Pokemon Battle System Chapter 419


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To instigate the relationship between the two Regions, and cause the two Regions to fight, when the time comes, casualties are actually the second thing, because Pokemon is fighting, not Trainer.

Pokemon is very difficult to die. This is not ancient and modern medical technology coupled with the assistance of healing Pokemon. As long as it does not die immediately, basically any serious injury can be recovered.

So they don’t expect the war to cause too many casualties in the two regions, but the war will inevitably cause huge economic losses, and it will also make the relationship between the two regions worse.

When the time comes, when the Trainer from the Allen continent comes over, there will be no two regions joining forces. The Trainers from the Allen continent can be defeated one by one. The Cerbalt Region will be conquered first, and after the Cerbalt Region is captured, There is basically no suspense about the capture of the Aries Region.

“The friction between the two regions has been constant recently. We just need to find an opportunity to intensify this friction.” Captain said, when the friction gets bigger and bigger, when the time comes, there will inevitably be fighting, and friction will occur again and again The battle between the two regions is bound to cause a fierce reaction from the two regions, and eventually the friction will evolve into a war.

“Yes.” The young man with glasses turned and left.


For a month, Crissie was in Totem City.

It has entered June, and it is only one month away from the Alliance League in July. When the time comes, many people will gather at the Alliance Center.

One month is not a long time. Although the training effect of Pokemons is not as good as that of the month of Dream World, the strength of Pokemon has been improved a lot, not only has mastered some new moves, but also has various abilities. Promoted.

As we approach the Alliance League, Crissie was planning to stay in Totem City. After waiting a few days before the Alliance League, he set off to the Alliance Center to watch the game as a spectator.

However, Angus came to her on this day.

Angus has arrived in Hillrock City and lives in the Pokemon Center, and Hillrock City is so close to Totem City, all Angus came to Crissie.

“Crissie, it’s not that you have a token of the Tekai master, you can make Pokemon armor, have you gone?”

The two went to a restaurant. During the chat, Angus asked in a low voice. He seemed to be very curious about Pokemon armor. The Pokemon armor of the Tekai master is very unfamiliar to low-level trainers, but it is famous for trainers above the intermediate rank. .

“No.” Crissie shook her head. In fact, she had forgotten. After Angus reminded her, she remembered that the backpack still had a piece of debris tokens. You can find Master Tekai to customize the Pokemon armor.

“Then let’s go, how about looking for Master Tekai together?” Angus said, looking more anxious than Crissie.

“en.” Crissie thought for a while. There was nothing to do during this time, so go to Master Tekai to solve the Pokemon armor problem first.

Making Pokemon armor is not a simple task. It takes a long time to prepare to complete an outstanding Pokemon armor, especially Charizard’s large size, which will also cost a lot of materials and will take longer to make.

So, go to the Tekai master as soon as possible to customize the Pokemon armor, and the completion time will be faster, otherwise it will be done later, or it may not be finished until next year.

“Okay, let’s go.”


The city where Tiekai master is located is not the city where Gym is located, so Crissie has not been there, but it is also a famous city, but it is not because Trainer is famous.

This is a city that produces all kinds of materials, such as materials for making various Poké Balls, and various industrial materials. They are all produced here. It can be said that this is the material center of the Cerbalt Region.

The master of Tekai lives in the central area of ​​this city, and only this city can provide enough good materials for the master of Tekai to make Pokemon armor.

This city is called Chigang City, a city with only machinery and industry. There is no Trainer here, but only a worker and Pokemon.

Entering Chigang City, Crissie can smell a metal smell, and to-and-fro Machoke can be seen on the street, carrying various heavy objects.

Machoke is an evolutionary type of wrist strength, because it does not have the strong strength like Strength, and it is very difficult for Machoke to evolve into Strength, so Machoke becomes the best coolie that can replace people’s work.

Machoke has great power and amazing endurance. It is not difficult for them to carry heavy objects. On the contrary, equivalent to is a kind of cultivation. It can be said that Machoke is the best coolie, and Pokemon does not have the complicated emotions of people, as long as If you take it seriously, there won’t be any problems. The most important thing is that you don’t have to pay a salary, just include food and housing.

Crissie watched the Machoke move heavy objects quickly, but didn’t feel anything wrong. Perhaps for people, coolies are the lowest-end work, hard and tiring, but for Machoke, it’s a This kind of cultivation is an exercise of the will.

Crissie and the two went through the industrial area and came to the central area of ​​Chigang City, which is cleaner than the periphery of the city, and it is also the residence of the entire city.

It is daytime, and most people are leaving for work, but Master Tiekai must be at home, so Crissie is going to go directly to Master Tiekai’s house.

Master Tiekay is very famous and also very rich, so naturally the place to live is also the best, in the center of the city, in a luxurious villa.

Usually many people visit the Tekai master, most of them are Trainers, and want to ask the Tekai master to make Pokemon armor, but most of them are disappointed.

Therefore, there are a lot less people who come to visit Master Tekai gradually, but this has also resulted in a Pokemon armor of Master Tekai, which is called a priceless treasure.

If Pokemon armor is not all tailor-made, if it is put on auction for auction, it is estimated that there will definitely be an endless stream of trainers that want to buy.

“I heard that Master Tekai has a bad temper.”

On the way, Angus and Crissie talked about Master Tikai.

“Yes, but it doesn’t matter. As long as we have a better attitude, Master Tiekay is a person who keeps his promise even if he has a bad temper.” Crissie nodded, but not worried.

Because the master Tekai has a grumpy temper and often sweeps the visitors out, but as long as the production is agreed, it will be completed in the end.

“We are here.”

Crissie looked at the door in front of her. Behind her was the villa belonging to Tiekai Master. It looked very luxurious, but the sound of ding ding dong dong was often heard, destroying the tranquility of the villa.

Crissie knows that this is probably the sound of someone forging materials and hitting metal with a hammer.

“What do you do?”

Crissie and Angus stayed for a while, and a security guard came over and looked towards the two of them and asked with a cold expression.

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