Pokemon Battle System Chapter 373


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Gainosekert is also very helpless, although after being rebuilt, he has a cannon, and he can change form and gain the ability to fly.

However, when you want to fly, you can’t fight. The only way is to release the move when the disc shape is released, and then change back to the disc shape to avoid falling to the Ground.

Pokemon is also a life. Falling from a high altitude to Ground also has to withstand a huge impact. Although Pokemon’s physique will not lose life, it is easy to be seriously injured.

At this moment, this Gannosect was in the battle form, and during the period when Assist fell, moved towards Lin Chuan released the exclusive move Techno Blast.


The energy quickly gathered on the cannon, aimed at Lin Chuan, and released it suddenly. The white energy beam came directly.

Lin Chuan laughed. The Techno Blast released in this weightless state is not accurate at all. Gaino Seckett’s control of energy is too low, perhaps even worse than Zapdos.

Lin Chuan doesn’t need burst speed, just simply moved towards dodge, and he has easily dodged the energy beam released by this Techno Blast.

After Genosect released Techno Blast, it quickly changed back to the disc form, and in the process it fell again for a long distance.

The tail flames behind the cannon spurted out, and Ganuo Seckett flew again, but instead of rushing towards Lin Chuan, he flew towards Wanghai Building.

It knows that it can’t beat Lin Chuan, so it doesn’t plan to continue fighting, and wants to find a helper.

Genosect still possesses a certain amount of wisdom. Lin Chuan also chased him when he saw the opponent fleeing. Now he wants to escape, Lin Chuan won’t let him escape.

Crissie hugged Lin Chuan tightly. When he started fighting, Charizard’s movements were too violent. If you don’t hold on tightly, it’s easy to lose strength.

Lin Chuan chased Gannosect. The speed was not as fast as in previous battles. Gannosect’s speed is not as fast as Lin Chuan. Even if the opponent’s Level may be very high, the gap in Species Strength is too great. Big.

It used to be Gannosect chasing Lin Chuan, now it was Lin Chuan chasing Gannosect, and one was eliminated.


Just when Lin Chuan was chasing Gaino Sector, on the roof of Wanghai Building, more than 300 intermediate rank Trainers from the Aries Region were looking towards the people of Team Diablo on the roof.

There are not many people in Team Diablo, only the president Cramente, a few Executives, and some members. However, compared with the previous few days, the number of Team Diablo’s Gaino-Sects has been increased, reaching eight. Seventeen.

Eighty-seven Ganosects that are exactly the same are gathered together, a purple, densely packed area is very spectacular.

In the past few days, the researcher made every effort to transform Gannosect, and it was considered that he worked hard to make so many Gannosect.

Cramente stood on the top of the building and looked at the more than 300 intermediate rank Trainers in front of him. If he was afraid, he must be a little scared. After all, this is more than 300 intermediate rank Trainers, and all of them are enemies.

Flying Type Pokemon alone is four to five hundred. Some Trainer’s Flying Type Pokemon may have more than one. If you really want to attack all of them, it will be very terrifying.

However, Team Diablo did not fail the exam. These people are only intermediate rank trainers after all. The strength gap between intermediate rank trainers is also very large. The strongest can easily crush the intermediate rank trainers who have not been promoted for long.

More than three hundred intermediate rank Trainers have different strengths, not all of them are Elite.

On Team Diablo’s side, every Gannosect is comparable to Legendary Pokémon, and only those Pokemons of the Top Rank Trainer breed can fight Gannosect one-on-one.

It should be no problem for a Gannosect to fight three or four Pokemon of intermediate rank trainer at the same time.

But even so, there are still too many Pokemon in Aries Region, and Aries Region is determined to get rid of Team Diablo.

Eighty-seven Genosecrets stood neatly on the roof, pointed the cannon behind them at sky, and only waited for Cramente’s order to release Techno Blast immediately.

Cramente has not given any offensive orders for a long time. He looked towards the three Elite Rank Trainers in the air. These three talents are the key and the leading figures in this battle.

Cramente opened the mouth and said loudly: “Three Elites, I am the president of Team Diablo. I have no intention of going to war with you. If you agree, Team Diablo can leave the Aries Region immediately and never step into half. How about it?”

By now, Cramente doesn’t actually have much fighting thoughts. It is too difficult to rely on Team Diablo to fight all trainers in a region.

Even if all the Gannosects can be transformed, the number exceeds one hundred, I am afraid it will not be able to fight against all Trainers in a region.

The population base of a Region is too large. There are many trainers produced, and a large number of Rookie Trainers are produced every year. It only takes two to three years to produce a large number of intermediate rank trainers.


More than three hundred intermediate rank Trainers smiled at the same time, with a trace of contempt in their eyes.

Team Diablo doesn’t want to fight anymore. How could they agree? Not to mention the various energy resources consumed during this period, Team Diablo took advantage of Kyogre’s awakening period and directly occupied Wanghai City. This behavior is cruel Smoke the face of Pokemon Alliance.

No matter what, Team Diablo’s guilt is unforgivable. Today’s battle is absolutely necessary and Team Diablo must be eliminated.

Rouyu snered, her voice full of mockery: “Cramente, stop dreaming, you still want to leave Aries Region, Team Diablo will be destroyed today, and the rest of your life will also be spent in prison.”

Cramente complexion ashen, didn’t expect was ridiculed, and he hated it in his heart. If there is enough time, until all the Gainosekerts have been transformed, it’s only the three hundred intermediate rank Trainers who lose It’s not always true who wins.

But at this moment, Team Diablo is indeed at a big disadvantage. Once the opponent initiates an attack, the final result may be Team Diablo’s defeat, and it will be destroyed. He will also be arrested, locked up, and stayed in prison for life.

However, he had considered this situation before, so he arranged a back hand.

Cramente is coldly snorted, with Rage’s expression on his face: “It seems that you must have us fight today, but do you think I am not prepared? Look at the 99th floor.”

Cramente knew that Team Diablo alone couldn’t fight against the entire Region, so he caught all the Elite from the ordinary person in Wanghai City, and he was now stuck on the 99th floor.

There is a Gannosect there. As long as he can kill these ordinary persons with a single word, he doesn’t believe that these Trainers don’t care.

Once the initiative is in Team Diablo’s hands, Cramente will be able to make conditions.

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