Pokemon Battle System Chapter 420


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“Hello, we are looking for Master Tekai.”

Crissie saw the security guard coming and said, in a very serious and sincere tone.

A black Luga followed by the security guard, looking towards Crissie with a fierce gaze. Obviously, the guard force for the villa of Master Tekai is very strong, and too many people covet Master Tekai’s Pokemon armor technology.

“Master Tiekai has no time to see guests today, please come back.” The security guard glanced at Crissie and Angus, and then said indifferently.

What’s the identity of Master Tiekai? These two children need to see Master Tiekai directly. It is simply wishful thinking. Even if they are the big brothers of Cerbalt Region, they also brought Present and asked to meet Master Tiekai.

Crissie and Angus are strictly speaking children, and they are still far away from adulthood, so naturally they don’t understand the adult world.

Crissie hearing this, a little displeased, because she noticed the disdain in the security’s eyes. Obviously it was not that the Tiekai master was not available, but that the security was unwilling to let them in. After all, the Tiekai master was not accessible to everyone .

Crissie didn’t blame the security guards either. Master Tiekai’s temper was said to be very bad, and the security guards would naturally not get any better, but she would definitely want to see Master Tiekai this time.

“I think you’d better let us in.” Crissie said, and then took out a piece of metal, which was the shard token. She believed that as long as Master Tiekai saw the shard token, it would be fine.

“No, leave me soon. This is a private area. I have to do it if I don’t leave.” The security guard coldly said, if the two teenagers don’t leave yet, he is going to let Black Luga do it directly.

“Today we must see Master Tekai. This is Master Tekai’s token. Go and talk to Master Tekai. He will definitely meet me.” Crissie can only take out the key token. Take out the fragments. Said the security guard.

“What you said, eight out of ten used to say this. The result was a lie. I won’t believe you. Go away, or I will really let the dog bite.”

However, the security guard did not believe, what tokens, he had seen too many people want to see Master Tekai, and used various methods to trick him into opening the door, but most of them were eventually caught by Master Tekai It blasted out, and was scolded even with him.

Since that time, he hasn’t opened the door casually anymore, it’s useless if anyone comes, unless it gives him some benefits.

However, Crissie obviously didn’t bring Present to the master Tekai, let alone any benefit to the security.

“You.” Crissie was very angry. Why did the security guard not let her in? Isn’t it just to see Master Tekai once, and she also took the token.

But the security didn’t let her in at all, so that you wouldn’t be able to see Master Tekai, and you wouldn’t be able to let Master Tekai see the token, so you wouldn’t be able to ask Master Tekai to customize the Pokemon armor.

It’s always impossible to try hard. If you do not to be trifled with the angry master Tiekai, if you don’t customize the Pokemon armor for her in a rage, you will lose out.

So, Crissie has nothing to do at the moment. The security guards don’t let them in, and she has a firm attitude. What can we do?

“Why don’t you give this piece to Master Tekai, I believe he will let me see him if he sees it, that’s okay.” Crissie said, although this is a bit risky, but there is no other way. Up.

If Master Tekai obtains the fragments, but does not admit that it is a token, then there is no need for Crissie to ask Master Tekai to customize Pokemon armor.

The security guard holds the fragment token in Crissie’s hand. The look in Crissie’s eyes doesn’t look like lying. If you just go to Master Tekai with the fragments, it doesn’t matter, as long as you don’t put people in, you’ll do Don’t scold him because of this.

“Well, wait, if you dare to swindle me, then you are dead.” The security nodded, agreed to Crissie, took the fragments, and turned around and entered the villa.

“Crissie, you are too risky like this.” Angus was a little worried when seeing the fragments taken away. After all, this was a favor of Master Tiekai. What if the security guard has bad intentions.

“It’s okay.” Crissie shook her head, not worried. If what Angus said did happen, she would have no choice but to blame her for not trusting the security.

Time passes.

The security guard ran over in a hurry, without the indifference from before, but with a smile on his face.

Seeing the face of the security guard, Crissie knew that Master Tiekai should have recognized the shard token and decided to meet.

“Come in, Master Tekai invited you in.” The security said. After he showed the fragments to Master Tekai, Master Tekai immediately asked him to invite the two people outside the villa to come in. Ran over quickly.

“Thank you.” Crissie slightly smiled.

After the security opened the door, Crissie and the two entered the villa of Master Tekai and followed the security moved towards the inside of the villa.

“This is the house of the rich. It’s really luxurious.” Angus looked at the all around environment enviously. Angus, who was born as an ordinary citizen, can only live in the Pokemon Center, and he needs to work for his own living expenses. .

“Yes.” Crissie nodded. Although she is already an intermediate rank trainer, she may earn a lot of Alliance coins by herself, but if she wants to buy such a luxury villa, it is also impossible.

This is not something you can buy with hundreds of thousands of Alliance coins. Crissie now wants to build her own small flower shop, she is not sure if the money is enough, let alone a big villa.

Soon, the two entered the interior living room of the villa. The security guard left soon. He still needs to continue to protect the safety of the villa. An Aunt came to receive them.

The two were sitting in the living room, waiting quietly for Master Tikai, who soon appeared.

In the original impression, Crissie felt that the Tiekai master should be a rough middle-aged man. After all, making Pokemon armor requires forging metal materials, which is a physical task.

For a long time in a high temperature environment, the dark and rough appearance are the hallmarks of such people.

However, although the Tiekai master is already a middle-aged man, he looks very young, wearing a formal suit and smiling.

This made Crissie a little suspicious. It wasn’t that Master Tekai was grumpy, but Master Tekai looked very decent in front of him.

“Hello, I am Tie Kai.”

Tie Kai master slightly smiled and didn’t talk nonsense. He directly took out Crissie’s shard token, an ordinary metal shard.

“Is this fragment yours?” Master Tekai looked towards Crissie, because according to the security guard, the girl took out the fragment.

“Yes, I helped someone. This is his reward. His name is Zhan Yun.” Crissie replied.

“Well, you didn’t lie.” Tie Kai master nodded, this fragment is indeed his token to Zhan Yun. Compared to his one favor, since Zhan Yun sent it out, it means that Crissie must have helped Zhan Yun is a big favor.

“Do you have any requirements, would you like me to customize a set of Pokemon armor?” Tie Kai asked.

“Yes.” Crissie nodded, her purpose is to make a set of Pokemon armor specifically for Charizard.

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