Pokemon Court Chapter 1008

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1008 chapter Maxie, floating astronomy
    Strong enough to make people want to vomit?

    What is this evaluation.

    On the deck, Terrance stood in front, followed by Altaria, Diancie, Gallade, Ninetales, Mawile and Mismagius, in the field of Magic mirror, so that their figure is somewhat blurred, However, this does not affect their spread of the strong Hideki, coupled with the magic mirror field of the residual flow of light, Terrance's proximity once let the lava team members uncontrollably back, some fearful look at the Alliance Elite.

    Just the horrible blow of Mega Camerupt, like a moth, it is easy to be swallowed up?

    What monster is the other party?

    Just in Courtney's mistake, a round of applause suddenly came out. A cold-faced man in a red coat slowly walked out. He glanced at the Camerupt that had voluntarily withdrawn from the Mega Evolution form due to the enormous energy extracted by the Volcano system. : "It seems that the unfinished Volcano system is still unable to take on the big task."

    "But what I didn't think of was that the young Fairy Elite had such strength. If Maxie could teach, it would be a great honor."Maxie said.

    Maxie ……

    The moment the man with glasses came out, Terrance's pupils shrank and suddenly thought of something.

    Once in the Great Desert of Hoenn, he was mistaken for time and space cracks due to Unown's attack and saw a picture of parallel time and space.

    There was a time and space, a man in red led many men, and Groudon easily conquered the Hoenn Region. The man’s disappointment was like the Maxi’s sublimation version. The calm and calm attitude of the two men was simply same.

    If it is Maxie in that time, Terrance may not be able to compete at present, but if it is Maxie in this time and space, it is not necessarily.


    At the moment of Terrance's distraction, the broken mirror suddenly heard a broken sound. The lava team's offshore base did not know when to raise several towers and aimed at it.

    Under the gray light, the magic mirrors made by Mega Diancie are all petrified and then slowly broken.

    "Petrochemical gun? No, it’s much more terrible than that. ”

    As the mirror field breaks down, Terrance's heart is more calm, and then it may be the most crucial moment. If he can still take advantage of the battle afterwards, it is not a Sleep Talk, but if the card is still out, If you fall into a disadvantage, then you will only run away.

    Now, the card is bigger.

    The Hoenn Navy did not know when it would arrive, but it would take a few minutes to mobilize and then send enough force. This time is very long for Terrance.

    Not waiting for Terrance to answer, Maxie gestured, and all the inconveniences were retired. Only the three, Courtney, and Tabitha were left in the scene. The next moment, a storm like the hot lava Normal surged, trapping them. live.

    In the explosion, Ninetales' ice energy spread rapidly, freezing the Magma Storm, causing the deck Sky to emit a lot of steam, and under the block of Diancie, the Magma Storm did not affect the Terrance side.

    At the same time, several elves surrounded Terrance.

    Heatran ?

    Headed by a reddish-brown elf, its shape resembles a tortoise, with brown and orange mixed spots on the body, a metal anklet-like structure on the legs, and four claws on each foot, distributed in a cross. . Secondly, the dark side of Heatran's body is gray, its face is covered by a gray protective structure, and the eyes are orange-red. At this time, Heatran's mouth was open, and Terrance could clearly see the white heat in his body spurting outward.

    Seeing this powerful and rare Volcano elf, Terrance blinked and his eyes were placed around, Magmar, Camerupt, Torkoal, Typhlosion, Magcargo, Houndoom…The elves sent by Maxie don't seem to have a fuel-efficient lamp. The most important thing is that some elves have special devices, especially the shackles on the Camerupt. It looks like a normal, extremely embarrassing. people.


    During Terrance's gaze, a fierce hurricane spit out from the mouth of Camerupt. The hurricane slammed the world and absorbed the power of Torkoal's sunshine. The range was very scary. Without the Mega Evolution, it showed a stronger Camerupt than Courtney's Mega Evolution. Strength.

    Wearing a special device, the perfect excitation has the "Rage acupoint" ability camerupt potential, so that it has the power beyond the limit, through the power of science and technology to stimulate the potential power of the elves, has been a taboo in the field of scientific research, but for the lava team such an illegal organization, as long as it can enhance the strength, Then there can be no fear, this set of rage acupoint ability device out of the hand of Courtney, Maxie can have such strength, this appearance is like the young girl normal talented scientist.

    What surprised Terrance was that the flames were not attacking them, but were all absorbed by the Heatran, transformed into a special force, accumulated in the ring bounded by Heatran's four feet.

    At the time of the devour of the flame, Heatran's momentum is getting bigger and bigger, giving off a horrible atmosphere.

    Just as all the flames around were sucked in by the ring, the other elves quickly launched an offensive, including the main elf of Tabitha, the special action captain, and Terrance saw it and pulled out Key Stone. The phantoms were attacked, and the towers that emitted the petrified light were cut off. The petrochemical weapons built with huge materials were destroyed, and Courtney’s eyes were smothered with anger.

    There are advantages and disadvantages to using technology to deal with elves. The downside is that the cost of developing a technology weapon is not small. This kind of technology weapon is easily destroyed. It is not like an elf. Even if it is injured, there is still a battle force. Science and technology weapons, as long as there is a link error, may not work, directly scrapped.

    As the battle situation opened and the infinite flames struck, Terrance snorted, and it was said that Glacia Elite had suffered in the hands of the lava team and it seemed that it was not a hole.

    Under the glare of Fairy Aura, Mawile and Mismagius took the lead, and each of them was killed by a Mightyena and Crobat. Two Mightyena and two Crobats all entered the top-level field, giving Mawile and Mismagius a lot of oppression.

    Under the killing technique, Mawile changed his injury. Mismagius helped it slow down the injury. At the same time, it relied on high and deep illusion to delay the time and find opportunities to break.

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