Pokemon Court Chapter 1002

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1002 chapter of the tyrannical Vespiquen, floating astronomy
    "Replace the wizard?"

    As the dark yellow elf appeared, May was a few people.

    "Well, but not a normal replacement…This is a baton move that will allow Ribombee to pass the reinforcement to the next elf. I think Ribombee's exaggerated comprehensive reinforcement is now all transferred to the elf. ”Xiaogang face is dignified.


    The replacement for Terrance is Vespiquen.

    Seeing this Vespiquen, Kathrine showed such a look. This Vespiquen is Terrance, especially for her Breeder. Now it has not evolved for a long time. The strength has not yet grown. It is much worse than Ribombee, but if it is passed. If you enhance the effect, you may be able to see the perfect posture of Vespiquen in advance.

    "Ash, then your Rival is it."Terrance holds his chest in both hands.

    Terrance's Breeder of Vespiquen, Mimic's Breeder way of the Bug Type Elite Aaron of the Sinnoh Region, now Vespiquen has been enhanced by Ribombee, and it is possible to initially show the fighting style that Terrance wants.

    This time, Vespiquen was used to deal with Ash. Terrance also wanted to test the results of Vespiquen's special training.

    When Terrance lost to Aaron in the Sinnoh Battle Zone, it was not long before Aaron became one of the Elin Fours of the Sinnoh Region. His Vesquiquen's fighting style inspired Terrance, which led to the birth of the butterfly group. This Vespiquen is a Trump Card elf of the Miled worm Elite for the Ballader of the Fallabor Gym after the Terrance theory matures.

    "Attack Order !"

    During the opening of the Terrance, Vespiquen leaned and the part of the nest was exposed. With the sound of “whistling”, even Kathrine, who had been in contact with Vespiquen for a short time, was surprised.

    "Is there such a strength in the enhanced Vespiquen?"

    The dense young bees turned into a flood from the hive, which made Ash's pupil shrink, and some of them did not understand this trick. He quickly ordered to escape from the eagle, but this torrent suddenly broke into two ways, one by one, as if An organized army Normal, surrounded by a sudden stop, placed a closed large array.

    "Those are Pokémon?"Xiao Gang is incredible. Although he is a Breeder family, he is not very familiar with any elves. Vespiquen is a trick that Xiaogang has never heard of.

    "Attack Order, the three exclusive tricks of Vespiquen, can perfectly command the young bees in the body to attack. These young bees are theoretically immature Combee, so they can't leave Vespiquen for a long time. In the battle method, Vespiquen and Baolong In the same way, more than one elf can fight together."Kathrine explained.

    The Vespiquen family has two modes of reproduction, one is Soft Boiled, but it takes a lot of nutrients. The life form of the elf hatched by the egg is directly Combee, and the second is the birth of a young bee in the body. The growth of this young bee depends on the development level of Vespiquen, and the nutrients are more nutritious. It's hard to be Combee, only for the life of Vespiquen.

    Don't look at the venue just a Vespiquen elf, but the Breeder method used by Aaron is equivalent to Breeder's dozens of elves, including the young bees in it.

    Surrounded by the army of young bees, the brows of Swallow can be seen more than the eagle, and the brows are wrinkled. I just want to condense into a wind blade, but a sweet wind suddenly blows from all directions, so that the eagle can’t be prevented. After inhaling the sweetness, it flaps its wings more than the stun of the sculpt, and the sense of direction is lost.

    Gust and sweet Scent combination of skills, this group of young bees connected to an unusually skilled, which is behind thanks to Vespiquen command properly, and then, the reaction consciousness greatly declined than the carving, there is no chance of dodging, it is tailwind come to the young Bee Qi Qi bite, these young bees are small, The Bite part of the carving look insignificant, but at this time the carving revealed the color of pain that Ash had never seen before, and saw for a moment that it was more weak than the carving.

    "Fell Stinger !"

    Seizing this opportunity, Terrance calmly said a trick to end the game, a deep yellow figure instantly gave a fatal blow to the vulture, and easily killed Rival.

    ASHEh!Seeing this result, Xiao Gang stunned his face and knew that Ash was guilty of old problems.

    As soon as you encounter a situation that is not under control, Ash likes to give the "quick Dodge" command, the rhythm of the battle to the elves themselves, but by sweet Scent influence, the ability to avoid the decline of the carving, simply can not break out from the dense army of young bees, this time let than sculpture to avoid, have to say, Ash issued a very false command.

    In contrast, the use of the "Feather Dance" can in some way make the baby bee inaccessible, even if it is close, it is difficult to break through the defensive layer of the sculpture…

    "Ash at this time, I haven't learned the 'back to the box" technique. I remember this technique. He got the inspiration from the Coordinator friend named Dawn."Terrance saw the engrossing, and he felt in his heart.

    The young bee used the "Endeavor" trick to extract most of the physical strength of the sculpture, the consciousness is very weak, this time Vespiquen's Fell Stinger, the result of the spike is more obvious, the most important thing is that The last energy of the eagle was also absorbed by Vespiquen from the acupuncture, which became its further reinforcement.

    "It's Fell Stinger trick…Fortunately, Terrance has no squats, otherwise this trick can become a very vicious trick. ”Seeing Ash's distressed expression, Xiaogang sighed. Although Ash improved Extreme Speed, he could play against the top Trainer. It was too early. Fortunately, Rival is an acquaintance like Terrance. It is light and heavy, otherwise Ash's eagle Not so lucky.

    As the eagle fell, Ash comforted him, and he glanced at Pikachu, who cheered him up, bit his teeth, and took out Charizard's Poké Ball.

    Someone once gave ash advice, let him not rely only on Pikachu, because beads Pikachu strength has exceeded the strength of other elves in his team too much, so that going down will not be conducive to progress, Ash listened to, so ash this challenge Fallabor Gym, There is no intention to let Pikachu out, but from pallet Town Forest, Charizard Valley called back two majors, than sculpture and Charizard.

    With the unruly Charizard screaming at the fire, the sharp eyes of Vespiquen and Charizard collided instantly.


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