Pokemon Battle System Chapter 374


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“What do you mean?”

When I heard Cramente’s words, many Trainers were subconsciously moved towards the 99th floor. Looking through the transparent windows, although there are some reflections, they still see the inside.

At this moment, a group of ordinary persons are being tied up with ropes and unable to move, each and everyone expression is terrified. Beside them are several men who are members of Team Diablo.

However, the most important thing is that beside the members of Team Diablo, there is a purple Gaynorsec standing impressively, facing these ordinary persons. Red’s eyes are shining with rays of light, and no one knows it. Will the move be released suddenly.

“See, these ordinary persons.”

Cramente sneered, if he hadn’t left behind, he might have been planted today. Now that he has such a group of ordinary persons as hostages, he doesn’t believe that these Trainers will not care about the lives of these people.

“You are so mean!”

Rage’s looked towards Cramente, the pretty face is full of frost, Team Diablo actually caught that many ordinary person, and also placed a Ganuosect next to them, which is to treat them as Hostages, come to threaten them.

“No, I just want to protect myself.”

Kent shook his head, there is nothing mean, he didn’t want to attack these ordinary persons, it was just a deterrent.

Of course, if these intermediate rank Trainers still dare to continue to take action, Cramente feels that even if he does not take action against these ordinary persons, after the battle is over, these intermediate rank trainers will also be affected by the Rage of the Aries Region, and eventually the Pokemon Alliance will also be affected.

So, they must be impossible to ignore, and there is only one result, and that is that they must obey Cramente’s conditions for the lives of these ordinary persons.

“What do I do now?”

“Damn it, Team Diablo is so mean.”

I originally thought that Team Diablo could be crushed simply and crisply, and a lively battle would completely wipe out Team Diablo.

Who knows that there are still that many things, which makes those intermediate rank Trainers feel irritable. For the safety of these ordinary persons, they must make some compromises.

“haha, I have changed my mind now. I don’t want to leave Aries Region anymore. Today you all get out of here, otherwise I will kill these people!” Cramente laughed.

He needs time, a lot of time, as long as there is enough Gaynor Sector, he is not afraid of these Trainers.

He is the master of all Gaino-Secte, because the researcher entered the command at the moment of reform, and that is to follow Cramente.

This batch of ordinary persons, he is not prepared to do anything, but they are a bargaining chip that can give Cramente more opportunities, and what Cramente lacks is time.

“When did you release these people, it is useless for you to stay here. Top Rank Trainers will come back soon. When the time comes Team Diablo, there is no chance of survival.” Rou Yu He warned.

“Release, I will release it naturally, but not today.” Cramente said, he is still a bit afraid of Top Rank Trainer, this is not the existence of Intermediate Rank Trainer.

Know that the 17 Top Rank Trainers that day, the 17 Flying Type Pokemons sent out can compete with more than 40 Gaino-Secte for a long time. Although they are at a disadvantage, they are still terrifying.

Cramente can only hope that Kyogre will stand up a bit and be able to stop them for a longer time, but for so long, the battle has not ended, indicating that Kyogre is definitely a difficult existence.

“Do you really want to leave?”

Wu Ying Elite was a bit unwilling, but today she came with the determination to destroy Team Diablo. As a result, because of the hostage, she had to retreat as a result. This was really embarrassing for them.

If you leave like this, the confidence of the intermediate rank Trainer will also be undermined. Before coming, everyone was determined to fight a battle, and it ended like this. Anyone would be very upset.

“What else can we do, we can’t watch these people being killed by Gannosect.” Rouyu helplessly said, looked towards those ordinary persons, there were not many, there were only a dozen ordinary persons.

But it is also because it is an ordinary person. With the strength of Gaino-Secte, it only takes a moment to release the moves to kill all these people who are unable to resist.

In the face of powerful Pokemon, humans are very vulnerable.

“haha, let’s go!” Cramente laughed again. He saw the hesitation in the eyes of these intermediate rank Trainers. It was obvious that their hearts were struggling intensely, thinking about whether to leave.

Cramente is very sure that these people will inevitably leave. In the distant sky, there are a group of people who are obviously Reporters.

These Reporters may have recorded the scene they just arrived. Whether to sacrifice these people to eliminate Team Diablo, or to keep these ordinary persons and leave, no matter what they do, they will eventually be recorded.

Cramente’s threat is undoubtedly effective. No one cares about the lives of these ordinary persons, because they themselves are also ordinary persons, but they are Trainer that’s all.

Pokemon Alliance itself was established by humans. The purpose of at first is to train trainers, protect the region and the people living in the region.

“Leave, you may not be able to fight today.” Rouyu said helplessly again, and made a decision. Faced with Cramente’s threat, they had nothing to do.

Genosect guarded these ordinary persons. There was simply no chance to rescue them. Once they rushed in, even for a moment, it was enough for Genosect to release his moves.

So the rescue cannot be carried out, so the result is obvious. Today, these Trainers can only leave Wanghai Building to protect these ordinary persons.

When will Cramente let them go, maybe they will come back again, but at that time, it is estimated that Team Diablo also knows that they can’t stay in the Aries Region, so they ran away quickly.

“From now on, I will destroy Team Diablo, no matter where they go.” Rouyu whispered to herself with anger flashing in her eyes.


At this moment, from the back of the building, a sound of broken glass sounded, which suddenly broke the silence.

Cramente was stunned and didn’t understand what happened, moved towards 99 Layers of Chaldea, loudly shouted: “Tell me, what happened?”

The member of Team Diablo of 99 Layers, upon hearing Cramente’s words, hurriedly said: “A Genesect is back.”

Cramente was taken aback for a moment, and then relaxed. It turned out that it was Gaino Sector who had returned. He arranged two Gaino Sector Protect buildings to avoid anyone breaking into the building.

Two Gaynorsec guarding these ordinary persons, that’s not bad. Without his order, Gannorsec won’t attack unless he is attacked, so Cramente is not afraid of Gaynorse. Kurt went mad suddenly, making random moves.

“Yes, President, Gaynor Seckett has left again.”

At this moment, the members of Team Diablo on the 99th floor tremble suddenly and stutter a little.

“Leave and leave.” Cramente was speechless, and two Gaynorsec guarding the ordinary person were indeed a bit too much. One is enough. Anyway, these intermediate rank Trainers will also leave.

But he was a little strange. Why should Gainoseckett suddenly enter the 99th floor? This is not reasonable.

“No, it’s the two Gannosects, both left.” Team Diablo members hesitated and shouted.

Cramente’s face suddenly froze.

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