Pokemon Battle System Chapter 378

Besides, he couldn’t kill Gannosect in seconds. Strictly speaking, Charizard’s Species Strength is only 109, which is not too powerful.

This kind of special attack Species Strength, the released Flamethrower, and the four-fold restraint effect, although it is the only move that can cause huge damage to Genosect in the current battle, it still cannot determine the outcome.

Genesect immediately after accepting the Fire Element moves, it will counterattack the Fire Element Pokemon fiercely, which causes many Charizards to jump up and hug him immediately after releasing the moves, and then use Self Destruct .

Genesect has mastered the Self Destruct move, but Normal will not use it. Only at the moment when the battle strength is about to be lost, can it jump up and face the Pokemon in the Aries Region and release the Self Destruct.


There was a loud noise, and it was the moment when a Gaynorsect was about to lose its battle strength. He jumped up suddenly and released the Self Destruct move. The huge explosive formidable power, moved towards all around, raged, causing many Pokemon to suffer It’s hit hard.

Genosect’s offensive ability is not weak. Self Destruct is a normal type of up to two hundred formidable power moves. Its formidable power is very amazing, much larger than the formidable power caused by Techno Blast.

The battlefield is very chaotic, and the intermediate rank Trainer has already begun to retreat, because a trainer just got too close and was directly affected by the explosion formed after Gainoussect Self Destruct.

Because the impact was too violent, he vomited blood and fainted on the spot, lost consciousness, but was saved in time, otherwise he would just fall directly and it would be finished.

The retreat of the Intermediate Rank Trainer has led to fewer Pokemon in the previous battle. However, there is no way. Without the Intermediate Rank Trainer, I will not cherish my life.

In such a chaotic battlefield, riding a Pokemon rashly in front, it is easy to be hit by various moves. When the time comes, it is too late to regret.

Although the number of Genesects has been reduced a lot, the pressure dropped sharply at this moment. On the other hand, Pokemon in the Aries Region is still like cutting wheat, being continuously defeated by Gaino Seckett.

On the other side, Cramente was almost unable to hold it, so he could only call a few Gannosect for help. Once he was defeated, no one would command the Gannosect and it would be over, so he didn’t care at the moment. It’s too much, I can only hold on first.

Hydreigon constantly dodges the two Techno Blasts released by Gaynor Sector, giving Cramente a temporary respite.

“If you are like this, you will lose faster.” Wu Ying is not in a hurry, because the number of Gainoussects is limited, and Cramente has two against him, which means that there are fewer other places. Two Gaynor Sector.

The battle continues, Lin Chuan waits for the moment when the Drought Characteristic Trait comes into play.

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