Pokemon Court Chapter 1007

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 1007 Mega Camerupt, floating astronomy
    Terrance's ridiculous words came out of the diamond field and immediately ignited the anger of the lava team.

    "Terrance Elite, you have nowhere to run."

    The deck of this lava team base is bigger than Terrance's imagination, and it's just a little crowded with hundreds of elves. With dozens of Mightyena's horrible Howl, Terrance looks a little.

    “Ewww.” Boo hoo…


    Dozens of bright Howl are all around, Altaria and Diancie suddenly Mega Evolution, the former exudes Fairy Aura, the latter turns the diamond field into the magic mirror field, offsetting the impact of these Howl on Terrance's mind.

    Howl moves, loudly roar improve momentum, and thus improve their own attack, now dozens of Mightyena together howl demonstration, this move unexpectedly has a startling change, enhance their overall morale, do not say Mightyena, even those flying in the air Golbat, In this shocking howl, but also more or less enhance the fighting spirit, at this time are high-spirited, eyes fierce look at the Terrance.

    Mega Diancie's magic mirror field, under this Howl, keeps shaking, but with Holl alone, these Mightyena can't break Mega Diancie's magic mirror field, causing substantial damage to Terrance.

    "Break their momentum!"

    As Terrance screamed, Altaria's Disarming Voice turned into a sound wave that quickly launched in all directions, instantly smashing the momentum of countless elves, flying like a monarch to the diamond field, looking coldly around.

    With one's own strength, suppress the momentum of more than a hundred elves!

    Seeing this scene, the mood of these elite members of the lava team has been somewhat affected.

    At the same time, Mawile is like a dislocated wild dog, bloodthirsty rushed out, bathed in Fairy Aura, raised its war, as if returning to his original battle of the ancient pyramids, watching this hundred The only elf, Mawile feels very happy, the body is very itchy, can't wait to kill.

    Shua! Shua! Shua!

    Using magnet rise Splash, conversion magnetism as thrust, Mawile began to harvest these elves, its fairy energy haunting double fist, burst out of great power, the next few seconds, Mawile Humo, fierce, a punch down, a Mightyena On the spot fainted, the most important thing is, the use of power-up Punch skills, whenever the Mawile attack success, the body will be strengthened in an instant, and the Waratahs normal Vietnam war, but as Terrance's number one pioneer rushed out of the mawile, It also immediately became the primary target for many elves.

    Under the influence of countless Golbat Supersonics, Mawile had to use the magnetic field to resist, and soon it was bitten by Beat Up and its Mightyena, and then it was forced out and suffered several rounds of bites, but this damage, but It seemed a little insignificant, and the adjusted Mawile once again made the lava team feel difficult.


    There was a lot of sneak attack on Terrance. With the laser sweeping, Mega Diancie's mirror field suddenly appeared, and Terrance glanced at it. Someone secretly slammed his Trainer with an unknown weapon.

    But with Diancie's ability to protect against ever-changing defenses, he is not in danger for the time being.

    In addition to Mawile, Mismagius also flew together. With the help of illusion, Mawile was assisted by the gods. The two elves were like harvesting machines, and the elves of these lava teams were very wounded. But the precious thing is that these elves are so suppressed because they are suppressed and slow. Slowly started to twist into a single, bursting out of strong resilience.

    "Crobat, Mightyena, stop them."

    After completing the arrangement, Tabitha snorted and began to let the main spirits join the battle. After that, the advantages of Mawile and Mismagius suddenly decreased. The main elf of the special team captain of the lava team also entered the top field, plus many elves. Auxiliary, immediately let the advantages accumulated by Mawile and Mismagius collapse.

    Tabitha looked away and looked at Terrance, who was afraid to leave Diancie, and laughed.

    Mega Altaria, Mega Diancie, Gallade, Ninetales…With only six elves, would you like to take this lava team base?

    "Your boss."Looking at Tabitha, Terrance said calmly, he was not interested in guessing Tabitha's mind, but the lava team's current combat power is not enough.

    "Looking for Maxie adults? Are you really brave and fearless, or are you just ignorant or ignorant? Tabitha, let's step back, let me teach this little rabbit scorpion well! ”

    A female voice came, and Terrance suddenly turned back and saw a high platform at the base. A woman did not know when she stood there.

    Like the height of the little Stephanie Normal, the purple hair hidden under the hood, plus the cold smile, if it only makes Terrance feel weird, then the elf around her, let Terrance have to pay attention to it. .

    Mega Camerupt ?

    It turned out to be Mega Evolution…Who is this Stephanie?

    "Let's let go, let me come to the Alliance Elite for a while, let you take a look, after the Volcano system is equipped with the elf, how powerful can you use it!"Courtney laughed and took off her hat. Her figure immediately made a lot of members of the Lava team awkward.

    One of the highest executives of the Lava team, Courtney, is also the chief scientist of the Lava team.

    If you count on the power of technology, Courtney's strength may be second only to Maxie.

    "How did this woman come out, Maxie?"Seeing that Courtney appeared instead of Maxie, Tabitha frowned and was somewhat dissatisfied. It was not a drama to face Alliance Elite. What did Maxie think about?

    Courtney's smug look, Mega Camerupt swayed his body, equipped with a black ring behind the Volcano Normal's hump, and immediately flashed a red glow. The next moment, Mega Camerupt got together and seemed to be working hard. The power of the strike, as the surrounding energy vibrates, Terrance instinctively feels uneasy.

    "Eruption !"Courtney Road.

    The next moment, the Mega Camerupt like a Volcano hump, immediately burst into a staggering flame, the power of the big for everyone to change, but before this, the lava team members have already listened to Courtney's orders to recover The elf, quickly evacuated, or I am afraid it will be affected.

    In the face of the evacuation of the members of the Lava team, Mawile and Mismagius did not stop, and quickly returned to Terrance, intending to fight against the sudden emergence of the woman.

    "Interesting, but it is."Terrance Road.

    Under the Volcano system, this Mega Camerupt Eruption has far more power than the Drake Elite Mega Salamence's fire system, which really surprised Terrance, but although Assist has the power of technology, it can be an elf. Not afraid at all!

    In the field of Magic Mirror, Mega Altaria, Mawile, Ninetales, Mismagius, Mega Diancie, attack together, dazzling Gleam through the field of Magic Mirror, immediately produce changes, fairy Aura during this period, put all FA Iry Energy condensed into a shock, and eruption collide with each other, a moment, the huge fire was devoured by the light of the fairy, wise exaggerated fairy light directly through the Courtney side, the amazing fluctuation of the rolling storm immediately blew her hair up, under the hairs, It was her with some incredible look.

    "Fairy Elite Terrance ??……You are so strong that people want to vomit! ”


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