Pokemon Battle System Chapter 372


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Lin Chuan took a look at the 50th floor. To get to the top floor from the inside, you need to build an elevator to get up quickly. However, he obviously can’t make an elevator because of his size. It is estimated that he can only fly up from the outside. thing.

Lin Chuan went back the same way, Crissie followed him, and when he came to the broken window, Crissie jumped up and hugged him.

Lin Chuan rushed out of the building immediately, flapped his wings, changed direction, moved towards 50th floor and flew away.


At this moment, Lin Chuan felt something. He looked up and looked towards the air, and found that just above his head, several members of Team Diablo appeared, as well as a Ganosect.

“There is also one below.” Crissie said, and a purple disc-shaped Genosect also flew out from below, flying towards Lin Chuan.

Lin Chuan is not worried, because the disc form cannot be used to fight. As long as he keeps flying, Gaino Seckett can only keep chasing him. Once he enters the battle state, he can fall.

Now the initiative is in Lin Chuan’s hands, and he can choose to fight in the air. These two Genosects must be resolved, otherwise the next rescue mission will be hindered.

“Who are you!”

The members of Team Diablo who barely had Flying Type Pokemon asked loudly that moved towards Crissie flew over, and Crissie’s whereabouts were exposed before, so these people appeared.

Crissie didn’t answer. Patted Lin Chuan asked, “Charizard, are you confident that you can deal with them.”

Lin Chuan clicked nodded. At this time, he took the initiative. There was no way for these Ganosekts to fight, but he could release his moves to attack the opponent.

At this moment, two disc-shaped Gaino-Sects flew over. Although they seemed to have been transformed into powerful Pokemon, their wisdom seemed not high at all.

Team Diablo is able to control that many Gaynor Sector, obviously because of the current wisdom of Gannor Sector, otherwise it would be difficult for Normal to follow Team Diablo as a powerful Pokemon like Gannor Sector of.

Lin Chuan released the Flamethrower directly, and the Ganosect in moved towards sky vomited out. Although Flame Vortex is Lin Chuan’s best move, the prototype of Flame Vortex is Flamethrower, so it uses collision. Flame, he is still very skilled.

Genesect feels the crisis instinctively. It has only one weakness that is Fire Element, but it is also four times weaker. Once it is hit by Fire Element moves, it will definitely be a heavy blow.

So, Gannosect quickly changed the flying direction, avoided Lin Chuan’s Flamethrower, and avoided being hit by the flames.

Lin Chuan is not surprised, but now he is facing Legendary Pokémon Gaino Sect. If it can be killed so easily, then Legendary Pokémon is too cheap.

This is because Ganuo Seckett is artificially modified, and his control is still not as good as Lin Chuan, otherwise it will be more difficult to deal with.

The first move didn’t make a hit, Lin Chuan didn’t care, anyway, the opponent couldn’t attack him.

In the next second, Lin Chuan quickly moved towards the distance and flew out, widening the distance from Gannosect, and at the same time, he was already brewing the next move.

Two Gaynor Sekets gathered together and moved towards Lin Chuan and chased them, while the following Team Diablo members, because the Flying Type Pokemon riding was a bit of garbage, the flying speed was very slow, and simply couldn’t catch up. .

Lin Chuan did not fall to Ground, then Ganuosect would return to a fighting state. Now the disc form is most beneficial to Lin Chuan. Once Ganuosect can play all battles In the case of strength, Lin Chuan is not sure about one-on-two.

And when we get to Ground, Crissie must send out all the Pokemon. Even though we can win the battle, Lin Chuan’s battle score can’t be counted as Lin Chuan’s own, because it was defeated by many Pokemon together, and when the time comes, we will lose a lot. Combat value.

So, unless you are facing a lot of Gaino-Secte, Lin Chuan still hopes to solve it on his own. The best way now is not to fall to Ground and just solve the battle in the air.

sou sou!

Lin Chuan quickly released two Air Slash shots. The Stockpile of the air cannonballs was too long, and it may not be able to hit the flexible Genosect, so Air Slash is more convenient and can be released quickly. And it is fast and concealed.

peng~ peng~!

Sure enough, in the next second, two Ganuosects were directly hit by Air Slash, and two collision sounds sounded, hindering the speed of Gannosect’s Flying for a moment.

Lin Chuan didn’t expect to get rid of these two Pokemon so quickly. He was looking for an opportunity. As long as Fire Element hits once, these two Genosects will get cold.


sky, two Gaynorsec chased a Charizard, but Gaynorsec couldn’t release his moves. Only Charizard kept releasing his moves, and then Speed ​​Boost opened the distance.

Crissie is not nervous anymore, because she found that Gano Seckett has no way to attack Charizard. In this way, there is no way to release moves, only for flying and defense.

The members of Team Diablo in the distance can only see the blur, because the distance is too far, Lin Chuan has flown out a long distance.

Lin Chuan suddenly changed direction, moved towards Wanghai Building and flew back, not too far away, otherwise it would be too troublesome to wait a while to fly back.

When changing directions, Gannosect got closer to Lin Chuan. Lin Chuan immediately seized the opportunity and moved towards One of the Gannosect fisted over with a hot fist. The flame rose up.

The previous long-range Fire Element moves have been evaded several times, and Gaynor Seckett seems to have a natural vigilance for Fire Element moves and is often able to dodge it.

Lin Chuan simply got close and attacked with Fire Punch. After getting close, Genosect wanted to hide but couldn’t hide, because Lin Chuan was faster than it.


A heavy punch directly hit Gannosect and knocked it out. Although it was only a brief contact, the fiery flames covered on the fist had already caused a huge impact on Gannosect. Damage.

Previously, Lin Chuan had been hit by several moves. At this moment, this Gaynorsec was hit by Fire Punch again. Even though Fire Punch is not Lin Chuan’s best, it is enough for Gannorsector. Lost battle strength.

At this moment, the other Gannosect obviously also realized the danger, and instantly changed from a disc state to a combat state.

At the same time, Gannosect was flying in the air for a short time, but he couldn’t fly all the time, because the ability of flying was given by the cannon. The cannon can shoot out energy, but once Transform, the cannon is on the back. Once the battle begins , There is no way to control Flying.

Transform’s Gannosect lost power and fell towards the Ground, but at the moment of the fall, the cannon behind the Gannosect quickly gathered energy, moving towards Lin Chuan, releasing Techno Blast.

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