Pokemon Court Chapter 1015

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of Chapter 1015, your Steven Uncle…, Astronomy
    Compared to going directly to Elite, it shows that Terrance feels that the style of the transfer is more secure.

    But unfortunately, although they are both the Seven Mile Market Dojo, but each dojo is not very harmonious, most of them are competing for Rival relations, and these dojos will unite unless they need to work together for the benefit.

    "Rock and rock flow channel…I remember the favorite collection of strange stones, is it these things? ”Jia Lan asked.


    Terrance didn't even nod, and Qi Qiya suddenly flashed her eyes and thought of a good friend of Wallace.

    "Yeah, I am going to visit next, I don't know what the character of the leader of the rock and rock flow field is?"Terrance Road.

    "Rock and rock flow field…"Jia Blue hold a sigh of breath, do not know how to answer, after sorting out the language, she helpless way: "Over there the leader's age is bigger than Uncle Fu, the body is a little worse, you want to go if you may not see each other, will be other people reception, character words, like stone, some stubborn, if the other side is not willing Cough, of course, that's what my father told me. ”

    Jia Lan quickly explained.

    "Master Terrance, or else…Are you still playing the game? ”

    "There was a Dojo who saw a piece of the best Water Stone in the collection of the rock and rock channel. I wanted to buy it but it didn't work. As a result, the two dojos fell down and I solved it through the battle. I think it is still a comparison of this method. Reliable."

    HuhQi Qiya nodded.

    How much do you want me to play the game?

    Terrance is full of black lines. If he didn't become Elite Four, he would be fine, but now he has a special status. There is no row for playing a stone.

    Take a step and take a step…

    Terrance thought this way and solemnly rejected the shackles of Jia Lan and Qi Qi Ya.



    Rock rock flow field, a training room full of Rock, a gray-haired old man sitting on a boulder, surrounded by many stones floating, it is amazing.

    In front of him, he was a young man. At this time, the man was holding a communication device and he was puzzled:

    "Teacher, the other is the Elite Four of the Hoenn Region. The purpose of the visit seems to be on Moon Rock. What should I do next?"

    CoughCoughFar away is a guest, can't be slow, but Moon Rock may be the only remaining piece on the planet. It can't be exchanged. It means a lot to my rock and rock flow field. Besides this, you should entertain each other and don't let each other Find out a little bit of hospitality in my rock and rock channel. ”

    "Whether the other party is going to fight with the same group of people in the original watercourse?" Do we have to avoid the war? ”

    "The other party is Elite Four, you should pay attention to your identity, but if you go that step, we have to take a step back, but there are some conditions, you come…I am clear to you. ”

    The gray-haired old man is silent for a long time.

    For the Alliance Elite, the rock and rock flow field has not yet reached the level of pleading, and the Dojo City of Seven Miles is now one of the top executives in the Indigo Alliance, and its status is equally good.

    The Dojo Alliance is led by five of the top-ranking dojos in the city, and the Rock and Rock Runway is one of the top five dojos.

    The Indigo Alliance manages the two major regions of Kanto and Johto Region. As the headquarters of the Alliance, the significance is extraordinary. The Dojo Alliance can occupy a position in it and it is also a symbol of strength.

    In fact, if the purpose of Terrance is the same as that of the original water channel, it is the evolutionary stone. Even if the quality of this evolutionary stone is high, the rock and rock flow field will not care, because this evolutionary stone is not unique, but the moon The stone that is enriched with energy is probably the only one on the planet.

    In addition to the two lucky moon landings, humans have not had a successful record of landing on the moon in the past decade. Even if there is, Moon Rock can't get a dojo.

    Therefore, the rock Flow Dojo leader is not willing to let go, but everything is not absolute, the premise is to have enough benefits and in the impossible to refuse, Alliance Elite has to make the situation into such a ability, the leader is very clear, so in and the disciples understand, this matter, The leader of the rock Flow dojo gave his full authority to the other side to solve the work.

