Pokemon Court Chapter 1

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the first chapter of the text Olde Green House, floating astronomy
    Hoenn Region, northeast, Fallarbor Forest.

    The gloomy tree sea forms a natural large maze that will center the Mt. Chimney is far from the surrounding Napru Hall.

    With the rise of the profession of Trainer, although the Pokémon Alliance has begun to pay more attention to the development of the field in order to create a safe travel environment for the travelers who are traveling, there are still many places in the ridiculous part of “to be developed”, Fallarbor The forest is one of them.

    In these places, there are abundant natural resources, but with these, the dangerous terrain, the environment, and the aggressive Pokémon are all reasons that are prohibitive.

    The Naplu Road Museum outside the forest is an agricultural town with about a dozen populations because it is close to Mt. For Chimney's sake, every time the breeze blows, the Volcanic Ash on the mountain will float here, providing abundant nutrients to the local plants.

    In Olde Green House.

    Terrance walked out of the yard, his nose slightly wrinkled, revealing a helpless expression.

    Next to him, a butterfly with aqua blue eyes kept waving beautiful wings, and a silky sea with a golden current was under the control of it, such as a thousand birds humming, beautiful.

    The light of the silk is shining on Terrance's face, making his Saffron's short brown hair look very handsome.

    This is the "Electro Web" trick that Beautifly is practicing.

    The young man is called Terrance. He is a member of the Olde Green House orphanage. In this small town with a small population, Olde Green House is a relatively unique building. Here, a group of children are often gathered to play and laugh together.

    Looking at the Beautifly flying around, Terrance felt a little "a year soon?"

    “咕~” Beautifly heard the words and nodded.

    A year ago, in order to avoid the predation of the Taillow group, or the Surutifly of Wurmple climbed out of the perched grass and forest, the little guy flew to Olde Green House.

    Then, this timid Wurmple was caught by the temperate children and became the object of being played, but fortunately, Terrance discovered the scene in time and stopped the children and saved the Wurmple.

    The nature of the children was not bad. Not long after, Wurmple was sincerely apologized and got into a good relationship with each other. It was very pleasant to get along with, and even Terrance didn't think that the little guy who had been away for a long time had been relying on it. Here, it is natural to join the big family of Olde Green House and become a part of it.

    Taking care of the work of Wurmple, this year has been the responsibility of Terrance.

    Because the training with Beautifly was delayed for too long, it was already noon, and Terrance sighed as he looked at the ground that had not been cleaned and dusted.

    "Beautifly, come help!"After taking the dust on the clothes, Terrance put the backpack aside and picked up the broom in the corner. He planned to clean the leaves first.

    But at this time, Terrance suddenly heard a shout of shouts. He raised his head subconsciously and saw a little Stephanie running happily.

    "Little Rina."Seeing Little Stephanie, Terrance smiled. Rina is also an orphan of Olde Green House, but they have not yet entered Olde Green House when they met each other.

    At the thought of the little Little Rina sticking to him at the time, and his own clumsy move, Terrance suddenly glimpsed, creating the illusion of time and space.

    Time passed and four years passed.

    Terrance itself is a Cerulean City man who lost his family four years ago and was adopted at the orphanage.

    For four years, tedious and boring, fortunately, Terrance gradually adapted to this kind of life, slowly in this familiar and unfamiliar world.

    But no one knows that Terrance was already "Switcheroo" four years ago, and Terrance at the moment comes from another azure world, the Earth!

    "Terrance brother…What to send! ”Little Rina stepped forward and stared at Terrance in confusion, flashing her bright, big eyes.

    Little Rina spoke, Terrance, this slowed down, and there was some embarrassment and sadness in my heart. "Nothing, hungry, let me prepare lunch first?"

    Rina saw Terrance smile, her heart was beautiful, she looked around the Ground, sorry to say: "Trouble you Terrance brother, Tyga in the morning we went to the cave to explore…So I didn't help you clean it. ”After that, Rina still clasped her hands and smiled. "Now, is Terrance and you and Beautifly busy?" Let me help you. ”

    Rina was about to start, and Terrance shook her head and stopped her: "No, these are handed over to Beautifly, it can do it."

    WellThen I will prepare lunch for you? ”What Rina wants to do for Terrance.

    "I still come, but you go to the cave privately, do you know how dangerous it is?"Terrance is serious. "I have told you how many times, don't run around, be honest in the town!"

    "But can you always run out?"Rina grinned and looked at Beautifly, some envious, screaming, "It's not that dangerous outside, there are a lot of friendly Pokémon who often help us."

    "You are lucky."Terrance sighs "It seems that I have to let Grandma Ellen teach you, prepare everyone to have lunch, today is your favorite Balm Mushroom, and this is the last meal I have prepared for you."Terrance continued, and as he spoke, the tone suddenly became a bit bleak.

