Pokemon Court Chapter 1009

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 1009 Primal Reversion? Floating astronomy
    In addition, the Mega Gallade, which destroys petrochemical weapons, acts like an assassin and turns to a dagger tactic, targeting Maxie.

    Gallade Figure A flash, see the blade will be chopped to Maxie neck, but Maxie but indifferent, neck wearing collar self-release invisible magnetic field fluctuations, let mega Gallade action a slow, and at this time, houndoom as predicted normal, together roar to , under the Roar, Mega Gallade's consciousness is a direct shock, if not its willpower is strong, almost was roared back into the pokéball.

    The Houndoom nose around Maxie is surprisingly responsive, and the reaction is even more exaggerated. Under the Odor Sleuth, the power of the light and dark does not give the Mega Gallade a chance.

    The power that hindered Gallade was more than that. At the moment of Gallade's appearance, Confusion fluctuations came from all directions in the sea base, which restricted Gallade from making it impossible to wave. The next moment, Magmar wrapped around the flames quickly swung. Fire Punch and Mega Gallade slammed against each other, and forced the Mega Gallade, which had already dispersed, to withdraw.

    Terrance glanced around and didn't think that Maxie was a pity. He and Tabitha talked a few words in the helicopter. The lava team had done such a strict arrangement and placed Maxie in a lot of protection.

    It's a pity, but it's a pity that Gardevoir is not here, and he has lost the Fairy mark. Otherwise, Terrance can perform the command more perfectly and command the whole world!

    Now Terrance feel the pressure, his energy is not enough to command a few elves, can only let them play their own, Mismagius and Mawile split the battlefield, resist four elves, the existence of Gallade let Maxie feel threatened, surrounded by houndoom, Magmar two elves to protect, the air, but also carry on you come to me to collide, Ninetales and Torkoal both compete for the weather, has put half the sky into color.

    On the other hand, the approach of Typhlosion and Magcargo made Mega Diancie have to use it once and for all, to protect Terrance while squeezing out the diamond sword and constantly throwing it out!

    Flames and sword gas interweaving, directly the sea base into a battlefield, has let the place is riddled with holes, searing Shot flying room, falling into the sea of fire snakes can even instantly burn a large hole, let the sea burst out a lot of steam, Terrance this trip, how to say is worth it, destroying so many facilities of the lava team , Maxie Although the surface is calm, but Terrance believes that his heart must have been angry.

    The battle between Terrance and Maxie, the lava team that can intervene in the team has almost disappeared. At this time, a little aftermath of the battle is enough to cause widespread damage and terrible.

    The most eye-catching is the combination of Heatran and Camerupt with special devices. If Terrance doesn't guess, Heatran's Flash Fire Ability is a necessary condition for the special device. What the other party is doing is not known to Terrance, but in short, A very dangerous move, I have to guard against it, Altaria has already attacked quickly and went to stop.

    In a matter of seconds, in a few seconds, Terrance waved, Mega Diancie sang, and the entire Soaring in the sky darkened. The huge sea base was completely blocked in a square body, as if isolated. .

    In this field, a round of ice in the sky shines with dazzling light, and the mirrors that form the field reflect each other.

    In Soaring in the sky, the power of the snow of Ninetales has slowly passed the power of the sunny day. This fierce battle has come to an end and Terrance begins the next round of offense.

    Although the power of snow and snow has already surpassed the power of sunny days, there are still a lot of ice and snow melting. Rainy's field is now dripping raindrops, but these raindrops are close to the elves of Camerupt, Magcargo, Heatran, etc. Rapid evaporation, the same as not appearing.

    "You should be glad that this is just a temporary base for the Lava team."

    Maxie looks cold.

    If it wasn't at the base, but at the real headquarters of the Lava team, under the torrent of the Elf Corps, Terrance couldn't be as normal Power Trip.

    "You should also be glad that I can't come up with all my strength today."Terrance responded, but there is some regret in my heart that this is not the headquarters of the Lava team.

    The main battlefield, Altaria tears between the flames, Terrance snorted, twisting the z-handle with one hand, the surrounding natural energy instantly skyrocketed.

    See the surrounding natural energy more and more condensed, silent long Altaria finally revealed the fierce momentum, Fairy Domain, it released the Fire of life diffuse, temporarily blocked the other side of the flame, and then infinite Natural energy began as starlight normal toward the Altaria, the use of Z move under, Terrance and Altaria reached an unprecedented understanding, waveguide and mental power rapid shock, Mega Altaria momentum, the strength of rapid improvement, improved Khoury, 20%, 30%, 40% until 70%.

    At the same time, the Heatran, which accumulated a huge amount of energy, also erupted with incredible power. It gained its limit through the ring, and it seemed that the air could be burned without moving.

    During the suppression of Altaria, the brilliance flashed, and the Heatran was swept away, and was swallowed by the flame of Camerupt, but it was not injured. After that, Terrance and Maxie looked at each other again.

    "Is this all your strength?"In the case of Terrance, Mega Diancie cooperated with Ninetales to refract the infinite Fairy light in the Fairy Domain and carried out a comprehensive sweep. In an instant, many elves were forced to defend, and the lava team was in a heavy situation. Mightyena and Crobat, who fought Mawile and Mismagius, became The original victim.

    "Primal Reversion?"Seeing that Altaria broke out of such strength, Maxie's eyes were horrified.

    The ring carrying the flame energy and Heatran's Flash Fire Ability can transform the powerful energy secondary feedback to Heatran itself. With this system transformation, Heatran's strength can be improved by more than one grade. By this means, Maxie dares to fight any Elite. Four, before delaying Terrance, was to prepare for this system to achieve the purpose of killing Terrance, but Maxie did not expect to see the shadow of Primal Reversion in Terrance's Altaria.

    Primal Reversion, isn't that the exclusive ability of Groudon and Kyogre?

    "Primal Reversion?"Terrance shakes his head. Primal Reversion refers to the legendary elves Kyogre and Groudon returning to their original form due to natural energy. It is very similar to the Mega Evolution, but there is still a difference between the two, making the former more difficult.

    Like evolution, Mega Evolution is the sublimation of life level, the use of life energy, each elf can sublimate the level of life, but not every elf can Assist natural energy, Assist natural energy, that is legendary life Exclusive, requires extraordinary means.

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