Pokemon Battle System Chapter 376


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“The battle is on!”

The professional Reporter in the distance suddenly creded out in surprise. They had heard the conversation between Elite and Cramente. They thought that the battle was over before the battle started. Didn’t expect that things suddenly had a huge turnaround.

When they saw more than 300 intermediate rank trainers about to leave, they suddenly returned, and each and everyone’s faces were filled with excitement, without the slightest hesitation moved towards Team Diablo launched an attack.

More than 300 Trainer’s Flying Type Pokemon, there are too many repeated Flying Type Pokemon, Staraptor, Pidgeot, Swellow, Scyther, etc. Flying Type Pokemon, there are many, these are also the first choice of Normal Trainer Flying Type Pokemon.

Four or five hundred Flying Type Pokemon attacked together. The scene was very shocking. A large number of Flying Type Pokemon’s wings appeared white light. It was the Flying Type’s wing attack moves. At the same time, there were many using Drill Peck and Brave Bird. , Fly, Hurricane and other moves.

Various moves have been released. Fire Element’s Pokemon have all released Fire Element’s moves, while non-Fire Element’s Pokemon have used their strongest and most skilled moves.

“The battle is on!”

Slightly far away from Wanghai Building, a large group of people stood there watching the battle. They had waited for a long time. Some people were impatient and prepared to leave, and the battle started.

There are many people who pay attention to this battle, because it determines the dignity of the Aries Region, and it is related to whether the Wanghai Building can be retaken from Team Diablo and whether the cancer of Team Diablo can be completely eliminated.

While fighting the burst, Lin Chuan also fought with Gaynorsec. Although Crissie was on his back, it was no problem to deal with the Gannorsec.

The Gannosect under its feet can’t attack, but with the help of Gannosect on the opposite side, it can release all the battle strength as much as possible.

Genosecte was very excited, the red eyes on steel’s head, the red light burst out, and sent a strange Growl to Lin Chuan.

At the same time, he moved towards Lin Chuan and rushed over, surprisingly ready for melee combat. Gaino Sect belongs to Pokemon with a fairly balanced special attack and offensive abilities. According to Species Strength, both have reached 120.

So Gannosect is very outstanding whether it is melee or long-range. At this moment, Gannosect rushed over and moved towards Lin Chuan and hacked it down.

Lin Chuan is not afraid at all. It’s just Normal Type’s Slash move that’s all, because whether it’s Steel Type or Bug Type’s moves, Gai Nuo Seckett was beaten to death by Lin Chuan. It can be said that Lin Chuan is the cover. The nemesis of Nosect, or Fire Element Pokemon, is the nemesis of Gainesect.

Faced with Slash, Lin Chuan did not show any weakness, opened a melee combat, his fist ignited flames, moved towards Gaino Seckett and smashed it.


With a muffled sound, Lin Chuan’s Fire Punch and Gannosect’s forelimbs slammed into each other severely. As a result, Gannosect was a little bit painful from the flame.

Even if Gannosect’s right forelimb covered the energy of Normal Type, the four-fold restraint was too strong, and it directly burned Gannosect.

Although it did offset a lot of damage, Gannosect would be constantly consumed in the match-up of moves, while Lin Chuan would not, that is, it was a little painful.

In this melee Lin Chuan once again gained the upper hand. Gained the upper hand was restrained to death by Lin Chuan. This is absolute, and it is not that Gainous’s high level and strength can make up for it. .

Attribute restraint is a fact that cannot be changed between Pokemon. No Pokemon can ignore Attribute restraint, even Kyogre.

It’s just that Kyogre’s strength has reached a certain level. It is difficult to encounter opponent at the same level, but if Groudon is allowed to come out and take over the weather, Solar Beam will be successfully released under Sunny Day.

Even Kyogre will inevitably be directly injured. This is the power of Attribute restraint, even Legendary Pokémon is not immune.

However, for Normal, the powerful Pokemon has the means to fight against natural enemies, Kyogre certainly has it, including some Pokemon from Top Rank Trainer and Pokemon from Elite Rank Trainer.

The battle continued. Lin Chuan continued his offensive, not giving Gannosect a chance to breathe. It was still close combat.

Even though Lin Chuan is not good at melee combat, his offensive ability value is not bad, coupled with the powerful Fire Element control, a single Fire Punch can be used to defeat Ganuo Seckett.

The most important thing is that Gannosect can’t catch up. Lin Chuan only needs to stick Gannosect like a dog skin plaster. The opponent doesn’t even have the opportunity to release long-range moves. They can only be forced to close combat. This is a Bug Type Steel Type move, hitting Lin Chuan without pain or itching.

Lin Chuan doesn’t even bother to dodge, because the damage is too low, and his defense is so high, the loss it can cause is extremely limited.

Time passed by minute by minute.


In the end, Lin Chuan hit Genosect with a Fire Punch, which directly ended the opponent. For him, this battle was still very refreshing.

Close Combat is still very good, but if you fight with the same level Pokemon, it is easy to get injured in close combat, so Lin Chuan still likes long-range combat and can defeat opponent without contact.

As Lin Chuan defeated the Gannosect, the disc-shaped Gannosect under its feet quickly ran away, moved towards the top of the building, and there was a battle there.

“Did the battle begin, that’s just right.”

Lin Chuan laughed, the battle has already begun, but at this moment he is not in a hurry to enter the battlefield, but rushes into 99 Layers first, because Crissie needs to save people.

After flying into the room of 99 Layers, Lin Chuan discovered that the war had started and those Team Diablo members had run away. They were originally for the benefit of Team Diablo. Now Team Diablo may be destroyed. For them, There is no need to stay, it’s important to run away.

More than ten ordinary persons were trapped here. With the battle against the burst, none of the three hundred intermediate rank Trainers came to the rescue, but focused on the battle with Team Diablo.

Crissie jumped down, walked in front of these people, and asked, “Which is Zhan Xi?”

“I, I am, you untie us first.” Among the group of people, a woman opened the mouth and said. She saw Crissie and was surprised, obviously this was the one who came to rescue them.

Lin Chuan stretched out his claws and cut the ropes of the crowd with a few random cuts, and did not harm these people at all.

After more than ten ordinary persons were rescued, they immediately thanked Crissie. Although the intermediate rank Trainers care about their lives, it is because of the rules of the Pokemon Alliance.

“Zhan Xi, someone has posted a mission, let me save you, you guys leave quickly, this place is too dangerous, the battle has already begun.” Crissie said.

“Okay.” After everyone was rescued, they didn’t want to stay here anymore. They quickly walked to the elevator and prepared to leave Wanghai Building.

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