Pokemon Court Chapter 1003

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of the 1003 chapter of the future Doom Trump Card, floating astronomy
    Chapter 1003 Future Dojo Trump Card (Page 1/1)

    The blazing fire shines on the ceiling, and Terrance wants to become a reality. Ash is indeed prepared for the fire elves, or Charizard, who is second only to Pikachu in his team.

    Flame Burst and Blast Burn have played a new trick for the use of the flame, letting the flame contain a bursting effect. After the bursting flame from the Spit Up in Charizard's mouth, countless young bees have retreated and returned to Vespiquen. The flame of this lethal horror.

    Charizard sputtered a large number of flames indiscriminately attacking, repelling the baby bees, but did not successfully obstruct Vespiquen's footsteps. Vespiquen's Flying speed was very fast, thanks to Ribombee's enhanced relay, almost instantly appearing on the Charizard side. The body suddenly stopped and condensed and shined out of the Rock.

    However, Charizard, who has experienced battles in the Charizard Valley, has developed a very good sense of combat. Before Ash reacts, Charizard feels the threat and squirms his own Assist Dragon Claw. Power Gem.

    Although the explosion of Power Gem almost made Charizard's hand smashed, Charizard was hard to stop with the will to admit defeat.

    "Charizard, cover the entire venue with a vortex of fire!"

    Ash habitually changed the venue, taking advantage of Charizard's excellent play to win the battle, letting a flame plane separate the position of Charizard and Vespiquen, Ash's intentions even Terrance did not guess, but Terrance will not go to jealousy. Boldly issued instructions to let Vespiquen break the flame layer.

    In fact, it’s not that Ash has come up with a high-level tactic that everyone can’t understand, but Ash doesn’t think so much at all, no matter whether it’s useful or not, relying on the spirit of the time to release the instructions, if you’re lucky. Well, the opportunity to find a counterattack opportunity, the luck is bad, but it has become others.

    Terrance's fast-paced offense, it's clear that there is no time for Ash to continue to take advantage of the venue manufacturing, Vespiquen has already fiercely attacked.

    Ash's inspiration has saved him in countless battles, but don't say it's against the top Trainer. Even with a slightly more experienced senior Trainer, Ash's approach to ad hoc strategy is too rhythmic. It is easy to be caught in the neutral.

    Elite Four position, no one Trainer is sitting on the move.

    With this yellow figure Fury Cutter twice, the flame vortex was instantly broken, and Vespiquen's offensive was fierce, and the Flamethrower spit out of Charizard's front was greeted, and the acupuncture was slamming into Charizard.

    Seeing that Vespiquen shuttled from his own flame, he quickly broke open the attack, and Charizard, who was hurt, changed in vain, and the flame in his mouth gradually dissipated.

    When the flames dissipated, I saw Vespiquen's body surrounded by layers of young bees, constantly using the powerful Hurricane roll Gust blade to smash the flame from the inside, creating a chance for Vespiquen to go forward.

    "The defensive order of one of the three exclusive tricks can be integrated with the Attack Order to achieve both offensive and defensive effects…"

    Xiaogang holding the information and looking through the surprised expression.

    "Fell Stinger? Why use a bad Bug Type trick to attack? ”

    When Vespiquen pulled out the acupuncture and evacuated, Charizard painfully fell, and everyone immediately understood Terrance's intentions. After Charizard's stabbed wounds appeared purple, the Toxic, which was marked by Vespiquen hidden in the acupuncture, worked successfully.

    At the same time, Vespiquen, who had been forced to break through Flamethrower and suffered a weak burn, took advantage of this opportunity to launch Heal Order, one of the three exclusive tricks, to allow the young bees to transfer their physical strength and fulfill themselves.

    On the field, facing Vespiquen, who recovered and was unharmed, Ash struggled to re-direct Charizard, who was in the poisoning Contest Condition, to fly.

    A large character burst out quickly, but Vespiquen was very flexible to avoid, while the powerful wind blade counterattacked with both hands.


    After being hit by several Air Slash, Charizard stepped back and snarled, thicker than Terrance's imagination. After that, Charizard condensed the flames and changed the attack mode, choosing a close-up.

    "Charizard uses Fire Punch!"

    The flame-burning fist was the last strength of Charizard. In the face of Charizard's explosive Flying, Vespiquen was indifferent. When Fire Punch approached, I saw Vesique's quick figure, a flash of light and then evaded sideways.

    The Confuse Ray, which flashed into Charizard's eyes, made it impossible to defend at a very close distance. The fist that condensed the flame began to wave wildly and missed the judgment of the position.

    "Vespiquen, continuous Fell Stinger!"

    Terrance words fall, Vespiquen crazy fast needle attack, see Charizard all over a stiff, and then suddenly tremble up, issued a painful howl, not a few seconds, charizard eyes without God from soaring in the sky fell down, and at this moment, Assist "Fell Stinger" special effect, Vespiquen attack power once again greatly improved, reached their own extreme, momentum skyrocketing, Contest condition is surprisingly perfect, it seems that the Battle of several elves are no exception.

    "It's here."Terrance stopped the game and looked at the lost Ash. He didn't use the main force, but an Elite Four is not so easy to win. If Ash can realize the problems exposed in this game, maybe he can Evergrande Conference goes one step further.

    "Next, change to May, Ash, you are going to send the Eagle and Charizard to the Wizard Center."Terrance Road.

    Got itAsh clenched Poké Ball and left the place to see Ash's performance. After Xiao Gang and May looked at each other, Xiao Gang quickly chased it out.

    Frustrated again, it will make Ash a little discouraged…Xiao Gang had to run out to enlighten.

    "It has to be said that Vespiquen's three command tricks combined with Fell Stinger's continuous reinforcement can create an indefatigable combat weapon. In the future, this Vespiquen may surpass the small Beautifly and become the most powerful elf of Fallabor Gym…"Not to mention Terrance's unique Beautifly, which masters two top-level techniques of wind and physical strength, this Vespiquen allows Kathrine to see the rise of a first-class pavilion.


    As Ash and Xiaogang left, May sighed and nervously walked into the venue.

    This time the rules of the game are 1v1,terrance. The genie is a beautifly in Fallabor Gym that forms an important part of the form of a butterfly group, not a small totem with a beautifly air field, but even so, for May that took demon soon, Breeder but two or three months of beautifly, this beautifly is also hard to beat rival, this battle is more one-sided than Ash, Rookie coordination trainer May did not inherit the keen sense of battle of Father Norman, Soon suffered a fiasco.

    It was not so much a battle of the Tao as a guide, Terrance naturally did not think that ash and may would get badge from him for the first time, and that the two little ones were too young to wait until they got the two bug Type elves they had received from here in accordance with the Breeder method issued by the dojo breeder , maybe they can really understand how to integrate the word coordination into the fight.

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