Pokemon Battle System Chapter 380


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Lin Chuan’s Fire Blast, formidable power can be said to be very terrifying. For Genesect, it was absolute restraint and crushing. The moment Lin Chuan was released, it was already doomed. Any Gannosect can block this Fire Blast.

Lin Chuan looked at this flame feast. He knew that Team Diablo was over today. Gainoussect was their biggest reliance, but now Lin Chuan’s Fire Blast completely destroyed hope.

Lin Chuan has no idea about Team Diablo, and there is nothing to destroy Team Diablo. For him, these Ganosects are experience packs, nothing more.

As Guy Nuo Seckett fell one after another, Cramente face deathly pale in Sky, he knew that Team Diablo had lost this battle.

There was still a chance, but no one didn’t expect to have a Charizard and release such a terrifying Fire Blast, which directly ended that many Gaynorsect. At this moment, at least 2/3 The flame impact generated by the explosion of Gannosect by the Fire Blast directly caused the loss of battle strength or severe injuries.

The rest is far enough away, and the flames are offset by other Gannosect, so nothing happens.

“It’s over.” Cramente murmured, with a desperate expression on his face. At this moment, there are only less than twenty Guynosects who have battle strength.

Even if Gaino Sect is strong, but only less than twenty, he is unable to resist the large number of Flying Type Pokemon in the sky. The defeat of Team Diablo in this battle is doomed.

Lin Chuan swished and rushed down. He didn’t want to let go of the rest of Ganuo Seckett. It is a rare opportunity to encounter such a good opportunity.

The Trainers in Sky were taken aback, didn’t expect such a big change suddenly, and all of a sudden that many Gainoseckett lost their battle strength.

“Where did this Charizard come from?”

“It’s too strong.”

Intermediate rank Trainers were amazed at Lin Chuan, and at the same time they were no longer afraid, and quickly entered the battlefield to join the battle.

The battle was gradually coming to an end, and the remaining Gaino Seckett was unable to resist that many Pokemon siege and was easily defeated.

Lin Chuan was a little angry, he was hiding behind just now, and now all the Trainers ran over, and they even grabbed the head.

Lin Chuan didn’t fight at all, and flew to the sky, looking for Crissie’s position, and was about to leave. This time, the harvest should be pretty good, and he solved almost 40-50 Gainoussect at one time.

Compared with Lin Chuan, it can solve 40-50 Legendary Pokémon. When the time comes, the experience gained is definitely very much, and it can even make him directly upgrade to Level 1.

When Lin Chuan was looking for Crissie’s position, Cramente, who was fighting with Wuying Elite in the sky, had already given up resistance, his face turned gray and fell into deep despair.

He thought that by taking those hostages, he would be able to avoid today’s battle, but in the end something went wrong, and the battle was forced to happen, which was not in line with his plan.

The battle was forcibly opened, and Cramente could only fight as hard as he could. Fortunately, Gaino Seckett was still very powerful. He was able to solve Pokemon in the sky with one enemy and many, which caused the intermediate rank Trainer to retreat.

At that time, Cramente was very happy, because the hope of victory was increasing a little bit, but at this time the Charizard suddenly appeared, crushing his last hope alive.

As the last Genosect fell one by one, Cramente no longer wanted to resist. He knew that Team Diablo today was over, it was over.

Team Diablo, without Gaino Sector, has become a lamb to stay, and can only serve as a mermaid, and Aries Region is impossible to let him go, and the end is to be caught.

These Genesects may also be controlled by the Aries Region, because although Gaynor Seckett obeyed his orders, this was only set by the researcher during the revival and transformation.

So these Gaynorsect are actually equivalent to his Pokemon, but once he is captured, the researcher will not be spared. Gaynorsect’s transformation methods, etc., all the secrets of Team Diablo, will be subject to Aries Region Known.

At this moment, it is impossible to notify the researcher to destroy all the materials, because Cramente was not ready to fight, and even at this moment, the researcher is still constantly transforming Gannosect.

“I gave up.” Cramente opened the mouth and said, he didn’t want to continue fighting, he was desperate, maybe God didn’t want Team Diablo to continue to exist.

Wuying Elite looked at the despair in Cramente’s eyes and stopped the fight. He could see that Cramente had no desire to fight anymore, and she wanted to be obediently surrender.

Wuying Elite was a little bit sigh, didn’t expect Team Diablo was defeated like this. I thought the battle should continue for a while, and even the outcome is still unknown.

Soon, all the Gaino-Sectors were solved, the battle was over, and the Executive members of Team Diablo stood there with a desperate look.

Lin Chuan looked for Crissie’s location, and found Crissie standing on the balcony of 99 Layers, watching the battle.

At this moment, seeing Lin Chuan flying over, he smiled: “Nice work, Charizard.” Charizard decided Team Diablo’s ending in one fell swoop, so Team Diablo was hopeless.

If nothing else, Team Diablo should have disappeared from today, after all, even the president Cramente will be arrested.

The last time Cramente escaped safely, although Team Diablo is gone, there is still a chance to make a comeback. Facts have proved that Team Diablo has indeed re-emerged in Aries Region.

However, this time, the remaining Team Diablo members are all here, and Team Diablo’s defeat means complete end.

Soon, Ninetales and Blaziken also returned. Crissie took them back to the Poké Ball. They are safe now and do not need Pokemon protection.

“Let’s go.” Crissie said.

Lin Chuan suddenly thought of something, Team Diablo’s Cramente should have a dream instrument, otherwise Cramente can’t enter the dream world.

But the dream instrument cannot be taken away, so the last time Team Diablo’s base was taken away, leaving the dream instrument behind, but without leaving Lunar Wing, it is likely to be taken by Cramente.

Lin Chuan still hopes that Crissie will enter the dream world. Impossible, let Zapdos stay in the dream world.

Thinking about this, Lin Chuan suddenly returned. He estimated that Lunar Wing should be carried by Cramente. This kind of main thing was impossible to put somewhere.

Then Lin Chuan flew up to the top of the building again, moved towards Cramente flew over, and fell in front of Cramente. Cramente had given up resistance at this moment, and suddenly saw a Charizard flying in front of him, and he was taken aback.

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