Pokemon Court Chapter 1013

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of Chapter 1013, see also Lissi, Fairy origin, floating astronomy
    "Mr. Terrance, do you know the temporary workers?"

    After an unspeakable secret transaction.

    As James and others walked into the Fallarbor forest and continued to work, the administrator of the Fallarbor Forest Scenic Area came to Terrance and asked.

    "There have been several sides."Terrance Solaceon Road.

    After that, Terrance left. What he didn't know was because he was so casual, except for the many benefits he promised to give the Rockets trio, the three guys were raised again the next day. .



    Inside the Fallabor Gym.

    Terrance, holding a wounded Wurmple, is treating it with Potion in the pavilion.

    On the way back, he happened to find a Wurmple accidentally falling from a height, hitting the stone and scratching his body.

    Since this Wurmple injury was not very heavy, Terrance did not take it to the Elf Center, but took it to the Fallabor Gym for a simple treatment.

    "Little guy, don't be naughty next time."

    It may be that when Beautifly was a child, Terrance smiled slightly, and after touching it, he gently touched his head.

    When Terrance just wanted to say something, a tone suddenly interrupted his thoughts, and Terrance stopped looking at the person after he saw it.

    Letter Steven, in addition to caring about Terrance's previous battle with the Lava team, there is one more thing to do with Terrance, or to provide an important piece of information to Terrance.

    After Terrance cleaned up, he immediately dialed Steven's communication device to connect with the other party.

    After talking to each other for a few words, they quickly entered the theme. Steven sent a few more pictures, which were all ordinary stones.

    "What is this?"

    "Moon Rock, as the name suggests, the stone on the moon."

    "Since the founding of the Elf Alliance, Humans have had only two successful landings of the moon because of the presence of that elf, one of which has brought back several moon rocks from the moon, which have always been a valuable collection of alliance, but later, Moon Rock But because of a civil unrest all lost, until now also only found a piece, is now stored in the Kalos Region lumiose City Museum, and the rest, still unknown. ”Steven said: "Now, there is another Moon Rock, and I think it seems to be able to fight for it."

    “The Moon Rock, which is stored in the Lumiose City Museum in the Kalos Region, has been exhausted, but this one, because it is well preserved, contains magical energy.”

    Steven didn't say the value of Moon Rock, but in terms of Terrance's knowledge reserve, it's not hard to guess. After understanding, Terrance immediately said, "Where?"

    “Seven cities, the local rock and rock flow channel.”

    Seven Mile City?

    Terrance thoughtfully said: "Well, I should have nothing else during this time, but I can look at it in the past."

    "Then please, I can't get out of here, or I have to go see it myself."Steven laughed.

    Steven told Terrance Moon Rock not to let Devon communicate because the Moon Rock might be useful for Terrance. Terrance, the Fairy Elite, might have developed Moon Rock. More value.

    The main thing is that this piece of Moon Rock is said to be unable to be brought out from the city of Seven Miles. In the morning and evening, the Terrance expert still has to see it with his own eyes.

    Before leaving, Terrance investigated one thing. It seems that Qiqi City will hold a star celebration five days later…

    "The original celebration of the stars that Miss Indigo said has not passed. This time, I will look for Moon Rock. By the way, I can also see the customs of the city of Qiyi."

    Grass star flow, wind fist flow, rock flow…Terrance thought of these Trainer genres and suddenly became curious. When did the Fairy Type generate a genre?

    Kalos Region has established the Fairy Museum, and the Hoenn Region already owns his Fairy Elite. The emerging Attribute has grown very fast, and today it is only a few representative figures.

    The next day, with Rotom Pokédex, Terrance began to travel to the city of Seven Mile.

    There was still a period of time when he and Mirage Kingdom agreed, and this time was enough for him to dominate.

    The Moonlight energy contained in Moon Rock is more condensed. It seems that there is some qualitative change. It is not Moon Stone. Because of the desire to explore Fairy energy, Terrance also wants to find out what secrets are hidden on the moon.

    "Fairy energy…what is it? ”

    Yes!What is Fairy Energy?

    Terrance has thought about this many times, but at this time he is one of them, because what he said is not what he said is not what he thought, but because of another person.

    At this time, Terrance had arrived in the city of Seven Miles, sitting in a park square and others. After looking at the sound, he saw a familiar figure. From the green hair wrapped in the hat, it was a Stephanie, although Wearing sunglasses, but still can see the handsome appearance of the other side.

    This person, like Terrance, has made some changes and has concealed her identity. There are not many reasons for this. The most likely way is to avoid being harassed by people who know her.

    With this information, Terrance immediately narrowed the scope.

    "琉琪亚?"Terrance muttered.

    The book, "Fairy's Uprising," is seriously thinking about the last question that Terrance wrote. "Fairy energy, what is it?"Stephanie, the super-popular idol of the Hoenn Region, was the Mega genius Rookie Lissi who had a decisive battle with Terrance at the Kanto Region Grand Festival.

    Speaking of this, Lissi has some kind of affection for Terrance. The other party's technique of using Fairy energy to touch the grass energy to play the music, Terrance Mimic came over and continued to perfect it, but this is not his main achievement.

    From this technique, Terrance contacted some other knowledge and wanted to understand the origin of Fairy's energy, and conducted in-depth exploration and harvest.

    However, the research results he did not write in the book "Fairy's Uprising", and now I see Yan Qia again, Terrance smiles and wants to share this result with the other party.

    “Fairy energy, in fact, has much in common with flames and vegetation.”

    “Who…Who is that?”When he heard the sound, Qi Qia turned his head and found the same strange Terrance next to it.

    "Shhh."Terrance took off his sunglasses a little and smiled. "Long time no see, 琉琪亚."

    "You are the court…"After seeing Terrance's appearance, Zhai Qi exclaimed, but in order not to pay attention, she quickly covered her mouth after the reaction, and there were some surprises.

    It turned out that this time, Qi Qiya sneaked out with her agent. She planned to come to Qichen City to watch the celebration of the stars. Compared with Terrance’s Coordinator career, she was placed as a heir to Wallace and was burdened too much. There is very little time for Qi Qia to belong to her own.

    "Terrance's predecessors, what do you mean by the Fairy energy and the flame and vegetation energy that you just said?"Qi Qia curiously asked, she has read the book written by Terrance no less than 10 times, but some vague details are still difficult to understand.

    Terrance smiled and didn't hide. These things he could have figured out that he had the merits of 琉琪亚, plus this Stephanie is the future of the Contest contest, and with the elves like Mega Altaria, he has reason to mention a bit.

    "The commonality lies in life, the origin of life, do you know what it is?"

    Terrance looked up at Soaring in the sky.

    “Fairy energy, flame energy and grass energy are all indispensable parts of life. Of course, water is not lacking, but the connection between them is not so close.”

    “Fairy energy is derived from Moonlight, but the moon itself does not emit light. It only reflects sunlight. During the reflection process, the sunlight changes and produces the Fairy energy. This is the origin of Fairy energy. In a sense, Fairy energy. Not only related to the moon, but also to the sun."Terrance laughed: "The sun is closely related to the energy of the flame and the energy of the vegetation. To understand the essence of Fairy's energy, it is not enough to study the energy of Fairy."

    After thinking about this, Terrance knew why Altaria could grasp the fire of life. It was a coincidence.

    For the study of Fairy's energy, Terrance is still going on, but it has not been completed, but it has already been in front of the world. He believes that one day, he will thoroughly know the true meaning of Fairy.

    "Moonlight…SunlightWhen Qi Qiya glanced at her eyes, she realized something, and her heart was even more amazing.

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