Pokemon Court Chapter 1011

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of the 1011 chapter lava team evacuation, floating astronomy
    After the collapse of the Fairy Domain, the lava team's momentum increased, and the Fairy light refracted. While sweeping a group of elves, Mega Diancie once again set up a defense!

    The next moment, just because of the place where Explosion spread, there was a second explosion. The reason for the explosion was the internal reason of the base. Such a fierce battle, it is a miracle that this sea base can support this part. In the case of the hole, Terrance faintly saw its tendency to sink.

    If you fight again, the base of the Lava team will sink!


    Suddenly, Mawile's body was the first to withstand the pressure of high-load battles. After trembling, he was half-squatted and swallowed by the explosion of flames, and then flew out.

    After the disappearance of the Fairy Domain, the lava team also found a way to limit the masochism of the Mismagusus. Under the influence of invisible radio waves, the illusion effect of Mismagius was weakened by several.

    At this point, Terrance has more physical strength, leaving only Altaria and Gallade.

    On the other side of the Lava team, there is more fighting power left.

    Countless Mightyena was surrounded by a big man, and Terrance shook his head, seemingly waiting for the reinforcements to arrive.

    "In fact, what makes me more fortunate is that your base is not on land, but on the ocean."

    Terrance smiles.

    In Blizzard's dance, an ice ladder was built, Terrance and the elf retreat, and the lava team was separated from the sea base. Seeing Terrance's move, Maxie showed a cold expression and guessed Terrance's plan.

    This battle was unfair from the beginning, no matter which side it was.

    For Terrance, the lava team has a great advantage both in terms of number and reserve strength. It is almost impossible for Terrance to want to give birth to them. It will continue to drag on. Maybe Terrance will be in the chaos. One or two elves fell in the middle.

    This price is something that Terrance can't afford.

    For the lava team, this battlefield is their biggest limitation. As long as Terrance is willing, then this battle will have to end, and the lava team will fail…Because as long as Terrance can leave safely, there is almost no loss for Terrance, but the lava team has suffered heavy casualties.

    Unless the Lava team had the means to leave Terrance, it was clear that it was difficult for the Lava team to do this.

    If it is on land, maybe the lava team still has the possibility of chasing, but the sea area is not the home of the lava team, and their ability does not play much.

    As long as Terrance retracts the elf and Altaria is evacuated from the air, the lava team has little to offer a threat to Terrance.

    Maxie knows this very well, so he is surprisingly Rage, and he can't wait to make Terrance a thousand. He has a hunch that Terrance will be the biggest obstacle to his ambition! !

    "Fairy Elite Terrance, I remember you, ready to welcome our lava team's full force Revenge!!!"

    "I am waiting."Terrance Road.

    In exchange for his home game, even if the lava team is all out, Terrance has the ability to pick up the opponent's Revenge.

    In Soaring in the sky, a round of ice rises, and the energy around Fairy is filled with the power of terror. At the same time, on the sea base, there are two powerful Weezing flying out, looking at the bloodthirsty eyes. To Terrance, it seems that as long as Terrance dares to act rashly, then both sides will fight for you.

    In addition, two Weezing, Terrance silenced rooms with Life Orb, Maxie waved his hands and left, leaving only Tabitha and Courtney to host the endgame.

    Lava team!

    This organization, is not a single elite Four can deal with, light alone the cost of this sea base, I am afraid it will need to be calculated in billions of units, the upper limit is incalculable, calm hoenn behind the lava team, as well as a water fleet that seems no inferior to them, Secretly don't know how many dirty things have happened …Thinking of this, Terrance is more and more determined to destroy them.

    However, the Hoenn Alliance sent Steven and Phoebe to fail to defeat these two organizations. Terrance wants to destroy each other. I am afraid there is no shortage of good people and…

    This time, Terrance has achieved the goal, but it can't go any further. Otherwise, it is the price of both losses. He has not yet reached the point of desperate efforts. Now he is letting the lava team leave, and it is helpless.

    With the numerous shackles underneath the sea base, the Dive boats of the lava team sank into the sea, the sea base suddenly began to be fragmented, Courtney and Tabitha saw each other, and the eyes slowly stared at Terrance while slowly retreating, and also carried out the evacuation work.


    After fifteen minutes.

    On the calm sea, there was only one empty shell of the frozen tattered base, and if the lava team had been evacuated through the dive boat before, and then sent part of the force to stay, the Terrance could not be stopped or traced, which was doomed from the beginning, for he had no good water elves on him, So he could only watch the other person leave.

    Under the threat of the lava team's taboos, Terrance chose to give up. Such Weezing seems to be a rare thing for the lava team. In addition to destroying the Fairy Domain with one, in case Terrance rushed to kill, the lava team never used it again. Such a means.

    The situation is a foregone conclusion. Both sides have saved their strength as much as possible. There is no such thing as a broken net. Terrance is jealous. The lava team may not want to interfere with the most important plan in order to deal with Terrance alone, that is, to capture Groudon.

    "But in the end I won…."Looking at this tattered sea base, Terrance shook his head and destroyed such a thing. Should there be a lot of merit? After all, this is on the lava team, castrated a large piece of meat.

    The lava team couldn't take the sea base that was broken because of the battle, but didn't want to be cheap Terrance and Alliance. Soon after they evacuated, the sea base smoky around and started the Self Destruct program. The parts were all blown up.

    If it wasn’t for the Ninetales ice seal, the base had sunk into the sea.

    Around the sea, many warships still followed the original instructions.

    The captain of the main battleship of the fleet was a grown-up man in his early forties. When he learned that Fairy Elite Terrance was alone in the lava team base, he was scared. He had seen the exaggerated sea base of the Lava team for his mission. The facilities can be said to be no worse than the facilities of any Hoenn Alliance sea fleet. Even if it is a complete fleet, it is not always possible to eat each other. Terrance is alone. In his opinion, it is too dangerous.

    But what he didn't think was that the fleet then received a task for them to clean up the mess and continue to track.

    It was not until the warring seas that the captain saw the huge and broken base, and he knew what the anniversary of the Alliance Elite had done.

    Seeing the young man standing on a floating deck with a little regret, the captain was silent for a long time and didn't know what to say.

    At this time, Terrance still regrets that Gardevoir was not left at the Napru Hall to guard the Fallabor Gym. If there is no floating bubble to take care of Power Herb, if Banjara is not placed in Oldale Town, then perhaps today’s battle will be more or less There have been some changes.

    When the official meeting with Terrance, the captain of the fleet also vaguely heard a sigh from Terrance…

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