Pokemon Battle System Chapter 377


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When these people leave, Crissie not at all will leave. She wants to let her Pokemon participate in the battle. She still hates Team Diablo Crissie. In the past few years, too many Pokemon have been harmed. This kind of experience will make Crissie forever Cannot forgive Team Diablo.

Since Aries Region has already fought Team Diablo, Crissie must also join the fight. It is not Help Aries Region, but simply wants to completely eliminate Team Diablo.

Crissie released all the Pokemon, Sceptile, Ninetales, Blaziken, and then she jumped on the tail of Sceptile, opened the mouth and said: “Charizard, you go to fight, and Ninetales and Blaziken, you support Charizard.”

Crissie knows that if you continue to sit on Charizard, it will seriously affect Charizard’s performance. The opponent of this battle is the strong Genosect, and Charizard must be in the best state.

Sceptile’s offensive ability is far inferior to Charizard, but it has a strong dodge ability. Sitting on Sceptile, there is no need to worry about being affected by moves.

Lin Chuan heard that, nodded, Crissie did have some influence on him, now he is fine, without any restraints, Lin Chuan can use all the moves, and he can fight freely.

Lin Chuan looked towards Ninetales, opened the mouth and said: “Ninetales, you can help me, let your Characteristic Trait work, don’t fight, pay attention to protect yourself.”

Later, Lin Chuan said to Blaziken: “Blaziken, you follow Ninetales, try to protect Ninetales from being attacked.”

Blaziken’s strength is not strong. Although it is also a Fire Element, if it enters the attack range of Gannosect, it will be directly killed by the fire, so Ninetales and Blaziken are better together.

Later, Lin Chuan took Blaziken and Ninetales and left 99 Layers and flew towards the top of the building.

Lin Chuan flew to the top of the building and saw the battle between Aries Region Trainer and Team Diablo. It was very fierce. Various moves were released madly. The walls and ground on the roof were already damaged by various energy impacts. .

“Go down.” Lin Chuan said, and Ninetales and Blaziken jumped down, came to the top of the building, and joined the battlefield.

Ninetales and Blaziken joined the battlefield and immediately attracted attention. Cramente also saw it, and at the same time saw Lin Chuan in the sky.

Familiar Pokemon lineup, Cramente will not forget these Fire Element Pokemon, Ninetales and Charizard, and a Sceptile.

“Why did Crissie appear here?” Cramente was sure that Crissie had come to the Wanghai Building, otherwise her Pokemon impossible would appear here.

Regardless of whether Crissie appears or not, Cramente is impossible to ignore these Pokemons, because these Pokemons are all Fire Element Pokemon, which poses a huge threat to Gainoussect.

However, Cramente can’t get away to deal with Lin Chuan now because he is currently fighting Wuying Elite and is at a disadvantage.

Wu Ying is a Dark Type Elite, good at using Dark Type Pokemon, but his Flying Type Pokemon is not much, only one Dark Type and Dragon Type Hydreigon.

Hydreigon is very powerful. Originally, this one who was once a disaster, was attacked by many Trainers and wanted to get rid of this evil Pokemon, but was later conquered by Wu Ying.

Today’s Hydreigon is no longer the viciousness it used to be. This is naturally Wu Ying’s secret. The Dark Type Pokemon he accepts will eliminate his own viciousness and become like normal Pokemon, and its strength will not decrease but increase.

And this powerful Hydreigon is one of his main Pokemon. As a Quasi-Legendary Pokemon, the strength of Hydreigon is undoubted. If it weren’t because of its inherent cruel and evil character, I’m afraid that many Trainers would want to take a Deino and cultivate it. .

Wu Ying is also able to fly this Hydreigon, and at this moment, he is constantly fighting in the air with Cramente, and fiercely suppressing Cramente.

Staraptor is not the opponent of Hydreigon at all. The Dark Pulse released by Hydreigon is constantly hitting the body, and it looks like it can’t support it.

Team Diablo is currently at a big disadvantage as a whole, because there are too many Pokemons in the Aries Region. Four to five hundred Flying Type Pokemons attack 80 Keno-Secte at the same time, even if the Keno-Secte is indeed strong. Strong, but also impossible to easily resist so many Pokemon siege.

“Damn it.”

Cramente gnashing teeth, if this continues, he will lose. The opponent deserves to be an Elite Rank Trainer. The gap is too big, unless Tyranitar, who is also Quasi-Legendary Pokemon, can come out to fight.

But all the Pokemon in the sky, let alone Ground, Tyranitar has no place at all, it is forcibly sent out, and it will even affect the battle of Gaynor Seket.

Although it was uncomfortable, Cramente knew that he had to hold on to it.

More than 80 Genosects continuously released Techno Blast, and countless beams shot everywhere, very densely, constantly hitting the Pokemon in the air.

There are too many Pokemons in the Aries Region, and they gather to attack, and Gaino Seckett will release a Techno Blast casually, which can hit the opponent regardless of sight.

More than 80 beams of light are intertwined, like a dense net, which looks spectacular and has amazing formidable power. Some Flying Type Pokemons are hit by two Techno Blasts and lose their battle strength directly.

Because of the optical net formed by the Techno Blast released by Gaynor Seckett, a large number of intermediate rank Trainers did not dare to rush forward, but let Pokemon advance in the past, and they followed the past and launched an attack.

After a few rounds of battles, the Pokemon in Aries Region still suffered a lot of losses. Many Pokemon were killed by the dense Techno Blast.

However, there are too many Pokemon in the Aries Region, even if it is a one-to-three battle loss ratio, as long as a Gannosect is defeated, the chance of Team Diablo being able to win will be less.

In the sky, Lin Chuan looked towards the battlefield. It was too messy. All Trainers were commanding Pokemon to attack Gaino Sector, but because there were too many Pokemons, some Trainers couldn’t find their Pokemon positions and they couldn’t give orders. .

After all, these intermediate rank trainers are not well-trained troops in ancient times. They have not experienced such a number of battles. When the battle started, their brains were probably dumbfounded.

Genosecte’s battle strength is indeed strong. Facing Pokemon which is not Fire Element, relying on the resistance brought by Attribute, even if it is hit several times in succession, it did not lose the battle strength, but directly killed one. Only Pokemon.

Normal said that a Gannosect can replace two or three Pokemons, and only because of too many attacks will they lose their battle strength.

“Can’t wait, Ninetales.”

Lin Chuan is not ready to wait anymore, let’s start fighting, and if you continue, Ganuo Seckett will be completely defeated. This is all his, and he cannot be robbed of experience.

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