Pokemon Court Chapter 1018

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of the 1018 chapter star altar, floating astronomy
    Qq stands for the image of a penguin. Xiao Bing and Piplup correspond to each other. The name of this group chat robot, Terrance feels very good with Piplup. Compared to a serious name, Terrance chose to make a joke, but did not realize it. Qia simply couldn't understand.

    For this name that is incomprehensible, Qi Qiya doesn't like it very much. She can only say it without politeness: "A very interesting name…I will seriously consider it. ”

    "haha, okay."Terrance laughed, but he couldn’t help but be stupid.

    At the same time, Terrance had some feelings, although it is now well mixed, but…He suddenly missed people and things on earth…

    When Terrance was in a low mood, Isthate finally came back, and with him, there was an old man with a cane.

    This person is the current leader of the Yanyan Runner Field. He didn't want to come out personally and planned to hand it over to Isthate. However, during this period he conducted a detailed investigation of Terrance. During the investigation, the old leader suddenly had a big It was discovered that he had to personally come and talk to Terrance about Moon Rock.

    As soon as he met, the old leader explained his physical reasons and hoped to get Terrance's understanding that he had not been able to meet him personally. Terrance naturally didn't care about anything, just smiled and responded: "You are welcome." ."

    Next, the old leader deliberately opened Isthate and Qi Qia, and then began to talk to Terrance about the ownership of Moon Rock. The other party's move made Terrance realize that the other party seemed to be related to something important to talk to him.

    Yan Qia strongly defeated Long Jie. The rock and rock flow field naturally cannot be embarrassed, and must also be exchanged with Terrance in accordance with the principle of “equivalent exchange”. After all, the other party is Alliance Elite, and losing the game is also a small price. The rock and rock flow field has not yet died.

    After some negotiations, the old leader of the rock and rock flow channel refused to sell Moon Rock directly, intending to change things, and after a simple hint from the other side, Terrance heard the meaning of the rock and rock flow field.

    “Banjila’s Sandstorm Cheats?”

    Terrance pretended to contemplate, his fingers tapped on the table, and then smiled and said: "Speaking of it, although the rock and rock flow field is the most important way to study 'Ancient Power', but the 'Sandstorm' moves are also slightly studied. ”

    As it turned out, the old leader of the rock and rock flow field saw his Sandstorm cheats. For a Trainer, this cheat is the foundation of their achievement. It is both price and priceless. If it is not Terrance, it is known as Fairy Elite. The Fairy Department, the old leader of the rock and rock flow channel field, is categorically afraid to make such a request.

    A Sandstorm Cheats, plus enough resources, is not impossible for an elf with a great talent for both Sandstorm and Airflow to enter the top field. For the rock and rock flow field, the Sandstorm cheats are more valuable to their dojo. If you can master it, the strength of the rock and roll channel may be further.

    "Mm."Rock Flow Dojo old leader nodded, he can become the top trainer, rock Flow Dojo heritage of the "ancient Power" style of the use of skills is a big credit, but for other rock series, there are some other attribute moves, he also has research, sandstorm Can be said to be the most close to the rock system of the powerful trick, is able to take out alone as a core of the trick, but the rock flow dojo although the sandstorm style has studied, but has not reached the point of stepping into the top.

    After the old leader investigated Terrance's public video, his eyes were directly targeted at the Bandrush skills of Banguila.

    The combination of Sandstorm and airflow can definitely make the rock and roll flow field even stronger. There is no doubt about this, and for Terrance, the Fairy Elite, this cheat may not be so important. Considering this, rock The old leader of the rock flow field had a great determination to negotiate with Terrance.

    "Is this a bit harder?"Terrance continued to laugh. Although Moon Rock is unique, but the real value is unknown, the rock and rock flow field must have not studied anything. Just use this thing to change the complete Sandstorm cheats. For anyone, Terrance is also suffering.

    The old leader of the rock and rock flow field shook his head. He thought that Moon Rock had this value: "This Moon Rock is more mysterious than you think. Our dojo can give you all the research efforts of Moon Rock in recent years. It is also convenient for you. Continue to study."

    The old chief of the rock Flow dojo knew that since Terrance to Moon Rock, it would certainly not be so easy to give up, and easily exchange the Moon rock, he did not want to, although did not study what results, but the rock flow dojo in the above put the effort, but is not estimated, Moon Rock is a real priceless treasure compared to sandstorm cheats, unless someone can land on the moon again and then find a way to preserve moon rock from leaking its energy, otherwise this moon rock is the only one in the world.

    After considering the Terrance, continue to shake his head:

    "It's not impossible. I am more interested in the Star Altar. If one day I plan to enter, I also ask the Yanyan Runway Field to help."

    The Star Altar is a characteristic building in the city of Qiyu.

    The location of the city of Qiyi has a very high degree of fit with the stars, and it is easy to reach the power of the stars. Therefore, the ancient civilization has built an altar here. This altar has not been damaged in the long years of change. It exists to this day. It is controlled by the Dojo Alliance.

    This star altar is a special thing that can communicate with the power of the stars in the sky. Its working essence is the power of Assist Pokémon. It is guided by the "Cosmic Power" and uses the altar as a medium to summon the power of the stars. The role of the power of the stars is not so magical, mainly to improve the physical fitness and special abilities of Pokémon.

    In the city of Chikugo, Breeder has mastered the "Cosmic Power" Pokémon to use as the key to start the altar.

    As for the power of how many stars can be drawn, it is related to the strength of the "Cosmic Power" move.

    There used to be an example. The avenues of each avenue helped a grass-like elf to communicate the power of the stars. In the end, the grass-like elf's affinity for the sun increased rapidly. In a few days, the sun's flames were grasped to perfection. , Progress Extreme Speed.

    Before Terrance came to the city of Seven Miles, he had a deep understanding of the city of Seven Mile and the Star Festival and discovered this special place.

    He learned about the altar of the stars from the unique channels of Elite Four. In fact, this altar of altar, like the ultra-ancient pyramid, is a special resource that Alliance Elite can enjoy.

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