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Pokemon Court Chapter 1001

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1001 chapter baton tactics, floating astronomy
    Cutiefly was indeed in the range of choices. After Breeder had 36 Ribombee, Terrance began to introduce Cutiefly again, but this time Terrance introduced the Cutiefly, which was specially inherited from the Baton Pass, and was wild.

    When he became elite Four, he entered into a partnership with the Aether Foundation on the other side of the Alola, and the cutiefly of the Terrance were to lose their parents, or to be excluded, or to have some innate disease, the cutiefly of the acquired disease, These cutiefly are the aether Foundation is primarily responsible for the care of the Elf group, and now there are Terrance to propose this mutually beneficial cooperation, the etheric side will naturally not refuse.

    However, such a Cutiefly is a minority after all, and there are currently only 13 on the Nepru Road Museum.

    If you exclude some of the characters and the body is not suitable for the Trainer Breeder, there are only 4 or 5 left.

    Normal, Terrance naturally won't send Cutiefly easily, because regardless of these Cutiefly body and talent, but with Fairy Aura, they have unlimited potential, it is worth Terrance's own Breeder, but Ash and others are not outsiders, Terrance is also free. .

    "It would be nice if you could turn the Totem Ribombee of Poni Island and its ethnic group."When preparing for the Daoguan battle for Ash, Terrance smiled secretly. When Altaria and Poni Island's patron God Tapu Finni trained, Tapu Finni summoned hundreds of Cutiefly and Ribombee, one of them Totem Ribombee. The leader, such a large Ribombee legion, the Naplu Road Museum does not know how much time it takes for Breeder to come out.



    "Ash, fight 2v2."

    "I have no problem!"

    With Ash, the bloody guy, Terrance didn't plan to take a break. It didn't take long for the two to start the pavilion.

    May ranked in Ash after the stadium and was led by Ash. This time Terrance didn't plan to release the water and took the standard for the Alliance Conference Champion to treat Ash. If Ash dared to come up with the new conqueror in Hoenn Region to fight. Terrance is absolutely going to hit him and he doesn't even know Pikachu.

    Since Terrance became the Elite Four, the Fallabor Gym has also been remodeled. Even if it is not the most luxurious in the current pavilions, it is also a relatively luxurious pavilion. Whether it is facilities or decoration, the investment is very high, the light is different. There are five kinds of battlefields.

    They are the grass field, the Soaring in the sky, the Normal site, the water site, and the Rock site.

    Different venues can be replaced to meet different styles of challengers. At the same time, multiple alternate venues can also allow a venue to compete in an alternative venue after the fierce battle is destroyed. Now, against Ash, the venue is randomly selected to the grass venue. .

    Lawn Some places turquoise turquoise, there are some places slightly dark yellow, far away, the venue seems to be paved with a layer of green carpet, found randomly selected to this site, Terrance shrugged, in case Ash sent fire elves, then this field is finished, However, this grass site will also be the time to change new, even if not burned, less than a few days the grass would be all dark yellow down, no color.

    "The battle will begin."

    Not only did May, Xiaogang, and Xiaosheng pay attention to this battle, but even Kathrine ran over to pay attention, and wanted to see if Ash had a few pounds.

    As Terrance and Ash both threw the Poké Ball, a eagle and a Ribombee appeared on the field, and both sides flapped their wings and looked at each other.

    Huh…?When did Ash send the eagle? ”Ash's choice made Xiao Gang a glimpse, some accidents.

    Attribute on…Kunhar Valley route. Ash is smart.

    "Beyond the carving…"After seeing the elves sent by Ash, Terrance's performance was a bit indifferent. This Ribombee was one of the original Ribembee of Terrance's original Breeder. It evolved under the Altaria Fairy Aura and even surpassed the few in the pavilion. He personally has Breeder's Bug Type genie, which is not necessarily Rival.

    The two looked at each other. Terrance didn't give Ash a chance to check out Pokédex. Ribombee danced directly into Silver Wind. When he saw this technique, May immediately stunned and shouted: "Ash, stop each other!"

    Ribombee now uses the technique of beautifly, the effect between "raging airflow: Quiver Dance" and "wind field", more perfect than the former, but can not be compared with the "wind field" skills, but the intensity of the weakening, but also the benefits, That is, Ribombee's body does not have to be damaged, even if there is no "source of physical strength" skills do not matter.

    Under Silver Wind, the efficiency of the Quiver Dance has been greatly improved. Ribombee's attacks, defenses, special attacks, special defenses, and speeds will all increase greatly. The situation in the battle will change rapidly. Terrance will not give Ash enough time to think or give him. Looking at the opportunity of Pokédex is just to give him more pressure.

    Ash doesn't know Ribombee's Contest Condition, but May is very familiar with this technique and immediately warns him.

    This is Terrance's famous technique, which is the skill of setting up his Top Coordinator. How May may be unfamiliar.

    When I heard May's reminder, Ash couldn't take care of anything. Immediately let the eagle wave its wings, roll up the wind and interfere with Ribombee, but what Ash didn't think was that Ribombee's so small body could be ignored. The wind was not affected at all.

    "Oops, compared to the use of the 'wind', Ash's sculpture is not as good as the Ribombee."Xiaogang’s face changed.

    At this point, Ash in the battlefield was struggling, and there was still no chance of hitting Ribombee in the offense.

    The speed of the engraving under Agility is also very fast, but it is just simple and fast, and the Ribombee can always be more flexible and sideways. It is better to use it than the claws and wings. Attack was launched, but the results proved a bit.

    That is the gap in coordination.

    "This is better than sculpting Breeder, but the coordination of body and speed is so bad that it won't control…"Kathrine Road.

    This level…It is impossible to pass the assessment of Fallabor Gym.

    Terrance also saw Ash's urgency and said with a smile: "Ash, only to this extent, then I should fight back."

    Ash, this guy…It is impossible to expect him to train seriously. What Terrance has to do is to expose him to as many problems as possible in this battle. Only then will Ash go to specific training and then avenge him. Throughout the growth of Ash, almost all of this model.

    "Baton Pass!"When the words fell, Terrance was serious, Ribombee in the Silver Wind flashed, and a dark yellow elf replaced it and appeared on the field.

    The speed of the Baton Pass is extremely fast. The sight of Kathrine and others can't even keep up with the speed of Ribombee's relay. After all, Terrance has trained Ribombee's relay skills to perfection. This is the core trick of Ribombee!

    Ribombbee, with its fast-enhancing, fast-relay skills, will take the Faye Legion's main strengths to the next level!

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