Pokemon Court Chapter 1004

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1004 chapter Volcano broke out, floating astronomy
    "I really lost…"As Beautifly fell, it was helpless to take back Beautifly's May.

    Obviously, I won the winner of the Fallarbor Conference. I understood a little bit about how to establish a tacit understanding with the elves, but May didn't think that the pavilion would be so disastrous…

    May didn't last long before May was defeated again, but Terrance suddenly threw two notes and a book, forcing May to come back.

    The three are the Breeder method for the basic version of Skorupi and Cutiefly, and the fairness of Fairy.

    this is theMay asked.

    "Breeder method is the necessity for you and Ash to challenge the pavilion next time. Learn carefully. As for the book, it is written by me. You can watch it yourself or keep it for Xiaogang. He will teach you how to use Breeder Cutiefly. ."Terrance Road.

    Looking at the three books, May was a little worried.

    SisterAre you OK?Xiaosheng has no surprises from the beginning to the end. Don't look at his age, but he is much more than Ash and May. It is very clear how much the gap between Elite Four, Coordinator and Rookie Coordinator is.

    "I'm fine, little win."Laughing and answering Xiaosheng, May took three books and bowed to Terrance. "So let's go to the Elf Center first."

    "Mm."Terrance nodded.

    Watching May and Xiaosheng leave, Kathrine, who had been away for a long time, was finally able to plug in. Solaceon looked at the venue where it was not damaged. She did not understand: "I don't understand…"

    In her opinion, even Troie is better than the Ash and May talents in front of him. Why is Terrance so caring for these people?

    "You will understand when you get there."Terrance smiled and shook his head. He couldn't tell Kathrine that Ash is the son of the world. Don't say anything else. The Greninja that Ash conquered during the Kalos period, after autonomously raising the level of life, suddenly gained the fighting power to suppress the top Trainer. The promotion is terrible. To know that Greninja, it seems that the time of Breeder in Ash is only a few months.

    In addition to Ash, May is not simple. Although it is not as good as Xiaosheng, it inherits the talent of Dad Norman. But as a pure Rookie, you can win the Contest in the second time and get the ribbon medal. This progress speed, neither Terrance. I know if he could do it if he didn't have the process of accumulating Breeder knowledge for four years.

    You know, the amount of gold in the Fallarbor Conference is not low. Maybe Maybe has luck, but luck is also part of the strength.

    "How is Troie over there?"

    Kathrine mentioned Troie, and Terrance also remembered this Taoist apprentice and wanted to know his situation.

    I have already given Troie the gene syrup for Beedrill developed by Wicktor. He has also traveled for a long time, so I should have collected a lot of Badge.

    "He collected 5 Badges over there, and the number of elves in his hand has also exceeded six. You should be doing the final sprint for the Evergrande Conference."

    "The progress is not bad…"Terrance suddenly glanced at Kathrine's calm expression: "Isn't that, he and Ash are likely to meet at the Evergrande Conference…"

    "Yeah, have you just reacted…By the way, do you want to bet on it? I will bet that Troie will get better results when he arrives. ”Kathrine smiled.

    "As you are happy, then I will bet Ash."Before knowing Troie's progress, Terrance couldn't judge the strength of the two at the same time, but the bet was obviously Kathrine's joke, just mentioning it, no bet, winning or losing, so Terrance did not. I care more, and I will return with a sentence.



    Fallarbor night, exceptionally quiet.

    This night, in order to accompany the eagle, Charizard, Beautifly, Ash, they spent at the center of the elf. In fact, except for the fact that it was a little uncomfortable when it was just lost, Ash has no feeling now, and the typical heartlessness has long been held. The Breeder method from May began to ponder the tactical arrangements for the next challenge to Fallabor Gym.

    According to incomplete statistics, most of the Trainers can't accept the failure of many failures and give up this profession. Every time they lose the game, it is actually a test for Trainer. How to deal with failure, how to put it Failure translates into motivation and experience, which is a must-have for a good Trainer.

    With Xiao Gang's guidance around him, and personality factors, Ash has long had a strong will, and Rookie Coordinator May, infected by both, also has the excellent quality that Rookie does not have.

    After the Fallabor Gym, the Naplu Road Museum is very quiet, but Mt. On the other side of Chimney, there was a big event that shocked the entire Hoenn Region.

    In the middle of the night, Terrance almost woke up, frowning at the virtual projection from the Elite Medal, in projection, Mt. Chimney A Volcano mouth suddenly activated, and a layer of magma erupted, and then the magma followed Mt. Chimney has gone down, but this time the Volcano outbreak did not affect the Fallarbor forest, but Mt. Chimney Another town at the foot of the mountain, Lavaridge Town.

    Fortunately, the distance between Lavaridge Town and Volcano is not close, and the Volcano change is timely, otherwise it will become an irreparable disaster tonight. Fortunately, Lavaridge Town has a former fire system Elite, the former owner of the Lavaridge Hall, Moore. Under the opponent's full force, the general trend of magma explosion did not spread completely, but even so, the magma explosion still had a bad impact on a considerable part of the edge facilities in Lavaridge Town, as for Mt. Chimney's mountain roads have disappeared from the previous shape, and the habitats of countless elves have suffered fatal destruction.

    After that, the complex Terrance casually browsed two newly released news reports. After a few words about the speed at which these Reporters got the news, they quickly told Rotom Pokédex to connect with the Elite Medal and then investigated the incident in more detail.

    Lava team?

    Terrance thought of them the first time, and there were reasons to suspect that they did.

    It didn't take long for the incident to happen, and Terrance couldn't continue to sit and investigate.

    The incident happened suddenly, plus the manpower is not enough, from the Mt. Chimney was not far from Terrance, and she was commissioned to go to the scene to investigate. Terrance had nothing to do, and wanted to leave at night, but at this time he suddenly got a mysterious email with unknown source, and some were not sure.

    "What should I do with Rotto?"

    Rotom Pokédex had already planned to leave, but after discovering the unidentified mail, it and the Terrance suddenly stopped and fell into a choice.

    "Leave here! The disaster has subsided over there, and there is a Moore Elite sitting in the town. It should not be a big problem. Sending me in the past is only an auxiliary investigation. I don’t have many of them, but the news on this side is very interesting! ”

    "Rotom Pokédex, you can even use the Hoenn Alliance to crack the source of the mail together."

    Terrance's eyes flashed, just now, an unidentified source said that the Lava team wanted to kidnap the Professor Cozmo at the Napru Road Museum and suggested that Terrance protect the person.


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