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Pokemon Court Chapter 1006

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of Chapter 1006 is an enemy, floating astronomy
    Hoenn sea area.

    A huge sea base is like the Oreburgh behemoth Normal floating on the water. From the water stains of its body, this behemoth should have just been drilled from the deep sea and it has not been in contact with the outside world for a long time.

    In the early morning, the day was just bright. A helicopter with the lava team logo slowly came to the sea base of Sky, heaven and sea. After the two exchanged signals, the helicopter slowly landed.

    "Go get him out."

    Inside the helicopter, the lava team special operations captain Tabitha glanced at the bag that was heavily tied up, said to his men, then turned and left.


    Two members wearing uniforms from the lava team immediately raised their hands, untied the tied bags, and released the people inside.

    "I finally came out…"

    However, what surprised the two lava team members was that they were not Professor Cozmo, but a familiar young man and a purple fog around him. As the fog became into shape, They only see this, this is the Ghost system wizard Mismagius.

    At the moment when it came out, Terrance suddenly felt that the air outside was so fresh. Although it was not long after staying in it, it was inevitable that it was tied up with five flowers in a conscious situation.

    When Mismagius made a stern Astonish, the two lava teams, which were close to Terrance, immediately took a step back and sat down with their eyes.

    "Who are you?

    The interior of the helicopter was not large. The movement here naturally attracted attention. Tabitha, who had just entered another cabin, immediately took out the Poké Ball and looked at Terrance badly.

    As soon as he spoke, he saw the appearance of Terrance, and immediately turned into a fierce expression, some difficult to channel: "Elite Four, Terrance."

    "Captain Tabitha, long-awaited."

    Recognized by Tabitha, Terrance broke the things tied to him without hesitation, and looked at each other before Mismagius.

    "This hand steals the day, I don't know what the captain of the Tabitha thinks can be played?"

    “Professor Cozmo, which was kidnapped by the big move, has become the Alliance Elite Four. It must be a surprise.”

    Terrance smiles, the helicopter has landed, Tabitha glanced out the window, some hesitated: "It is a good means, but does Terrance Elite really think that he is invincible?" The Lava team is not something that anyone can take a look at. ”

    "Nature is not worried about Captain Tabitha, but I don't know if I can answer my question first. Do you give up Oldale Ruins?"

    After the lava team lost in Oldale Ruins, they didn't go back to Oldale Ruins once, which made the layout of Alliance and Terrance empty. Oldale Ruins had no movement for a few months, it was incredible, in the style of the lava team. Look, it’s not like the will to give up easily.

    "Oldale Ruins?"

    Tabitha recalled it, then sneered, so blatantly arranged, it would be too stupid to harden the lava team. In addition to hard swearing, they have a variety of ways to find out the information inside Oldale Ruins, now Oldale Ruins has been lava The team decided that there was no value, and they naturally would not go to the net.

    Not answering Terrance, Tabitha asked the same question: "I want to know, then Terrance Elite answers my question first. How do you know that the Lava team is going to kidnap Professor Cozmo? It is difficult that Alliance has already sent spies into the lava. Is the team inside?"

    Such a stupid question, Tabitha naturally does not expect Terrance to answer, two people have other plans to ask questions, but what makes Tabitha unexpected is that Terrance actually answered.

    "To tell the truth, I thought so at the beginning, but when I cracked the source of the email that reminded me, there was a terrible discovery."Terrance smiled and said: "The source of the mail is a ridiculous little factory. After that, the police quickly investigated it and found an interesting thing. It seems to be a secret stronghold of your old headwater fleet, although it is now empty. One person, but because of the rush of evacuation, it still left a lot of traces."

    "Water fleet!"

    After Tabitha stunned, the expression immediately picked up. If it is the one that infiltrates the deepest lava team, it will definitely not be the Hoenn Alliance, but the water fleet. Similarly, the deepest penetration of the water fleet is also the lava team.

    The two organizations once had the same source, and later they split up because of the idea. Both sides have a deep understanding of each other, and the lava team is at Mt. When Chimney experimented with the Volcano system, the water fleet's combat captain Quan Mei led four teams to destroy, so for Terrance, Tabitha did not completely believe it, but the water fleet actually used the Hoenn Alliance to deal with them. This practice makes Tabitha Some underestimated the lower limit of the water fleet.

    At this point, all the lava team members on the helicopter had gathered around Tabitha and looked at Terrance with a hostile look.

    I learned about Tabitha from Terrance, and I felt that when I heard the outside, I no longer wanted to talk nonsense.

    "Well, now I know that the Alliance Elite has come to the lava team base. The warfighters have arrived. Will Mr. Terrance want to go down for a cup of tea? I still have a lot of things to ask you. ”

    "It's not necessary to drink tea. I think the position I sent out has been received by Hoenn Alliance. When the reinforcements arrive, I hope that Captain Tabitha will be so hospitable."

    Smiling Tabitha heard this, smile immediately scattered, cold humming, before the two sides of the strange tacit understanding, did not take the lead, are holding the purpose of waiting for reinforcements to arrive, but it is clear that the lava team side of the reinforcements to be faster, with the helicopter hatch opened, see Terrance Without a hands-on meaning, several of the men inside the helicopter, including Tabitha, jumped out quickly.

    The next moment, the helicopter exploded, and the infinite flame drowned the interior and turned into a black smoke floating.

    Slowly, after the fire dissipated and the smoke was blown away, Terrance and the other five elves in the diamond field made by Diancie landed unexpectedly and looked at the lava team that surrounded them.

    Dozens of lava teams wearing combat uniforms are followed by Mightyena and Golbat. The number of elves is over 100. Every Trainer and Elf has a lot of battles, which makes Terrance look impressive. Surrounded by this organized and disciplined illegal force, Terrance felt the sense of oppression that was not felt when the stalkers of the rabble were annihilated. Very novel.

    "But just a hundred wastes, would you like to deal with me?"https

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