Pokemon Court Chapter 1017

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 1017 Rookie is a monster, floating astronomy
    In the past two years, Yan Qiya's rise to the experience can be said to be more exaggerated than Terrance. She has been amazed by the two masters of Wallace and Juan. She has accumulated quite a good coordination experience. The talent is the super popular idol of the Hoenn Region.

    Especially after Trump Card Altaria was able to upgrade the strength of Maggie, the progress of Qi Qiya’s strength was even out of control. Because of her popularity and origin, her resources are not lacking. There is no trouble at all, and she looks at the whole world. There are only a handful of Trainers that were given to Mega Stone when they debuted.

    It's not that Wallace wants to help, but Wallace recognizes that this prostitute has the ability to harness the Mega Evolution.

    "The Coordinator that can be recognized by Wallace, the coordinator, is called "Teacher". I am still taking advantage of it."Terrance saw Isthate glance at himself and smiled.

    "Battle begins" with the referee introduced the rules of the game, he yelled, Long Jie the first to throw out the Pokéball, a body like a rock covered with a big round ball suddenly appeared in the field, the weight of the golem, in the moment of standing, immediately let ground raise a layer of dust, Golem The red eyes through the dust, quickly lock on to the elves sent by Lucerne.

    When the sound of crisp and sweet sound came out, the venue Sky was covered with a cloud of clouds, accompanied by the appearance of Altaria!

    "Altaria?…Sure enough, it is a teacher and student. ”Isthate remembers that Terrance also has an Altaria, and now sees that Qiqia also sent Altaria, and the heart is secret.

    "The other party's Attribute is not good!"

    On the field, Long Jie stunned, what is the meaning of the unfavorable elf sent by 琉 亚 Attribute?

    Just as he looked at 琉琪亚, Long Jie suddenly found that the other person smiled, lifted his arm and put his hand into the clothes from the collar, and then pulled out a beautiful stone.

    "Sorry, this game is very important to me, so I will do my best."Qi Qiya smiled at Long Jie: "Qing Xi, Mega Evolution!"

    Qing Xi, Mega Evolution!

    Six words fell, and Qi Qiya took out the evolution of Key Stone completely, and the light shone in the sky. This shocking scene suddenly made Isthate stand up and feel overwhelmed.

    Including but not limited to him, Riki Ryusuke of 琉琪亚, several dojo apprentices who came to watch the battle, looked at the magical changes between 琉琪亚 and Altaria.

    "Mega Evolution?"Isthate incredibly said that Mega Stone is a prop that looks at the entire city of Seven Miles.

    Right now, seeing Qi Qia out, how can he not be shocked, Altaria after the Mega Evolution, the momentum directly overwhelmed Golem, the cloud gradually changed into a cloud of cotton feathers, making Altaria more Mew.

    "Mr. Isthate?"Terrance light road.

    "Hmph!"Realizing his own gaffe, Isthate sat down and smiled bitterly: "Terrance Elite is really good, and even gave the disciples such as the Mega Evolution stone to the disciples."

    "That stone is not for me."Terrance laughed.

    During the two-person dialogue, the first round of confrontation has already started on the field. It must be said that the rock and rock flow field played a lot of work on the stone, but always, Golem's heavy offensive could not break through the cotton field of Mega Altaria. .

    As the Mega Altaria's two claws filled the Fairy light, the cotton feathers rolled up against the flying sharp stones, and countless sound waves spread at the same time, the speed of the propagation was extremely fast, and the trajectory was unpredictable.

    Compared to Terrance in the Grand Festival, this Altaria is more perfect in controlling this combination. If it is a battle, then Ninetales is definitely not Rival.

    This can already be said to be the sound of the top skills, a little polishing, this mega Altaria will be able to enter the top field very smoothly, even if not mega Evolution, Altaria will not be weaker than Golem's strength, now Mega Evolution, Battle is simply one-sided, Lucerne that is full of rhythm, like art normal command, directly let Long Jie into the quagmire, constantly struggle, has no mind to think of other things, is sweaty resistance.

    "This…this…"Is she really just under 12? What are these monsters of Rookie! ”Isthate's face is getting more and more dignified!

    The game hasn't started for a minute yet, and Isthate has no intention to pay attention to the outcome. The strength of the team's Mega Altaria and Contest's combination skills, he feels that even if he plays, he will have to work hard to win, and even have It is possible to roll over, not to mention your own disciple.

    For the strength of the show, these apprentices of the rock and roll can only be described by shock, and the dragons who saw the strength among the many apprentices were knocked down by one or two elves. These apprentices have already won their eyes. Boss, almost suffocating.

    The lovely smile of Yan Qia’s green eyes is even more terrifying in their eyes.

    BATTLEAfter only lasting less than 3 minutes, Long Jie’s three elves were all defeated, and with his bitter recovery of the last elf, the audience was silent.

    "Mr. Isthate, it seems that I won."Terrance smiled and stood up. At the same time, the apprentices of these dojos looked at Terrance in vain, and the disciples were so powerful…How terrible is this Terrance Elite?

    "I am willing to gamble and lose…"Isthate's dignified expression spread out, but he said, he seems that he shouldn't have so much thought at the beginning. This time, whether it is him or the old leader, I am afraid that I can't say anything. The conditions are simply lifting a rock and rubbing your own feet.

    This battle is also a lesson for the rock and rock flow field, allowing them to redefine the word genius.

    The situation became like this, Isthate was a little bit annoyed, and was going to ask the old leader with inconvenient legs and legs, and Terrance and Qiqia could only wait a little longer.

    In the lounge, Terrance was helping Zhang Qia's previous battle, and said a few shortcomings. Qi Qiya listened carefully and remembered it, and the two began to wait.

    Because Isthate didn't appear for a long time, Terrance studied the information of Moon Rock at Rotom Pokédex and suddenly found that Qiaqi was holding her head and thinking about it. Terrance thought she was still struggling before the game, subconsciously Q: "What are you thinking?"

    "Ahhhh……NothingQi Qia quickly said, but the next moment she changed her mind again: "I am thinking about my elf."

    "Want to name? Speaking of it, your Altaria is called Qing Xi. ”

    "Well, I am used to giving each elf a name that belongs to them. I got a Piplup egg before I came to Qionglai City. I want to give it a nice name before it is born."Qi Qia smiled and scratched her cheek and said, "Yes, Terrance seniors, do you have any good suggestions?"

    "I …At the glance of Terrance, he really didn't know how to name it. Now, Qiao Qia asks, his almost forgotten memory instantly emerges, whispered: "Piplup…"

    "How about calling qq Xiaobing?"

    琉琪亚: "???"

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