Pokemon Court Chapter 1019

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 1019 Lunatone, floating astronomy
    As an Alliance Elite, Terrance can use this altar unconditionally, but Alliance does not provide any help, such as the power to start the altar of the stars, you need Elite Four to solve it yourself, and the best way is to get the help of the Alliance.

    Normal, Elite Four application to use the Star altar, the major dojo will be more or less helpful, of course, elite Four also more or less have to pay some return as a reward, but in fact, there is not much elite Four came to seven Yao City, Help Elves to enhance the strength of the external forces are too many, and the star altar in a way, only to the specific star-related Pokémon promotion a little larger, if Pokémon and stars have little relationship, star power can only do to enhance some physical fitness role.

    With the resources on the hands of Alliance Elite, there are naturally ways to help the avenues, but it is not necessary.

    Compared to the troubled altar of the stars, Alliance Elite has more channels to enhance its strength. Terrance has known that Phoebe Elite has even used special methods to let the elves go to the "spiritual world".

    And for the powerful elves, the influence of the power of the stars is almost negligible, that is to say, the Star Altar has little effect on the main force of the top Trainer, otherwise, this place will not directly evolve into the reward of the Star Conference.

    The star Conference is a link of the star celebration jointly organized by the major dojo, is aimed at the rookie Trainer of the seven Yao City, Conference the winner, can enter a star altar, Help elves to get the blessing of the Stars, and for rookie Trainer , the major dojo to open the strength of the star altar, it is not so high, over time, the star altar in most cases only to rookie Trainer Open, of course, this is also a means of major dojo marketing, through the Star Conference to choose the right Dojo Apprentice, is their favorite thing to do.

    If Terrance wants to use the altar of stars, in his identity, naturally can not be fooled, only let an elf communicate the power of the stars and let dozens of elves communicate the power of the stars, the intensity of the stars blessing is absolutely different. The power of Stars may not be very useful for other Alliance Elites, but it is certainly useful for Terrance, the Fairy Elite. In particular, there are too few upgrades for Fairy Type. For this unformed Attribute, Terrance can only rely on itself. Looking for opportunities, then this star altar is naturally one of the alternatives.

    "I can promise this."The old leader of the rock and rock flow channel field is painful.

    Opening the Star Altar requires Pokémon's "Cosmic Power" moves, while Cosmic Power is a trick that only a handful of elves can master.

    Every time the altar is opened, Pokémon who has used Cosmic Power will be insane and need to be nursed for a year and a half to recover. So opening the Star Altar is also an indirect burning.

    Cosmic Power is a Psychic system. In the normal case, the elves themselves take the power of the universe to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body for a short time. However, the wisdom of the ultra-ancient civilization is beyond the imagination of modern people, and it can be permanently used by this method. It is magical to communicate the power of the stars to complete other elves.

    "That will trouble you…"Terrance naturally understands that if you want to perfect the altar of the stars, you can't use the elves of Cosmic Power alone. Naturally, it's not enough. It may be enough as a reward for the Rookie Trainer that has the potential to give it to the city, but for the strength he needs, Only an elf is enough?


    If there is only one dojo in the rock and rock flow field, the intensity of the stars' blessing still makes Terrance worry.

    If you can get help from the various dojos in the city of Seven Miles, then you can restoring Terrance.

    Thinking of this, Terrance suddenly had more ideas.

    QueriesWhat is the elf of 'Cosmic Power' that is used by Breeder in the rock and rock runway? ”

    "Lunatone, and Solrock."

    “How many are there?”

    "Lunatone 7 and Solrock 7 only, the number of other Breeder elves will not exceed this number."

    In this way, the entire seven Yao City can come up with mastered the "Cosmic Power" style of the number of elves can be hundreds, but if you want to let other dojo full help, Terrance must have a massive hemorrhage, just solve the rock flow dojo is certainly not enough, the next moment, Terrance and a flash, asked: " If my own elves can also use Cosmic Power, should you also be able to enter the star altar? ”

    Smelling words, the old leader smiled in an instant: "Of course, but the intensity of the cosmic Power moves used by the ordinary elves basically can not even open the star altar can not do, we seven Yao City Dojo for Cosmic Power Trick has a unique training method, simply speaking, those elves are on the cosmic Power is very proficient in this trick, in fact, this is the key, proficient in this trick, and the number of elves is huge, this is the main reason we can control the star altar. ”

    "I don't know if this Cosmic Power training method can be exchanged?"Terrance asked again.

    I exchanged Sandstorm cheats from Moon Rock, talked to the altar of the stars, and talked about the exchange of Cosmic Power training methods. Terrance's speed of running the title made the old leader somewhat wrong, and could not answer this question at all.

    Terrance is also a problem to play. If you can ask more benefits, no one is willing to suffer.

    This problem, the old leader of the rock and rock flow field is really not a good answer. After all, there is such a long time in the city of Seven Miles. No one has specifically rushed to exchange the training methods of Cosmic Power, because even if they mastered it, there is no altar for the stars. Use right.

    Elite Four Well…However, there is the right to use the altar of stars. In the past 10 years, the two Alliance Elites have used the altar of stars, and then they have never been there. After all, with the resources of Alliance Elite, there are not many stars that can be seen on the altar of stars. The request of Terrance is really the first example.

    The old leader was startled for a long time, said: "This is not required, but the process of training cosmic Power moves is very lengthy, investment is also very huge, seven Yao City this side is also because of customs so deliberately breeder these elves, Terrance Elite if you mean, or directly please the major dojo to help come a little faster, after all, want to perfectly open the star altar, is not a two elves can do, and find hundreds of master cosmic Power moves of the elves, with all due respect, but also only the major dojo work together can be done. ”

    Terrance is silent, remembering Mt. Chimney's Meteor Falls, as its own back garden, for Mt. Chimney Terrance is well known. There is a lot of Lunatone in Meteor Falls. If you use Ninetales's icemoon means with Fairy Aura Breeder Lunatone, is it possible for Breeder to have a group of pros who are proficient in Cosmic Power for a short time?

    After all, Lunatone's growth is closely related to the moon.

    In this way, Cosmic Power, Lunatone, the altar of stars, the origin of Fairy, seems to have a unique connection.

    In the vagueness, Terrance has caught some key points and felt that he must not miss this opportunity. It seems that this time the city of Qiyi is really right. The final step of perfecting the Fairy Army and Fairy Domain should be "Moon" is related to the stars "Sun".

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