Pokemon Battle System Chapter 375


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In the sky, Lin Chuan drove Crissie moved towards Ganuo Sekert to chase after him, followed closely behind him, and pulled closer.

Just now he solved a Gannosect. The battle score should be gone. I don’t know if there will be a multiple bonus at night.

Normal will have it. Gaino-Sect is a Pokemon of 600 Species Strength, and besides Quasi-Legendary, almost all Legendary Pokémon can reach 600 Species Strength.

It just feels a pity. Legendary Pokémon is too rare. I heard that Team Diablo has a lot of Genosects. It would be nice to beat one every day.

Of course Lin Chuan is just thinking about it, this is impossible, and even Team Diablo may be destroyed today.

If you meet Jirachi, maybe Jirachi will agree to fight him once a day, but no one knows where Jirachi has gone.

“That many Gaynorsect, if you kill in one shot, you should have a lot of experience.”

Lin Chuan thought, the higher the level Pokemon provides, the more experience it provides, and the quantitative change will produce qualitative changes. If Lin Chuan can defeat a large number of Gaynorsects at once, it is estimated that he can provide him with a lot of ‘experience’.

Lin Chuan thought for a while, ready to follow this Gannosect. When the time comes, he will definitely see other Gannorsects, so he can solve it together.

The Genesect in front is flying with full strength. When the companion is defeated, it knows that it can’t beat the Charizard, so at this time, he only has the idea of ​​running away. He moved towards Wanghai Building and flew away.

Lin Chuan follow closely from behind, if he can, he still wants to join the battle between Aries Region and Team Diablo. At present, Team Diablo should be at a disadvantage, so that he can follow Trainer from Aries Region. Joined the battle.

That many Trainer, it is estimated that no one knows anyone. When the time comes Lin Chuan will be responsible for making up the knife and getting rid of the injured Ganosekert.

This kind of battle is too rare for Lin Chuan. It is rare to encounter Ganuo Sekert who is four times restrained by Fire Element. If he doesn’t solve a few more and brushes his experience, Lin Chuan feels a little bit I’m sorry.

The experience provided by Gaynor Seckett is definitely a lot. Defeating a batch is estimated to be worth 10-15 days of hard fighting.

Lin Chuan followed Ganuosect moved towards Wanghai Building, and Ganuosect escaped as fast as he could, and quickly reached the front of the building.

With a bang.

Genesect rushed in directly from 99 Layers, broke the glass, and entered the room of 99 Layers.

Lin Chuan didn’t chase after him, but looked towards the top of the building, where the people of Team Diablo were there, and the densely packed Gannosect, showing a posture of preparing to fight.

As for the more than 300 intermediate rank trainers, because the view is blocked by the building, the front is not visible, but it is probably there.

“Has the battle not started yet?” Crissie wondered, knowing that it has been a long time since the intermediate rank Trainer arrived, but the battle has not yet burst.

Afterwards, Crissie saw the trapped ordinary persons of 99 Layers. It was obvious that Zhan Xi was among them, and Crissie needed to rescue them.

At this moment, there is no burst in the battle. There are two Ganuosects on the 99th floor. Lin Chuan looked at the two Ganuosects of the 99 Layers. At this moment, they rushed out together.

While they were still in the fighting state, the two Gannosects directly moved towards Lin Chuan and released two Techno Blasts, and the energy cannon was aimed at Lin Chuan and launched.

bang bang!

With two loud noises, Lin Chuan did not evade, but directly released two Air Slashes, blocking the two energy light cannons directly in the air, causing an explosion.

The aftermath of the energy generated a gust of wind, but it had no effect on Lin Chuan. Lin Chuan’s strength was still pressure-free to deal with two Gannosects, especially in sky.

After the two Gannosects saw their moves were resisted, one of the Gannosects suddenly turned into a disc shape and flew into the air.

To Lin Chuan’s surprise, the other one was still in a fighting state, but it jumped onto the disc-shaped Gannosect and assumed a fighting stance.

Two Gannosects, one carrying the other moved towards Lin Chuan, flew over, so that although one cannot play the battle strength, the other can undoubtedly fight as much as possible.

Lin Chuan was a little surprised. The two Gannosects actually learned to cooperate, but he is not afraid of the two Gannosects. Even if this Gannosect can exert all the battle strength, there is nothing. use.

Just when Lin Chuan and the two Ganuosects were about to start fighting, there was also a battle on the roof of Wanghai Building.


Cramente’s face is very bad now. The Genosect from 99 Layers actually ran away. This caused only a few Team Diablo members to keep the hostages.

Compared with the previous threats from Gannosect, these members don’t even have Pokemon and can almost ignore them directly.

This also resulted in a dozen hostages being directly placed in absolute safety, and Cramente’s chips were equivalent to disappearing.

The Trainer of Aries Region, whose front foot was about to leave, immediately stopped, and she looked towards Cramente with a cold smile.

No matter where Gaynorsec went, but now 99 Layers does not have any Pokemon, just relying on the few Team Diablo members, maybe more than a dozen ordinary persons using their feet together, can kick a few of them.

So in the next second, more than three hundred intermediate rank Trainers who were ready to leave came back again, without any muddle, moved directly towards the top of the building and launched an attack.

The war is on.

Cramente was going crazy. At a critical moment, Gannosect did not listen to his orders, but left directly. This led to the direct attack of Aries Region Trainer, and everything before was wasted.

Cramente looked at the intermediate rank Trainer who flew back, knowing that this battle was unavoidable. The moment Gaynor Seckett left, it was doomed that Cramente’s threat was no longer valid.

“All attack!”

Cramente is also very decisive. This battle is very important. If you win, you can stay in Wanghai City. Except for the batch of Top Rank Trainers who left, Aries Region basically has no way to fight against the existence of Team Diablo.

But if he loses, then he is finished, Team Diablo is also finished, Pokemon Alliance will not let him go, and Team Diablo will disappear.

Because of the limited space on the roof, Cramente not at all released his Pokemon, because there is no place, his Tyranitar is too big and has no place at all.

Cramente released the Staraptor, jumped on the Staraptor, flew up, and battled the burst, when the time comes, it was definitely terrifying matchless.

At the same time, Cramente and the Executive behind him also released their own Pokemon and joined the battle. Although their Pokemon strength is not as good as that of Gannosect, they are also comparable to mid-level Pokemon.

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