Pokemon Court Chapter 1012

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1012th grievance of the Dodo, floating astronomy
    The Lava team has two secret bases in the ocean, and more on the land, and the water fleet is the opposite of the lava team.

    If Terrance sneaked into the water fleet this time, maybe it is not the result now.

    The Lava team is not good at fighting on the ocean, but the water fleet can be seen from the name, the ocean is their home.

    This time, Terrance's confrontation with the lava team can be said to have caused the lava team to lose a lot of money, and it was so badly injured that there was no time to rehabilitate and recover.

    The most important thing is that this time Terrance is a separate action. His contribution to the destruction caused by the lava team can be counted on his own. It is estimated that the size of the merits is close to the lava team in the past few months. The water fleet is crazy about Revenge's Phoebe Elite.

    This offshore base is the largest base of the lava team discovered by the Hoenn Alliance. The bases they had previously annihilated were not as good as this, so Terrance is very lucky.

    The luck of Terrance represents the misfortune of the Lava team.

    On the one hand, the loss of Professor Cozmo, on the one hand lost an important base, the lava team is certainly very annoyed, but according to Terrance guess, the other party should not come to him immediately for trouble, to find, but also after they achieve ambition Come back to Revenge.

    The determination of the Hoenn Alliance to destroy the lava team and the water fleet has been laid out, and the two organizations have been formally torn to the face, so they have been avoiding the edge, with the alliance, because the lava team, the water fleet know that their current strength is not enough to fight the alliance this behemoth, Do not say is the whole Elf Alliance, even if it is a separate Hoenn alliance, as long as you can accurately lock on the other side of the position, you can easily destroy the two major organizations.

    The frontal confrontation to destroy the lava team and the water fleet is not difficult for the Hoenn Alliance. As long as there are two organizations that have the exact information to ensure that the net is exhausted and the other party cannot slip away, the lava team and the water fleet are just jumping clowns.

    Unless they can successfully control Groudon and Kyogre, it is precisely because of this concern that the Alliance headquarters will send the Indigo Alliance champion to support.

    Damn it…

    Spirit flash

    Sootopolis City is an island in the north.

    There is a secret branch of the lava team, but the members belong to the peripheral members. Now, not only this branch, but also the lava team has a big clean.

    In the crowd, a young lava team member was lowering his head and his face was a little black.

    Because Terrance successfully sneaked into the secret base of the Lava team, Maxie was furious. After the evacuation, Maxie issued an order to each branch to re-organize the personnel deployment, carry out the major cleaning, and must eliminate the spying invasion, including Limited to Alliance spies and water fleet spies.

    Although this kind of thing has been done by the lava team, it is not always done, and it has always been done by each branch itself, but this time, the lava team is surprisingly large and the cleaning scale is unprecedented.

    On the open space, pretending to be a member of the Lava team, has entered the Indigo Alliance champion crossing of a certain branch of the Lava team, is bitter face, some stunned, entangled with how to face the subsequent inspection, he finally sneaked in , mixed with the identity of a small captain, now it is difficult to make a fortune?

    This big cleaning session may reveal its identity if it is accidentally. It is not difficult for the division to be destroyed. However, his fundamental purpose is not here, but he wants to contact the headquarters of the lava team by virtue of the members of the lava team, but Looking at this battle, even if he escaped this check, but the next sneak process…I am afraid it will be many times more difficult.

    "What happened to the lava team?"

    At this time, I don’t know that Fairy Elite of Hoenn Region has done a big job and indirectly gave him a pit…



    Naplu Road Museum.

    After returning here, Terrance summed up the battle with the Lava team. The situation, if his team can get more Gardevoir, not to leave Maxie, but don't be so coerced by the other party, can't be bold. It is.

    In the team battle, there was no Giardevoir core assisted Terrance to command, and the role of the Fairy Domain was weakened. This experience, Terrance was deeply touched.

    However, the matter has passed, Terrance shook his head, after reflection simply no longer think, this day, Hoenn Alliance Supreme speaker at the same time sent condolences, Terrance did not say anything, the president of China residence on behalf of the Alliance to strengthen the Naipuruda Pavilion Defense Force and vigilance force to express the recognition of Terrance this operation, some exchange down, Alliance intends to allocate a lot of money to transform the Naipuruda Hall two times.

    After the negotiation, Terrance went to Mt. Chimney turned around, confirming that there was no lava team layout, he looked at those power Herb growth situation, in the floating bubble, beautifly help, these power Herb growth very good, but the time is short, These power Herb are of little use for the time being, and Terrance is not stingy about the grass elves who have applied from alliance to take charge of ripening power Herb, not only allowing them to often enjoy a strong sunny day, but also often handing out nutrients and mending their bodies , Terrance's pay, so that these grass elves work up to become extra serious.

    Although after the battle with the lava team let Terrance realize that the elves on the hand only with six may not be able to deal with some unexpected situations, but compared to the Power Herb side is also an important project can not be abandoned, Terrance considered some, did not transfer floating bubbles, Beautifly, after he took Oldale Town on the other side of the Banguila, Arcanine pulled back, but also left arcanine here, triple sunny Day take turns bathing, these power Herb growth should be faster.

    As for Banjara, re-enter the team.

    At this time, Ash still stayed at the Naplu Road Museum and did not leave. They enjoyed various scenic spots in the Naplu Road Museum.

    Due to the existence of Ash, the Rockets trio will not be absent. The Chennai, who routinely scouted the Naplu Road, reported to Terrance an interesting piece of information, that is, it found the location of the Rockets trio.

    The trio now stays at the Napru Hall, knowing that it is the site of Terrance, and that it has not produced any idea of the elves of the scenic area, but did not know what to become a guide for the Fallarbor Forest Scenic Area. Terrance earned money on his head.

    I remembered .These scenic spots have strict requirements for the identity of the tour guide. Even if everything is qualified, how can it be so soon? ”Terrance wonders.

    After he came to the forest of Fallarbor, he saw the three figures. James had made a disguise. Although they could see the appearance of them before, in fact, if they didn’t think about it at the beginning, they would change roughly. There are actually two levels of equipment.

    Somehow, seeing these three guys, Terrance suddenly had a plan in his mind.

    Pay attention to Ash yourself, and pay attention to the lava team's movement limit through Ash, but if he can have more "eyes" such as the Rockets trio in front…At that time, as the lava team had any winds and waves, Terrance could react in the first place.

    Compared to Alliance's search officers, Terrance feels that these three guys are better at using them. They attacked the "super-terrorist terrorists" who were able to retreat at the opening ceremony of the Indigo Plateau Conference. I am afraid that even Maxie will see it. It is not as good as it is.

    "Haha, I haven't seen you for a long time…"

    Thoughts fell, and Terrance laughed and patted it, scaring James and others.

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