Pokemon Battle System Chapter 421


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“Let me see your Pokemon.”

Tie Kai said, as he agreed to Crissie, the fragments are a great favor for him, so let’s pay back this favor.

Crissie’s face showed joy, Master Tekai agreed, and then took out Charizard’s Poké Ball, before pressing the button, it opened with a bang, obviously Charizard had come out.

Crissie is not surprising, Charizard must have eavesdropped in Poké Ball.

A huge fire red Charizard fell on Ground, and a stream of heat rippled slightly, but it was quickly converged.

“Is this Charizard? It’s very big and special.”

Tie Kai looked at Lin Chuan with great interest. I have to say that it was the first time that he saw a Charizard of this size. Therefore, to make Pokemon armor, when the time comes, it took a lot of materials.

“Yes.” Crissie nodded, Charizard has the strongest strength. If you can equip Pokemon armor, it is even more like a tiger that has grown wings. With Pokemon armor Charizard defensive ability, you will be more powerful and can attack more unscrupulously. Up.

“No problem, I will measure its body data first.” Master Tekai said, took out the tool, and began to measure all aspects of Charizard’s body data. These all are necessary for making Pokemon armor.

Master Tiekai has high requirements for customized Pokemon armor. Fitting is only the most basic of them, but even so, he started measuring very seriously.

This is also the reason why the Pokemon armor produced by Master Tekai is scarce, because every time you are serious and pursue perfection, this also makes Master Tikai very tired to make Pokemon armor once.

This time, because I haven’t made Pokemon armor for a long time, my hands are a little itchy, and Crissie took the token, and it happened to be able to return the favor, so I agreed to Crissie.

Making a set of Pokemon armor suitable for Charizard is not a simple matter. Measuring body data is only the 1st Step, and there are many more after that.

Two days later, the preparations for making Pokemon armor are finally complete. Crissie and Angus also lived in the villa for the past two days and enjoyed it.

After preparing the armor, all that is left is time.

The time to make Pokemon armor is about one month, that is, after one month, Crissie can come and pick it up.

After bidding farewell, Crissie and Angus left Chigang City.

After returning to Totem City, Crissie is going to Weedbliss City again. This city has too many childhood memories of her. If she wants to own a home of her own, she naturally hopes to be here.

Time is almost here, Crissie is going to determine the location of the flower shop first, and then build her own flower shop.


The friction between the two regions is getting more and more frequent. Everyday all has a variety of news, most of which are conflicts between the two regions, which aroused heated discussions among many people.

After more and more frictions, there have been fighting incidents. Although there has not been a more serious one, it is only a matter of time.

Aries Region, a Harbor.

There was another conflict here. The cause of the incident was that the merchants in Aries Region were not satisfied with the goods in Cerbalt Region, and they considered the goods to be unqualified and requested to return them.

Actually, the qualification of the goods is sufficient, but the merchants deliberately make things difficult. Once the goods are returned, the loss is huge, equivalent to the six months of hard work is wasted.

So the people at Cérbalt were very angry, but even so, the supervisor who took the lead was still smiling and begging the other party not to return the goods.

“Mr. Chen, please give us a chance. If we retreat, our six months of hard work will be wasted.”

However, this posture fueled the Aries merchant’s arrogance. He sneered at the supervisor and said, “It’s my shit, unqualified is unqualified. I’m impossible to use unqualified products. That’s irresponsible. Performance, I will not accept these products.”

The supervisor hearing this, his heart suddenly cooled, he clenched his fists, and he could see the contempt in this Mr. Chen’s eyes, he was somewhat Rage, but he was helpless. If this batch of goods could not be sold, he would have to bear part of the loss. , When the time comes, it will make the otherwise wealthy family worse.

“hmph, if you kneel down and beg me, I can think about it.”

Suddenly, Mr. Chen spoke.

The supervisor hearing this hesitated a little, but soon stopped hesitating, and knelt down decisively, because he needs money more than dignity, and he still has something more important than dignity to maintain.

“haha.” Mr. Chen looked at the kneeling supervisor and laughed.


At this moment, an egg flew from a distance and hit Mr. Chen’s mouth with a slap. The stench from the rotten egg made him vomit directly.

“Oh…who did it?”

Mr. Chen was furious and looked towards all around, but he didn’t find the person who threw the egg. Harbor people coming, people going, it is difficult to find each other.


Someone laughed. After all, Mr. Chen looked too embarrassed. His face was full of egg yolks and egg whites left after the eggs were broken, which was sticky and couldn’t be wiped clean.

Hearing the laughter, Mr. Chen suddenly exploded. He looked towards the kneeling supervisor and Snarl said: “It must be someone from your Cerbalt Region. I tell you that you must return the product if you return it!”


The supervisor really couldn’t bear it this time. Let’s not say who did it. Even if it is from Cerbalt Region, the other party should not frustration them. He has already knelt down, and the result is still the same.

“Why, do you still dare to hit me?”

Mr. Chen looked at the supervisor, “You hit me. If you hit me, you will wait for the bad warehouse.”


The supervisor rushed up with a punch. Fiercely slammed the opponent in the face and staggered the opponent. Half of his face was directly swollen and the glasses were shot out.

At this moment, the supervisor has no matter what the return is, and the other party tramples on his dignity time and time again. In addition to seeing various news in the past few days, he has already accumulated too much dissatisfaction with the people in Aries Region. At this moment, the burst finally came out.

The battle was about to start. People from the two regions beat each other together, and people from two regions continued to join the battle.

However, this is the Harbor of the Aries Region after all. There are too few people in the Cerbalt Region. In the end, the people of Aries Region have the advantage.


At this moment, a group of flames rushed into the crowd. A group of people in Aries Region were directly blown out by the flames, and their bodies were continuously burned.


“I am burning to death!”

“Quick dive!”



Fortunately, this is Harbor, and there is sea water nearby. People in Aries Region jumped into the sea one after another. However, this is the fire move released by Pokemon. How can ordinary people resist it? Some people have lost before jumping into the sea. Life.

“It’s over.”

The director face deathly pale, he doesn’t know who instigated Pokemon to attack, but this is not important anymore, the important thing is the dead, and he is from Aries Region.

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