Pokemon Court Chapter 1005

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1005 chapter stealing the sky, floating astronomy
    Professor Cozmo, the full name of Takao Cozmo, is a Napoleon pavilion. He is one of the few famous characters who have come out of the Naplu pavilion in recent decades.

    Now that the Naplu Hall has changed, Professor Cozmo immediately returned to his hometown after completing his studies and established the Laboratory, where he continues to overcome the academic problems in his field of study.

    Sorans was originally a scholar who studied the universe. Later, he obtained the Professor title for his research on Meteorite. He currently lives in the independent Laboratory on the north side of the Naplu Road Museum. This night, Professor Cozmo slept very well, but still Before the dawn, he was woken up by unexpected visitors.

    "Mr. Terrance??"

    Unexpectedly opening the door, Professor Cozmo was still wondering who would come to visit at this time, disturbing his dreams, but when he saw that the person was Terrance, he immediately felt up and was puzzled.

    "Professor Cozmo, let me go in and talk."Terrance Road.

    In the Laboratory, Terrance made a long story short, and Professor Cozmo was immediately shocked when he learned that his personal safety might be threatened. His expression was a little flustered.

    "What should I do?"

    Listen to me!Terrance doesn't know the true and false of the mysterious email, but if it is true, then his approach is correct. If it is fake, he will make a big change in the case of Lavaridge Town.


    Under the wide-scale perception of Gardevoir, Terrance really got some incredible information.

    Gardevoir, which covered the entire Napru pavilion with Confusion, found Terrance feedback the first time after the move.

    "in danger? let it go. ”

    Terrance had hoped that Gardevoir would be able to scan the other person's figure, costume, and appearance more clearly, and confirmed his identity. However, after Gardevoir felt that the continued scan would be dangerous, Terrance would not let it continue, so as not to scream.

    There are many kinds of technologies that can invalidate this Confusion scan and generate an alarm. Gardevoir should feel the kind of fluctuations before it can insinuate. Although only some general information is returned, this information is currently for Terrance. The situation is enough.

    Terrance snorted and squatted at Professor Cozmo's Laboratory waiting for the other party.

    In the previous period, he had already asked Mismagius and Gardevoir to turn him into the face of Professor Cozmo, and he completed the day-to-day change. Now he has to look at what the other party is doing.

    In the case of extreme spiritual coercion, Terrance concentrates on listening to some footsteps. The sound is very subtle. If you don't pay attention, you will miss it. After the footsteps become clearer, Terrance immediately refreshes, but the other party does not Terrance imagined the same storm.

    Outside the wall, a dark shadow suddenly through the wall, this is a ghost system Pokémon, it ignored the physical wall, easily came to the laboratory, and then, this only with the evil smile gastly slowly sniff the taste of life found the Terrance position, After determining the appearance is the target person, gastly directly with hypnosis to expand forced hypnosis, after a series of preparations to do a good job, this gastly again quietly returned to the place, reported the situation.

    "let's go."After the secret action double confirmation, the next moment, an Alakazam successfully sent them to the room where Terrance was.

    In the room, the two glanced at Terrance, who was sleeping on the bed, and then one of them took out a launcher-style thing and pressed it toward Terrance. Soon, the dense insects put Terrance apart from the head. The parts are all bundled together.

    "Sleeping is really dead."The head of the burly youth laughed and then quickly threw the Terrance into the bag, leaving no more than one second to evacuate directly. The purpose was very clear, in order to kidnap Professor Cozmo himself.


    On the helicopter to meet the two.

    "Captain Tabitha, what is the result."

    “Professor Cozmo is there, it’s a lot easier than you think.”One of the top three executives of the Lava team, Special Operations Captain Tabitha Road.

    "Call, fortunately, Fairy Elite Terrance is not in the Naplu Road Hall, otherwise this action will not be so smooth."In the helicopter, another member of the lava team was relieved.

    This time the kidnapping action, the lava team can be said to be vigorous and vigorous, but they are not without the slightest preparation. An Elite is sitting in the town, even if it is a secret sneak, it is also very risky. If it is a Normal mission, it will be considered, but this time The task is extraordinary, it must be fast and embarrassing, and the time is dragged down, which is more likely to cause changes.

    After intercepting the Hoenn Alliance newsletter and confirming that Terrance had rushed to Lavaridge Town through a spy, they started to act.

    "Okay, I want to communicate with the headquarters. You must evacuate."After the Tabitha command, the communication equipment at the headquarters was switched on.

    In the vagueness, Terrance got some information through the conversation of the other party.

    The other side kidnapped Professor Cozmo, as if to study Meteorite, a scientist inside the lava team, Courtney, created a machine that used Meteorite to stimulate Volcano activity and named it "Volcano System", Mt. Chimney's magma riots were the lava team experimenting with the Volcano system.

    After confirming the effect of the machine, Courtney, the chief scientist of the lava team, immediately had a new direction of improvement, but it involved areas she did not understand, including the entire lava team, and no one had in-depth research on meteorite, Volcano system with meteorite as the power of energy, There is no small understanding of meteorite, in order to ensure that this time the volcano system improvement work is foolproof, not to delay the capture of Groudon plan, lava team targets directly to the current academic community for the meteorite research has the highest attainments of Professor Cozmo.

    "It turned out to be the case."In the bag, Terrance calm down, according to the helicopter start time speculation, now they have left Naipuruda pavilion, then do not fear the fight caused by the fallout affected the Naipuruda pavilion, confirmed this, Terrance immediately want to break free of the high-toughness worm tied to the body, But at the same time a bold idea suddenly came to mind in Terrance, which is to follow this opportunity to go to each other's headquarters and face the lava team's stronghold.

    This idea startled Terrance, feel some of their death, after all, this action urgent, he only brought a few pokéball, can not bring the whole fairy regiment to move over the case, his strength at all not to play the ultimate, if the face of the lava team's full force, win or lose situation is really not good to say, Even if Altaria they are very strong, but in case of what black technology constraints, or the other side is not deadly to start the sea tactics, it is bad, carefully calculated, 6 elves are too few, and Terrance Security also needs elf protection, if he this trainer was beheaded, everything is over …

    "There are too many concerns."A moment later, Terrance suddenly shook his head, decisively made a decision, if found each other stronghold, that is earned, even if can not annihilate each other, can't fight, but there are Mega Altaria, Mega Gallade, Mega Diancie, Mismagius, Ninetales, mawile in, the whole body and retreat should be no problem, such a luxury lineup if can not take on the lava team, then the strength of the lava team is a little too horrifying.

    "According to Alliance's intelligence, the lava team only has the leader Maxie who has the strength to compete against the Elite Four…"

    "The other highest level of exercise, the strength is average, but it has a special ability, can not be underestimated."

    Terrance knows a lot, though, but the next most threatening thing is not the Trainer and the elves, but the technological means that these big organizations have. During his time at Elite, Terrance learned many technical weapons that threatened the top fighting power. I know that the lava team has mastered one or two.

    After all, there was no real deal. Terrance was well thought out for safety reasons. As the helicopter flew for a long time, the fuselage finally stopped, and Terrance knew that the other party might arrive at the destination.

    Will it be the headquarters of the Lava team?


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