Pokemon Battle System Chapter 379


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Time passed. At this moment, Team Diablo is in a little bit of inferiority. Because the intermediate rank Trainers are afraid of being injured, they retreat behind. However, the Pokemon they ride is the most of the main Pokemon, which leads to Gainose. Kurt’s pressure is no longer so great.

The strongest performance in the battle is undoubtedly Soft Feather Elite. As a Flying Type Pokemon, her main Pokemon are all powerful Flying Type Pokemon, and there are a total of six, each of which can be better than Keno Seket More powerful.

At present, Gannosect, who has lost battle strength, is almost all solved by Pokemon of Soft Feather Elite except for being defeated by Fire Element Pokemon.

The Pokemon of Soft Feather Elite are all Flying Type, and each one is very powerful. There are six Flying Type Pokemons such as Togekiss, Altaria and Scyther.

Besides the battle, Soft Feather Elite is also observing the battle. She obviously saw the retreat and slightly frowned of the intermediate rank Trainers. If this goes on, the Pokemon in the Aries Region will be constantly consumed.

At present, she has solved a lot of Ganuosekert, but her speed in defeating Ganuosekert is limited. These intermediate rank Trainers are the main force.

Now looking at a large number of Pokemon beams released by Gannosect, they are defeated like cutting wheat. Although Soft Feather is not worried about failure, the final result is definitely a heavy loss.

This did not meet her expectations. If you win, you will win beautifully. Originally, this battle should be crushed by the number of Pokemon, and Team Diablo was not given any chance to fight back. As a result, a lot of Pokemon was lost. What a shame.

However, Rouyu is also impossible to order these intermediate rank Trainers to actively rush into the fight, because this is about their own lives, and the intermediate rank Trainers have the right to protect their lives.

In case her order is given and an intermediate rank Trainer loses his life, she cannot afford it.

“A bunch of trash.” Rouyu cursed inwardly.

In the sky, Lin Chuan waited for a long time, constantly resisting those Genosect who attacked Ninetales, and the Drought Characteristic Trait of Ninetales also began to take effect. Fire Element Energy in the sky began to increase, and the sun became It became more violent.

Lin Chuan looked towards sky, the violent sunlight shining down made him very comfortable. After waiting for so long, the weather in this space finally became Sunny Day.

“You can start.”

Lin Chuan flew in the air and looked towards a large number of Gaino-Secte on the top of the building. These Pokemons are all experience in his eyes at this moment. After solving these Pokemons, he can quickly enter Level 50.

In Ruborth City of the Aries Region, Lin Chuan used Fire Blast to solve a large number of weak Pokémon. It can be said that Fire Blast is controlled by Lin Chuan and after the explosion, the formidable power generated is very huge.

Lin Chuan started to accumulate energy. The formidable power of Fire Blast is not as good as the Flame Vortex created by Lin Chuan, but Fire Blast has one more range than Flame Vortex.

Because Fire Blast can produce a flame explosion, it can cause a very powerful flame impact on the opponent within a certain range, and the effect is very good against a large number of Pokemon.

Now is the best time. With the increase of Sunny Day and the Solar Power Characteristic Trait provided by Lin Chuan itself, the Fire Blast released by Lin Chuan is simply not the same level as those released by ordinary Charizards. .

An ignition sprout appeared in front of Lin Chuan’s eyes, swaying continuously, as he input Fire Element Energy, the sprout spread at a very fast speed, and the flames continued to separate and expand.

In the end, it changed into the prototype of the big-character flame, and it was still expanding rapidly. It was very fast, and it became huge in the blink of an eye. The hot flame burned, distorting the air all around.

The huge big flame was suspended in the air, and Lin Chuan controlled it in the next second, aimed at Gannosect on the roof, and fell suddenly.

The large-character flame is like a giant palm, slamming it towards the Ground at a very fast speed. Compared with other Charizard’s slower and easy to dodge Fire Blast, Lin Chuan’s big character The flame not only looks very solid, but the speed is also several times faster.

Several beams of light released by Gannosect were launched, trying to disperse the large-character flame and prevent the large-character flame from falling on the roof.

However, how could Lin Chuan allow Fire Blast to be consumed by resistance? He was prepared for it, and he must let Fire Blast fully release all its power.


The big flames exploded, Lin Chuan let it explode directly before Techno Blast came, so that it would not be resisted by the beam consumption.

At this moment, the Fire Blast is already not far from the top of the building. After the explosion, there was a bang, and the large-character flames turned into countless flames, and moved towards Gannosect and rushed away.

These flames contain the terrifying Fire Element Energy, and moved towards Gannosect, shooting away, there is no chance to dodge at all, the speed is too fast.

The energy beams released by Techno Blast and the flames from the explosion slammed together again, but this was of no use, just resisting a small part of the countless flames.

After the large-character flame exploded, not at all moved towards the sky to release the flame. This was naturally controlled by Lin Chuan deliberately, just like a firework. After the explosion, it moved towards the Ground and fell.

Lin Chuan controlled the release direction of the flame when it exploded, and the flame formed by the explosion was like a firework Normal, moving towards Gannosect almost without falling.

The momentum of this move Fire Blast is huge, the explosion sound resounds across the sky, and the sky temperature all around rises suddenly, attracting everyone’s attention.

Cramente, who was fighting, saw everything, and his face suddenly turned pale. This familiar scene reminded him of the previous defeat in Aries Region, and now it is repeated again, and compared to the last time, this time’s Fire Blast The formidable power seems to be bigger.

The heat wave swept through, and Pokemon and Trainer in the distance felt the heat released by the terrifying high-temperature flame, and showed a surprised expression.

Lin Chuan watched countless flames explode, producing a huge flame impact, which almost covered the roof of the entire building, and all Gannosect was enveloped in the explosion.

Genosect has no chance to dodge. They are still releasing their moves and fighting. Impossible all noticed the Fire Blast released by Lin Chuan.

With one or two Gannosects, Lin Chuan could not stop Lin Chuan from releasing his moves, which eventually led to the current result.

Lin Chuan successfully released Fire Blast. Although it exploded some time earlier, it did not actually affect its formidable power.

Countless flames fell on the Gannosects, and densely packed flames impacted these Gannossects. The quadruple Attribute restrained the damage, causing them to encounter water like hot red iron, and they were hit hard.

In just an instant, a large number of Gainosecketts lost their battle, and flames raged across the roof of the building.

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