    "The last meal?"Rina squatted and noticed the extraneous sound in Terrance: "Terrance brother…What does that mean?

    Terrance hasn't answered yet. Instead, an old woman came out and touched Little Rina's head with affection: "Stupid girl, haven't you seen it yet?" Your Terrance brother is already planning to leave. ”

    leave here!

    Rina stares blankly at Terrance: "From…Leaving Olde Green House? ”

    Looking at Rina, Terrance is silent.

    Alliance 209 years, adoption day, the same orphan of Cerulean City, Terrance, Rina who lost their ability to live independently

    Adopted by Ellen at the Olde Green House orphanage.

    Since coming to Olde Green House, Terrance has been extremely mature and sensible in repaying Ellen's grandmother. It is not like a child. There are so many things in Olde Green House that he will take the initiative as long as he can. So, among the children of Olde Green House, Terrance looks like a big brother Normal.

    Being dependent on the children is also a natural thing for Terrance.

    Right now, when I hear Terrance want to leave, Rina's reluctance and panic are human nature.

    Silence, Terrance nodded: "Mother Ellen, I am going to the city of Habitat tomorrow, thank you for your care for the past four years."

    WHAT? Is it because we are not obedient? ”Rina's eyes have begun to turn red and interrupted Terrance.

    "No, I just want to see the world outside. In addition, I am still going to take the assessment of the Breeder home. If it succeeds, it will have the ability to share some burdens for Olde Green House."Terrance said calmly.

    Grandma Ellen sighed: "Terrance, you have to think clearly, the children here are growing up with poverty, and even have no qualifications to register as Trainer. If you are so small, go out and sway, you might as well stay here, help. Grandma takes care of Olde Green House."

    "I know this, Grandma Ellen, but I have hands and feet, can I take care of myself?" My four years of study, this is the day. ”Terrance's answer was unexpectedly firm.

    The four years that Terrance came here, not just like other children, only know how to play. Instead, they study hard every day, and spend this boring and novel day with boring books, just to get out of here and see for one day. outside world.

    To be honest, when Terrance accepted the fact that he had crossed, he was not willing to stay in one place for a lifetime, but it was realistic, but it gave Terrance a heavy blow.

    However, Terrance did not give up, knowledge, is an extremely important road he found to bridge the outside world!

    Different from the earth, although the world has technology, the related content is very precious. The high-level knowledge is monopolized in the Contest Category of Alliance and the big consortium!

    Knowledge about science and technology belongs to high-end learning and is an important means for Alliance to balance. The world's science and technology is developing rapidly, and it has not yet reached the point of being as open as the earth and eager for talent.

    In contrast, the mainstream of this world is a magical creature, Pokémon!

    They replace technology, are chased by people, and various industries are built and built around them. They are indispensable partners in the world's human life.

    What Terrance learned is about Pokémon.

    In the past four years, although the public knowledge on the mainland has been numerous and varied, Terrance has established a learning system that belongs to him for his own dreams and rules.

    When Grandma Ellen listened to him, he knew that Terrance had considered it and could only sigh and say nothing.

    Terrance has been very sensible since coming here four years ago, not only has not bothered her, but has been helping to take care of Olde Green House.

    But Ellen can also see that Terrance's mind is not here either. Although he also helps to take care of the children, Ellen has lived for most of his life. It is natural to see that Terrance is essentially different from these children.

    It's like Terrance is hard to fit into this group of kids.

    Although the age is still small, Terrance was already very assertive at the time. I am afraid that his heart has long been accompanied by books and leap to a wider place.

    Perhaps, from that adoption day four years ago, Grandma Ellen should see Terrain's calm and gaze and self-introduction, and see that this child is different.

    It’s not realistic to let people like Terrance stay in the small Naplu pavilion. Grandma Ellen is not willing to see such a future.

    But even then, she doesn't know why Terrance is so persistent. It's hard to imagine that a 10-year-old child would have such great perseverance and such a bold decision.

    "This is perhaps the best option…"Terrance sighed in the heart.

    This world is full of fantasy and magnificent! For him from another world, every place here attracts Terrance and wants him to explore and cross.

    At the same time, Terrance also understands that the development of Olde Green House has fallen into a trough all these years. With the savings of Ellen's grandmother, the Olde Green House orphanage has been difficult to operate for a long time.

    So, not only for himself, Terrance doesn't want to put a burden on Olde Green House anymore. Even knowing that the road ahead would be tough, Terrance didn't give up the idea of retreating.

    Since the crossing has been met, Terrance wants to see the world outside. If there is no courage, then it is too embarrassing for the name of the "traveler", so what is the difference with a salted fish?

    There is no reason, just want to see the world's style! !

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