Pokemon Battle System Chapter 417


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“Sceptile, use Giga Drain.”

Although Sceptile consumes too much power, the melee combat ability is reduced, but the power can be restored, and the loss of power does not affect the release of special attacks.

Special attack moves mainly consume energy, and Sceptile has hardly released any special attacks just now, so the energy is still very sufficient. At this moment, special attack moves are released to conduct long-range battles, while taking the opportunity to restore energy.

“Go ahead, Ken Tiro!”

Here, Li Tai sent Kentello, his main force Pokemon, whose battle strength is stronger than Snorlax.

Li Tai feels that this Sceptile is Crissie’s strongest Pokemon, so as long as he defeats this Sceptile, Crissie’s remaining Pokemon will not be too strong, and he still has a chance of victory.

I have to say that Crissie’s Sceptile is very strong. Li Tai has already thought that even if he wins in the end, he will give Crissie Gym Badge, because Crissie’s Pokemon strength has been recognized by him.

This Sceptile alone can defeat his Snorlax and Slaking continuously. This is to challenge his intermediate rank Trainer. No one can do it.

“Kentello, Take Down.”

Li Tai at first let Kentello use the Take Down move. As a Pokemon of Normal Type, Kentello released the Take Down move. The formidable power is amazing.

As far as he knows, Sceptile’s defensive ability is not strong. At this moment, Sceptile’s power consumption is huge, and it does not have the flexible silhouette before. It is the best time to attack.

Li Tai was also worried that Crissie would replace Sceptile on the field. It would be even more troublesome to wait for Sceptile to regain his strength and continue playing.

So, Li Tai can’t let go of this opportunity. He must defeat Sceptile as soon as possible. This is also the reason Li Tai is willing to give Crissie Badge. If it is not inexperienced, Crissie can switch Pokemon to restore Sceptile’s strength, when the time comes, he is likely to lose.

Crissie didn’t think about that many, but just wanted to try to see if Sceptile’s strength can defeat all of Li Tai’s Pokemon. It still seems a bit difficult now. Kentello’s speed is very fast, like a normal bull, which is unstoppable.

Sceptile heard the order and quickly released Giga Drain. In fact, Giga Drain also has a certain effect of restoring strength, but the main thing is to restore the injury and heal itself. Sceptile not at all injuries, but the power consumption is too great.

Green’s energy was released and went straight to Centello, but Cantello did not evade, holding on to Green’s energy and rushed towards Sceptile.

Green’s energy hit Catelo, causing an impact and at the same time it began to absorb Catelo’s energy, but this did not stop Catelo’s crazy collision.

Kentero still moved towards Sceptile fiercely and hit him, using the tremendous power of his body, just like the train Normal ran into Sceptile.

In the next second, Sceptile dodges with a swish, Ken Tello’s Take Down move failed, and at the same time, Ken Tello also rushed out of several meters due to inertia before stopping.

Sceptile ran quickly, drew a distance, and came to the other end of the battlefield, ready to continue to release his moves.

“Good job.”

Crissie lightly said with a smile, if you are hit by Take Down, it’s still a bit troublesome. After all, Sceptile’s defensive ability is indeed a weak point, and it is likely to be hit hard. When the time comes, when the physical strength is exhausted, being defeated is just Time is a matter of time.

At this moment, Sceptile is still unharmed, which is good. Centero has already lost his first attack. It will be even more difficult to hit Sceptile next.

“This…” Li Tai was a little bit distressed. Such a good opportunity is still dodged by Sceptile. This Sceptile is too strong. The dodge ability is the strongest he has ever seen.

In the next battle, Sceptile still occupies the field, but not at all continues the Close Combat. Instead, under the command of Crissie, he keeps moving away and releases his moves.

Such guerrilla warfare has lasted for a long time. After all, Ken Tello’s physical strength is not low, and he can occasionally dodge the long-range moves released by Sceptile, but the key is that Ken Tello can’t touch Sceptile.

Kentello’s speed is very fast, but Sceptile is faster, especially after Lin Chuan has been promoted to the speed limit, and now his speed capability is already very high.

Even if the speed of Ken Tiro is not weak, it is definitely not as fast as Sceptile, so Sceptile is destined to have the advantage in this battle.

Li Tai is a little helpless. Cataro’s attack speed is not weak. It stands to reason that he should be able to easily defeat Sceptile, but he can’t touch Sceptile. Even if he gets close sometimes, Sceptile can still avoid it with his flexible silhouette. Open key moves.

As time passed, Centero finally fell under Sceptile’s Giga Drain. After the last trace of physical strength was absorbed by Sceptile, he fell to the ground and lost his battle strength.

And Li Tai is also desperate. He understands that Crissie’s Sceptile is not only strong in close combat, but also not weak in range, plus flexible and rapid movements. Unless you encounter a Pokemon that is faster than Sceptile, nothing Pokemon, you may not be able to touch it.

Li Tai’s Pokemon is exactly the kind of slow Pokemon. Snorlax and Wigglytuff are both slow Pokemon. Even the fastest Kentello still seems too slow to face Sceptile.

In the end, Wigglytuff, who was already injured, fell under Sceptile’s moves and lost his battle strength.

This Gym battle is over. Li Tai smiled bitterly and looked towards Crissie and Sceptile on the battlefield, opening the mouth and said: “I lost, but I am convinced, your Pokemon is indeed very strong.” /p>

“Thank you.” Crissie slightly smiled. She was also pleasantly surprised that Sceptile was able to beat four Pokemon in a row. The half a month Sceptile and Blaziken’s strengths were indeed improved.

At present, Sceptile’s strength has definitely reached the Elite level in the intermediate rank level. Although facing the Pokemon of the Top Rank level may be a little worse, the gap is not as big as before.

Next, Li Tai took out the Badge of Normal Type Gym and gave it to Crissie. He didn’t know Crissie because he didn’t pay much attention to the news, but this did not prevent him from knowing that Crissie was an outstanding Trainer.

Crissie is already an intermediate rank trainer at this age. Needless to say, innate talent can be said to have boundless prospects. It is only a matter of time before becoming a Top Rank Trainer in the future. That’s all.

“That Sceptile must be your strongest Pokemon.” Li Tai asked with a smile. This Sceptile is too strong. It must be Crissie’s strongest Pokemon.

Crissie took the Badge and put it on her shoulder. He thanked him first, and then smiled when he heard Li Tai’s words.

“Sceptile, not my strongest Pokemon.”

Crissie said lightly, although Sceptile is indeed very powerful, her strongest Pokemon from start to finish is Charizard, which she is certain.

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