Pokemon Court Chapter 1000

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1000th chapter of the choice of two, floating astronomy
    Ash, May, and Terrance have agreed that the Battle of Ballabor Gym will be hosted by Terrance. In contrast, other challengers didn't have this good luck, and Terrance had already greeted Kathrine, so before Terrance didn't return, Ash stayed at the Fallabor Gym to visit, wait, and wait for Terrance to come back.

    "Wow, a lot of Bug Type sprites."

    The Ash people who visited the back garden of Fallabor Gym, surprised to see the layout of the Fallabor Gym.

    “It’s very different from the Petalburg Dojo…”May Road.

    Butterfree, Beautifly, Dustox, Beedrill, Masquerain, Ariados, Forretress, Vivillon…Terrance in the Sky Crown College exchange of Elf eggs hatched out of the small bugs have been in the Fallabor Gym after the garden occupied a unique habitat, the prestige is very, is here a beautiful landscape, in Fallabor Gym more than 20 elves used to take on the challenger, They are the most powerful and are the first choice to deal with Ash, a trainer who has achieved good results at Alliance Conference.

    Among the 8 elves, the small Beautifly is not here, but in the Fallarbor forest. Sometimes the 36 Ribombee of Terrance Breeder will also participate in the battle of the pavilion, but they are still less than the time of the small Beautifly staying in the pavilion. To be less, it will hardly appear here.

    The elves from Terrance Breeder are very different from other elves. Xiaogang’s visit to the Breeder home also recognizes the difference in the strength of these elves. Compared to the Nibbi Pavilion, Fallaboro Gym is in this respect. It’s really good.

    "Except that the 7 elves developed the best, the other Bug Type elves are not simple. It seems that Ash and May have to fight hard this time."Xiaogang looked around, and Pinsir, Scyther, and Drapion were among the more powerful elves. They were not inferior to the ones of Terrance Breeder. These three are only the main force of Kathrine personally, and the rest are Most of them are ethnically repeated elves, the most elves of which are Beautifly and Dustox, both of which are native to the Fallarbor forest.

    "I want to fight that Scyther, it looks like it should be the strongest!"Ash saw the Scyther smashing the boulder in the corner and immediately squinted.

    "That Scyther…If you have the opportunity, of course you can. ”Kathrine, the second owner who led Ash to visit the pavilion, smiled a little. She looked at the four boys and girls and was curious as to why Terrance valued them so much.

    Maybe in the next battle of the Taoist hall, it will be confirmed…

    "Miss Kathrine, is there two of the challenge modes of Fallabor Gym, can you explain it to us?"Xiao Gang, who took the Evergrande Conference entry manual, began to worry about Ash at this time. This kind of thing Ash can't pay attention at all, often it is Xiao Gangdai.

    In the interrogation room, Xiao Gang got closer to Kathrine, but he didn't dare to rely too close. Even if Kathrine was very attractive to him, Xiao Gang didn't dare to make a bet. When I first saw Kathrine, Xiao Gang’s bold move directly countered Kathrine’s instinct from Nightmare Island and almost killed Xiao Gang’s real person…

    "I know this!!"Not waiting for Kathrine to answer, May will take the lead.

    "Ash your words, you can do the first one, that is, you can directly play the battle of the pavilion. After the victory, you can get 'Harmony Badge', which is not much different from the challenge modes of other pavilions."

    "What about the second model?"Ash is awkward.

    "The second…Registration is required, and the challenger can then pick Catterpie or wurmple elf eggs from Fallabor Gym at a specific time as a challenge Elf, and the challenger will be given a ' basic version of the Coordination Direction breeder Law ', then the challenger used this elf to collect a ribbon medal in half a year, you can use this Elf to challenge the trainer of the museum, after being recognized challenger can get the ' promotion version of the coordination Direction breeder Law ' and ' honor Harmony Badge ' …May thought about it: "Right, honor Harmony Badge can be used as a ribbon medal in any Region Contest contest, so I plan to challenge the second model."

    "But then sister, can you not challenge it after half a year…"Xiaosheng doubts.

    "The words are so, oh, but I have already agreed with the big brother of Terrance. I can challenge with my own Beautifly, but…I am still planning to apply for a wizard egg. I plan to use Breeder as a Butterfree. I will take this opportunity to learn the Ballader method of Fallabor Gym and summarize some of the Coordinator experience. ”

    "It turned out to be the case. If this is the case, then both of us must challenge!!"Ash clenched his fist: "I want the fur egg of Wurmple!"

    The decision of May and Ash made Kathrine laugh and cry, but since both of them know Terrance, they are happy with them.

    “But then, is the second challenge mode available only with Catterpie and Wurmple?”Xiaosheng asked.

    "Of course not."

    Just after Xiaosheng questioned him, it was not Kathrine who answered him, but a voice from afar.

    Everyone heard it and saw Terrance slowly coming towards them.

    "In addition to Catterpie and Wurmple, there are several kinds of elves and sprites to choose from, but at present it is only open to Trainers who have a household registration in Napru, and it costs a little, but if you have any needs, it is not You can make an exception once and give you a chance to choose."Terrance laughed.

    In order to support the local trainer of the Naipuruda Pavilion, Terrance also prepared the trainer here to prepare other potentially good bug Type elves, he and a number of forest, breeding institutions have reached a cooperative relationship, the appropriate bug Type Elf can still be found, However, the number of these elves will certainly not be as large as Catterpie, wurmple, so the audience is currently only limited to the Naipuruda Pavilion.

    There are not many Trainers in the Napru Road Museum. Terrance is interested in supporting them. The conditions for obtaining these elves are definitely not very high.

    "Terrance…"After seeing Terrance return, Kathrine glanced, then shook her head and finally came back. She was really not good at receiving Ash's lively Trainer.

    "How, Fallabor Gym is not bad."After a few words, Terrance asked.

    "Great, but it's a pity that Misy has left haha, otherwise she will be very impressed here."Ash smiled regretfully, and the brain filled up Misty to see the various Bug Type elves and scared the face.

    Finally, Ash and May chose all the Bug Type sprites that the current Fallabor Gym can offer. Terrance also invited Xiao Gang, but Xiao Gang said that he has limited energy and gave up the opportunity.

    As for Xiaosheng, this child is not Trainer. Although Terrance saw his Covet's eyes, he shook his head more helplessly. Even if Mr. Norman didn't plan to let him touch the elves now, Terrance was not able to intervene himself. Let it be natural.

    "Then I will choose this one."

    "I want to choose this one."

    After learning all the wizards that could be selected, Ash and May made the decision immediately, Ash chose Skorupi, and May chose Cutiefly.

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