    After leaving the wind fist flow field, Terrance and Yan Qia went to visit the Yanyan Runway.

    Of course, before this, Terrance has sent a letter of visit and simply indicated that he would like to see Moon Rock's request.

    From this information, the other party is not difficult to infer, what is his real purpose.

    "Moon Rock?"

    What is that device?

    For the question of 琉琪亚, Terrance told the 琉 Qiya again as Steven explained.

    Because I heard the origin of Fairy energy from Terrance here, I have a subconscious reaction, and I think this thing is very important for studying Fairy energy.

    The rock and rock flow channel field is not close to the Fengqiu channel. The two people arrived for a long time before arriving. Due to the previous visit letter, the two people did not report their identity, and they were recognized by the reception staff who had been waiting for a long time outside the Yanyan runner. It is.

    "Terrance Elite, welcome, I am the heir to the Yanyan Runway Field, Isthate."

    "Hello, I am very happy to be here."

    Terrance smiled and shook hands with each other. Under the leadership of the other party, Terrance quickly entered the interior of the rock and roll channel. It was bigger than the Gust boxing channel, but it was more deserted. It seemed to see Terrance's doubts, Isthate laughed. "Every apprentice in our dojo has a separate training room and rarely gathers to train together."

    "It turned out to be the case."

    During the talk, Isthate asked Terrance to take them directly to a collection room. The roof of the room was very special and transparent. In this collection, Terrance saw Moon Rock, and there was no difference between it and the photo. very common.

    "Can I take it?"Terrance asked.

    "It’s good to not pass it."Isthate nodded.

    After negotiating, Terrance immediately let Rotom Pokédex fly out and take a picture of Moon Rock. It is a camera, but it is not a simple camera. Even though the transparent protective cabinet is separated, the part of Moon Rock is quickly Rotom Pokédex analyzed it.

    "Mr. Isthate…"After the shoot, Terrance suddenly turned around.

    It is said that Isthate is also a sudden heart, knowing that the other party has to say the purpose.

    And after listening, isthate wry smile: "This, Terrance Elite, you do not have to test, this moon rock for our rock Flow Dojo is very important, mainly teacher side is not willing to let go, if you want, it is not impossible, my teacher is very traditional , as long as it is resolved in the form of a PvP, of course, even if we lose, Terrance Elite you also have to pay a price to take away moon Rock. ”

    Moon Rock is rare, but Isthate knows that the rock and rock channel has not yet studied the usefulness of this gadget. Although his Teacher is not willing to let go, he is not very concerned about it. He thinks that this kind of research can't change the value of things. Making actual benefits is more beneficial to the development of the dojo.

    Terrance nodded, understand, and win the game, there will be a fair trade opportunity.

    "Is it yours and me to fight… or"Terrance asked.

    FebruaryIsthate jerked his head and said, "Terrance Elite do not joke, how can I be your rival, Teacher his age is also big, almost impossible to gunner, we mean, to the young man to solve, I will send my two disciples, He is currently the best apprentice in the dojo, 13 years old, on your side, you can also let your disciples or Fallabor Gym on the other side of the Taoist apprentice to take on, as long as the age is not more than 14 years old can be. ”

    Apprenticeship Taoist apprentice?

    Terrance heard a glimpse, he has that kind of thing, the only Taoist apprentice Troie, the current strength is still weak, come and send…

    This method is also unwilling to hand over the old leader of Moon Rock. If you can't beat your Terrance, then give it to the young people to solve. For the strength of the apprentices in the dojo, the rock and rock flow field is very confident.

    Not more than 14 years old…

    Terrance thought Calm Mind, but when I saw the next side of Qi Qia, she suddenly smiled: "Yes."

    When he finished, he pulled Qi Qi Yala and said: "Take it to my disciples to solve it, Qi Qiya, this stone you Steven Uncle also likes, to cheer."

    琉琪亚: "???"

    琉 亚 实力 Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top

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