Pokemon Court Chapter 1016

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of Chapter 1016, this Stephanie is not simple, floating astronomy
    "let me do it?"After Qi Qia heard Terrance's words, she was a little worried, but she carefully thought about it. She immediately nodded very interested.

    Terrance is also right, just before Terrance told her about the origin of Fairy energy, it is enough to play the word "Teacher".

    From the tone of Terrance and the origins of Moon Rock, Qi Qiya knows that the value of this stone is very high. Maybe she can't study anything in the hands of outsiders, but put them in the hands of the Trainer who studied the Fairy department. Not necessarily.

    Don't worry, Zhai Qi also understands that he has to help Terrance.

    Who is this…?Isthate just noticed Stephanie around Terrance. He didn't think that this person was a disciple of Terrance, and some unexpected.

    "琉琪亚, I am almost 12 years old, please advise."Yan Qia smiled.

    The battle was handed over to the younger generation. The definition of this "senior" in the Yanyan Runner Field was under 14 years old, according to the age of the opponent's chosen person, but Terrance dared to let a little Stephanie under the age of 12 play for him. Isthate had some Surprised.

    This Stephanie…Cute is pretty cute…Just don't know how strong.

    "Zhu Qia, do you need to make some preparations?"Terrance turned his head and asked briefly.

    "You can play at any time."琉琪亚道.

    WellIsthate had wanted to drag it back as far as possible, but he thought about it, it didn't make much sense, and with Terrance's questioning, he agreed.

    "Well, I will go to the battlefield afterwards, how will the battle time be 3:00 pm?"

    "No problem, what about the rules?"


    Soon, the battle was set by Terrance and Isthate, and the Terrance, after watching Moon Rock, was taken to the lounge and waited for another person.

    And so he agreed.


    In a training room at the Rock Rock Passage, Isthate once again came to the old leader and informed the other party about the contact with Terrance.

    "It seems that this Alliance Elite is a must for Moon Rock…Interesting, but it is so sloppy to agree with our conditions, will the Alliance Elite be too small to see our rock and roll channel? Isthate, is there any problem with this battle being handed over to you? ”

    "No problem, Long Jie how he said is also the runner-up of this Indigo Plateau Conference. Later, he has mastered our rock and rock flow skills. Terrance Elite is still very junior. He has just become Elite soon, even if he is talented. But how can I have time to teach my disciples? And I have also seen his disciple, Stephanie, who is less than 12 years old. I think Long Jie should not lose. ”

    Isthate thought about it.

    Long Jie, 13 years old, stood out in the Star Conference held in Qilong City three years ago and entered the Yanyan Runway Field. After three years of practice, he went out to collect the Badge in the road. In the same year, he became the runner-up of the Indigo Plateau Conference. After returning to the dojo, the strength is even more refined, and it is considered to be one of the few geniuses in the rock and rock channel.

    "Dean of the Elite Four?"

    In the rock and rock flow field, Long Jie learned that he needed to play for the Dojo and the disciple of Elite Four. Immediately, the Elite Four disciple title sounded terrible, but his strength was not weak.

    "Well, I will try my best."After speaking to Isthate, Long Jie immediately went to prepare for the battle. At the same time, the Rock Rock Passage and Terrance, one of the Hoenn Alliance Elite Four, took a stake in Moon Rock and quickly entered the rock and roll gallery. Spread it.

    This news is intentionally released by Isthate, but the scope of communication is limited to the dojo. If it wins, it will enable the apprentices of these rock and roll runners to gain a sense of honor, so that confidence will increase, even if they lose, they can They spawned and made these apprentices work harder.

    "The disciple of Elite Four…What will be the strength? ”Recently staying in the dojo, Long Jie is also a panic, after the Indigo Plateau Conference stopped the runner-up, he worked hard to challenge the Indigo Plateau Conference, is currently doing practice, then suddenly heard the opportunity to play against Elite Four disciples, He is quite looking forward to it.

    At this age, with the potential of the Masters Masters, Long Jie is also a top-notch Trainer among the juniors under the age of 15. At the same time, the news spread not long after, and many Taoist apprentices found him. .

    "Long Jie, brother, I just saw your Rival, the other is a lovely Stephanie son."

    "Even if it is Stephanie, you have to fight all the way."Long Jie did not dare to be sloppy. The person who won him at the Indigo Plateau Conference was also a woman.

    At the appointed time, Terrance and Qi Qiya, under the leadership of Isthate, arrived at the largest battlefield of the Yanyan Runner Field. Since the other party is the home court, the venue type is the Rock venue, which seems to be very unfavorable to Qiqia.

    When Terrance and 琉琪 arrived, the apprentices of the Rock Rock Passage were already prepared here. Except for the Rival of 琉琪亚, the rest stood on the high platform to watch the battle.

    Although Terrance and Qi Qia are currently considered "enemies", they still can't avoid these Taoist apprentices who use the eyes of worship to look at Terrance, and even a few look at Yan Qia with envious eyes.

    No matter how famous the Rock Rock Passage is in the city of Seven Miles, it is still a lot worse than the people who stand in the Trainer field like Elite Four. So when you see Terrance, these dojos are not too excited.

    "Terrance Elite, this is the second disciple I taught, Long Jie, not a climate, let you laugh."According to age, Isthate is much bigger than Terrance. On the contrary, Longsie and Terrance are only three or four years old. Isthate can't help but feel a little. The Trainer like Terrance is the real genius.

    "Terrance Elite, hello."Long Jie, who had been waiting at the battlefield, saw the rumored Hoenn Elite Four appear and sneaked forward to say hello, but when he looked at the singer of Terracy, he instantly wiped a glimpse of his eyes. Moved, suddenly blushing up

    She was adorable.

    "Hello there."Seeing Long Jie's reaction, Terrance smiled and responded, and at the invitation of Isthate, Terrance and he sat on the other side to watch the battle, and the game is about to begin.

    As the referee stepped up, Qi Qiya and Long Jie each introduced themselves and then stood aside. At this time, Isthate suddenly glimpsed.

    too weird.

    It’s really weird.

    This Qiqia mentality is too good, although there are not many people watching the battle, but this is a battle she played on behalf of Elite Four. This Qi Qiya performance is too calm, but she has experienced the Star Conference. Long Jie of the Indigo Plateau Conference is even more nervous and cautious in this battle…

    At this moment, Isthate didn't feel good. The disciple of Terrance, from the perspective of tolerance, seems not simple.

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