Pokemon Battle System Chapter 371


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When Rouyu took the intermediate rank Trainers and moved towards sky and flew away, Crissie approached Lin Chuan, opened the mouth and said: “Charizard, it’s almost done, we walked in from behind.”


At this moment, everyone’s attention is on the roof of Wanghai Building, no one is paying attention to Ground and who.

Including the people who eat melons, because just after Gaino Seckett drove them away, they did not dare to come closer.

Who knows how fierce the battle will be. Wan accidentally got hit by the empty move accidentally spread, and if it’s bad luck, he may have died directly.

So, at the moment, those ordinary persons who watch the excitement are hiding far away. Some people also use Telescope to watch the battle that is about to begin.

In the high altitude in the distance, a few people in uniforms are riding a few Flying Type Pokemon and hovering in the air.

They held the photography equipment in their hands, their faces were full of excitement, and the camera was aimed at the roof of Wanghai Building, ready to record the battle.

The battle at this time is absolutely wonderful. Normally, the battle between intermediate rank Trainers is already very exciting, and now there are more than 300 intermediate rank Trainers fighting Team Diablo together, it must be a big battle.

Aries Region has not had such a large-scale battle for a long time. After all, it is now in a peaceful age, and most people can only see a large number of battles between Trainers through movies.

Once the war is fully recorded, when the time comes, this video of the war must be very popular.


While everyone was not paying attention, Lin Chuan carried Crissie and quickly moved towards the back of Wanghai Building.

Zhan Xi is a woman. According to the intelligence, she should be trapped on the 50th floor, so Crissie is going to enter the 50th floor directly, break the window, find Zhan Xi directly, and take it away.

Although it seems simple, Crissie knows that this time he sneaks into the building, he should encounter members of Team Diablo. The members of Team Diablo are no longer a threat to Crissie. Executive must also go to the top of the building to participate in the battle.

However, a cautious attitude is still needed to deal with various changes. In case Team Diablo leaves a few Executive or the kind of purple Pokemon, when the time comes, a battle may be unavoidable.

Crissie has the consciousness of fighting.

Lin Chuan flew Crissie moved towards the 50th floor of the building, but not long after flying, Lin Chuan saw the 17 layers window, and someone saw him.

“Someone saw me.” Crissie also saw the man, and the two looked at each other, and the other immediately left the window.

The other party is probably going to call someone. After all, he suddenly wanted to sneak into the Wanghai Building at this time. It must be a bad person for Team Diablo. A member of Team Diablo, it is impossible to see it.

“Charizard, keep going up, the battle may not be avoided.” Crissie is slightly frowned, now she can only keep going up, and she is always impossible to retreat if she is found, she doesn’t want to just fail the mission like this.

Lin Chuan continued flying, feeling that Crissie had grasped tightly, immediately accelerated, quickly moved towards the 50th floor, and rushed up.


Lin Chuan broke through the glass directly, rushed into the room on the 50th floor, and fell into the room. Crissie jumped off and cleared the glass shards from her body.

“Let’s go.” Crissie said. She can’t take Charizard back. This is the site of Team Diablo for the time being. There must be a lot of danger. If there is no Pokemon protection, it is very dangerous.

Anyway, I’ve been found out now, just rush in. Charizard is there anyway, and she also holds the Poké Ball in her hand, ready to release Sceptile at any time to assist Charizard in the fight.

Lin Chuan is not welcome, he pushed it all the way, the door of the room was too small, and he hit the fan directly.

With Charizard’s physique, the trifling wall can be destroyed at will by physical force alone, and nothing can stop him.

Crissie followed Lin Chuan, observing the direction, she only knew that Zhan Xi was on the 50th floor, but which room was not clear.

The space on each floor is very large, with at least seven or eight rooms. If you want to find each other, you can only find each and everyone.

Lin Chuan rushed all the way. The space here is too small. He is more than two meters high and huge in size. If he wants to move normally, he can only run through all the way.

This caused Lin Chuan to cause a lot of turmoil, and quickly alarmed the people on the 50th floor. A group of people quickly ran out, surprisingly ordinary members wearing Team Diablo uniforms.

Lin Chuan looked towards these people, with flames in their mouths. After looking at each other, Lin Chuan found that they didn’t seem to have Pokemon.

Team Diablo since the base in Cérbalt was destroyed, the long-established power has disappeared, and now it is completely from scratch in the Aries Region.

Lin Chuan didn’t attack either, because he would kill these people with a single shot of the flame, and although these people are members of Team Diablo, they are not at all evil. Lin Chuan impossible to attack them. .

“Let me come.” Crissie walked to the front. Charizard is too strong. These people don’t have Pokemon. For Charizard, the equivalent to is a weak person who has no power to bind a chicken.

Crissie has also mastered the martial art, has been practicing all the time, has already achieved something, and this time it happened to practice hand training.

“We surrender!”

However, when this group of Team Diablo members saw Charizard, they immediately lost the thought of resisting and surrendered.

Crissie stopped fighting. Now that the opponent had surrendered, she couldn’t continue to take action. She asked: “I ask you, do you know someone named Zhan Xi?”

These people have been on the 50th floor. They should know where Zhan Xi is. If Zhan Xi is here, then it would be best. They can be saved directly.

“Zhan Xi, I know!” A person immediately stretched out his hand.

“Where?” Crissie asked quickly, happy in her heart. It was so smooth. Just find Zhan Xi and rescue her. When the time comes task is completed, you can go to customize Pokemon armor.

“It seems to have been taken away. The chairman has taken the ordinary person in the entire building and has reached the top floor.”

“Caught it?” Crissie said unexpectedly. Didn’t expect still could not complete the task smoothly, and things became troublesome.

If you want to find Zhan Xi, you must go to the top level, and the top level is where Team Diablo fights with those intermediate rank Trainers. There may even be a fight now.

However, Crissie had some speculations that the president of Team Diablo took the ordinary person away, probably as a threat.

Team Diablo was also afraid that more than 300 intermediate rank Trainers would attack together, so they caught these ordinary persons and threatened them.

In this way, Team Diablo has an advantage, and Aries Region will definitely fall into a passive position in order to prevent these ordinary persons from being persecuted by Team Diablo.

“Charizard, let’s save people.”

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