Pokemon Court Chapter 1010

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1010 chapter taboo means, floating astronomy
    For example, the patron saint of the Alola Region and the xyz gods of the Kalos Region can both Assist natural energy, which is their strong foundation.

    However, according to the ancient books, the Groudon and Kyogre, known as the "incarnation of the Earth" and the "Ocean incarnation", are more special means of using natural energy, unlike the traditional way of assist natural energy, for primal reversion, Some scholars speculate that they are already integrated with some kind of natural energy, so that they can explain their "incarnation" and "Ocean incarnation" of the term.

    However, it may be because of the long years that they have lost some of their natural energy, which is the Primal Reversion process that produces strange changes after absorbing natural energy.

    Altaria has not even mastered the most basic Assist natural energy means, and has not yet reached the true legendary level, let alone return to Primal.

    Although Maxie is in a high position and has a good strength, he is fascinated by his ambitions. He likes to use technology to enhance his strength. He does not know much about the means of Mega Evolution and Assist natural energy, and may not even be as good as him. Courtney.

    At this time, Altaria is full of stars, but its appearance has not changed, but the strange Contest Condition has more or less created an illusion that it has changed.

    Coupled with the increase in Altaria's momentum, the strength has skyrocketed, and Maxie's approach to treating it as a Primo Reversion like Groudon Normal is also a normal reaction.

    Groudon is a powerful force in his lifelong pursuit. How can he not be surprised to see Altaria?

    In the Fairy Domain, Terrance dominates everything. Although there are more elves on the Maxie side, under the power of Fairy Aura, Mega Diancie, Ninetales, Mawile and other elves can't be regarded as ordinary top-level combat, especially Mega Diancie. The Fairy Domain manufactured by Quanli has not been cracked so far, directly changing the situation.

    Altaria Fairy Aura, Ninetales ice Moon, Mega Diancie by Light Screen, Reflect, Magic Mirror composed of three-dimensional space, the construction of a near-perfect fairy domain, in this field, the Lava team elves do not even Dare to look more, flow in the mirror and ice moon that hazy halo, the next moment will let the life of the mind confused, because at this time mismagius like a nightmare normal, shuttling in the field, the illusion of the launch of the fundamental people to be defensive, compared to its alone become a force, more let the lava team feel tricky.

    "I have looked down on you."

    Magcargo, Typhlosion, Torkoal, Camerupt, Heatran and other elves burst into full force, and the blazing flame pushed toward the surroundings, but it was swallowed up by the Fairy Light reflected by the Fairy Domain. This pressure made Maxie extremely jealous.

    He felt that he was ignoring the Alliance Elite. With this Fairy Domain and the Altaria, the champion of any Region, this person might be able to sit.

    This is a new age, Elite, which is clearly a strongman who is not inferior to the champion.

    "Don't break this field, Maxie will always be passive, Courtney, you have a way."

    "No, but if Maxie is willing to pay the price, it is not difficult to break this field."Courtney Road.

    The defense of Mega Diancie under Fairy Aura, even if the technology-enhanced Camerupt and Heatran can't be broken, plus a powerful Altaria is watching, at this moment, Tabitha and Courtney look dignified, Qi I looked at Maxie and waited for his decision.

    "It should be able to drag on for a long time…"

    Lava team side feel the pressure, Terrance this side is not, instantly build fairy Domain, Altaria fairy Aura credit, so use fairy Aura, altaria consumption is not small, if not a steady stream of natural energy to support, In the case of fairy members of the army, Terrance can not control such a fairy Domain, the long war is not conducive, but want to quick, it does not look so easy.

    For a moment, the Fairy Domain suffered from attacks from all sides. The members of the previously lava team reappeared, and the elves sent out the elves to attack the Fairy Domain. The pressure on Diancie increased instantly.

    Although the Fairy Domain is very solid, but it can't stand the other person too much, thousands of attacks, just a few seconds later, Fairy Domain has collapsed.

    In this case, of course, Terrance want to fight back, but Maxie did not give him the opportunity, the main elves hit again, Camerupt, Heatran stopped Altaria, Torkoal, Magcargo, typhlosion And so the elves held back the Ninetales and Mawile, Gallade also by two elves and secretly hidden many psychic elves, can not act lightly, only left Mismagius an elf alone to resist hundreds of elves, really heart and heart.

    Under the crisis, Mega Diancie, with Mismagius to expel the lava team miscellaneous soldiers, to fairy Domain reflection fairy light, but the next moment, amazing changes caused Diancie had to give up fairy Domain, in a flash, Terrance is also full of tremors, waveguide and mental strength of the rapid warning, feel a huge threat, diancie desperately, condensed to help Terrance resist this blow.

    The horrific explosions of volcanoes swept through them, and the power that was twisted into a force instantly appeared around Terrance. If it wasn't for Diancie's response, Terrance might have been blown into dust.

    What is most difficult for Terrance is that even with the defense of Mega Diancie, after suffering this targeted explosion, it is not hurt.

    Staring at the surrounding environment, there was already speculation in Terrance's mind.

    Is it worthwhile?Terrance asked.

    Maxie is silent.

    Leting Weezing, which incorporates Life Orb, condense Explosion into a force to survive with Terrance. Maxie's approach makes Terrance feel cold. How much is this Weezing and the other person?

    In addition to Weezing, the elves who helped Weezing Teleport, I am afraid, have lost their lives.

    After Life Orb is carried, it can be exchanged for powerful power at the cost of vitality. It is a taboo. Although it has been weakened by some researchers, it can barely be used. The power of promotion will only consume physical strength. However, Life Orb carried by Weize of Maxie does not look like a weakening thing, but it is more like being strengthened. The product of contraindications and Weezing's forcible integration.

    This transformation style, let Terrance look at Courtney, the chief scientist of the lava team, in the eyes of Terrance, is the object that needs to be eradicated.

    Weezing's Self Destruct, which is a combination of Life Orb, is really terrifying. Even Mega Diancie can't bear it. With this method, Terrance's Fairy Domain has broken…

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