Pokemon Court Chapter 1014

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of Chapter 1014 kicks the field? Floating astronomy
    "Master Terrance, you are here…"

    Just as Terrance talked to him about his understanding of Fairy, a voice suddenly interrupted them.

    The woman wearing a martial arts uniform and tied a single ponytail raised her hand and said hello.

    The comers are the current leader of the wind fisting trajectory field, Jia Lan, the Trainer that Terrance met in the ultra-ancient pyramid.

    Once Jia Lan invited Terrance to the wind fist flow field, this time in the city of Qiyi, Terrance immediately thought of the other side, there is a local snake to lead the way, what is easier to do.

    Who is this…?After discovering that there was someone next to Terrance, Jia Lan looked curiously at Qi Qia.

    "Hello, I am Zhai Qia, and I am currently working as a master of coordination."

    "Hello, I am Jia Lan, the leader of the wind fist flow field."After Jia Lan heard the word "coordination", he almost guessed the relationship between Qi Qiya and Terrance. After smiling and greeting, she issued an invitation: "Would you like to visit the Wind Boxing Road?"


    Terrance is of course going. After all, the purpose of his coming to Jialan is here, and he still has something to ask for Jialan. After hearing it, he hesitated and said, "Is it okay to go?"

    "Of course I do."Jia Lan laughed.

    "Okay, then bother."

    Because of the arrival of Jialan, Terrance stopped talking with Qi Qiya, said so much, and basically explained the general direction of the Fairy department to Qi Qiya, with this clear research route, plus own Mega Altaria is such a powerful Trump Card, and Terrance believes that Qiqia will be a representative of the next Fairy department in a short time.

    Wind fist flow field, one of the many dojos in Qiyi City, although not a top-notch dojo, but it is not at the bottom, belonging to the middle level.

    As the inheritance of the Dojo and Trainer, the city of Qilu has the meaning of the National Trainer. This is unmatched by any city. You can easily pull a passerby on the street. He may be a Trainer. Even if it is not Trainer, he must be very fond of it. The elves battled visitors to the city of Qilan.

    If you say that the city in the world can achieve the "Trainer's fullness", it must not be a city.

    There are a number of Trainer schools for children, as well as a variety of special Breeder institutions, but if you want to be a powerful Trainer, residents of Seven Miles will send their descendants to the Dojo.

    Every dojo inherits a strong cheat that is beyond the basic knowledge. As long as you master this, it is only a matter of time before you become an elite in Trainer. However, compared with Trainer School, the cost of the dojo is quite expensive, even more than some roads. The cost of collecting money from the museum.


    drink Hey!

    As soon as he entered the wind fisting trajectory field, Terrance and others saw the Taoist apprentices who exercised together with Pokémon in the central area. These apprentices were not very old, almost all in their early 10s, and the maximum estimated is no more than 13 years old. One of the smallest, even less than 10 years old.

    As for the number of people, there are not as many as Terrance imagined, and there are more than a dozen people.

    In the dojo, the old man who was responsible for teaching the apprentice saw Jia Lan leading the guests back, waved and dismissed the apprentices who were exercising, and walked up.

    "Fu Shu, help me to make some tea, have guests."

    Jia Lan said to the old man who taught the apprentice.

    "welcome."The old man smiled and looked at Terrance. The thin body was not like a Teacher of the Fighting Dojo. Under the leadership of Jialan, the two of Terrance were quickly taken to a tea room.

    At the same time, the disbanded Taoist apprentices hid aside, curiously watching the Terranc who followed Jia Lan into the dojo.

    "The two people seem to be coming together with the leader of Jialan. Are they the big guys in other dojos?"

    I'm not sureBut it seems that both of them are younger than the Jialan leader, and that Stephanie seems to be about the same size as me. ”

    "They all wear sunglasses and can't see if they are other dojos."One of the more than ten people shook their heads.



    “The apprentices are all good, and it seems that they are doing well.”In the tea room, Terrance laughed after sitting down.

    "It's all basic."Jialan heard that the cheeks were a bit blushing in the moment, and when she remembered the super-ancient pyramid, she did not keep up with the progress of Terrance because of her lack of physical strength…The concept of wind boxing is the unity of spirit, not only for the elves so required, for the trainer is also so required, so this genre derived a unique fighting, but a kind of fighting, will lead to major physical changes, Jia Blue as a girl, Rebecca heart still has the upper hand, Did not go to serious practice, but those dojo apprentices, they joined here to learn these cheats, naturally do not have such a small mind, but the fact that the wind boxing apprentice is almost all teenagers, there are no women.

    "Do you have a study on Fighting this guest?"Fu Shu, who came back in the past, asked curiously.

    "I have some experience."Terrance laughs, aside from the accumulation and Bruno Elite's Fighting, just after becoming Elite, let Rotom Pokédex combine the knowledge of deep waveguides with a number of Fighting ideas to create the Wave Fighting for his body template. Rare top Fighting, if Terrance can last for many years, it is not impossible to reach the level of Bruno Elite.

    While Wave Fighting and Psychic are the key to his ability to use the enhanced z-ring of the Alola patron, Terrance will not slack off.

    "Fu Shu!"Jialan quickly opened the road, for fear that the other party suddenly raised any unreasonable demands.

    "Forgot to introduce to you, this is the Elite Four master Terrance in the Hoenn Region."Jia Lan introduced: "And this is Coordinator."

    Elite Four ?

    When I heard this, the hand of Fu Shu’s old tea was slightly trembled. I was a little surprised. I didn’t think that Jia Lan’s unconventional new leader of the dojo could invite Elite Four to be a guest. It’s incredible.

    "It turns out that you are the powerful Trainer that the leader of Jialan said is very caring for her in the ancient pyramids."Fu Shu haha smiled and put down the tea after the road.

    Terrance responded.

    In order to prevent Fu Shu from interfering again, Jia Lan quickly shifted the topic and quickly asked: "Master Terrance, are you coming to Qichen City for the Star Festival?"

    “This is just one of the reasons. There is another reason. There is something in the rock and rock channel that is very important to me…”

    "Want to play the game?"Jia Lan and Qi Qiya shine brightly.

    ‘How?’Terrance waved his hands again and again: "I don't know the relationship between the wind fist flow field and the rock and rock flow field. Is it possible to be a middleman?"

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