anymore, for fear of when Genosect would suddenly release his moves and attack them.

Genesect has also become a purple disc again, and moved towards sky flies away, preparing to return to the building.


Suddenly, a light beam of three colors entwined from a distance, and went straight to Genosect in the air, because it was a little sudden, no one noticed it.


Genesect does not have a dodge, because it was too sudden. When it went back, it attacked it from behind and replaced it with other Pokemon. It was impossible to avoid it.

After the energy beam hit Gannosect, an explosion occurred. There was a loud noise. The glass of the building was shattered by the afterwave of energy, making a broken sound, and it fell to the Ground from a high altitude.

Genesect was hit directly on the wall of the building by the impact. Because it was in a disk state, not at all suffered too much injury.

The disc shape discards the combat capability, increases the speed, and naturally increases the defensive ability. The outer shell is steel, and the body is hidden in the iron shell, a bit like Forretress.


Lin Chuan looked towards the distance, more than 300 intermediate rank Trainers finally arrived, the leader is the three Elite Rank Trainers, and the one who just released the beam is the Flying Type Elite soft feather Pokemon, a Flying Type Elite Togekiss of Type.

Genosect was attacked, but not at all counterattacked. Instead, he quickly went through the window of the building and entered the building.

“Go, go to the top of the building.” Flying Type Elite Rouyu opened the mouth and said. She stroked her long hair and revealed a delicate face. As an Elite Rank Trainer, plus a beautiful appearance, Rouyu is Many Trainer’s dreams are Goddess.

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