Pokemon Court Chapter 1020

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1020th chapter of the moon? Floating astronomy
    Meteor Falls is not only Lunatone but also Solrock.

    In the case of quantity, dozens are still there.

    If it's just for the altar of stars, Terrance may have to consider whether the value is not worth a group of Lunatone by Breeder, but now think about it, Lunatone, although it is Psychic and Rock, has nothing to do with the Fairy system, but they are better than Fairy. The connection between the elf and the moon is even closer.

    The origin of Fairy is related to the moon. Lunatone is said to come from the universe. Next, it may be compared from "Moon Rock", "Lunatone" and "Moon Stone". If possible, Lunatone may also be integrated. Fairy Legion.

    Because Lunatone stayed long under Moonlight, its Psychic will enhance and even outperform Alakazam, and at the full moon, Lunatone reaches its peak.

    This is a genie that relies on Moonlight and is perfectly compatible with the Ice Moon core.

    Almost in a flash, Terrance mind came up with a complete set of tactics, Lunatone can master the future Sight trick, but also telepathy, in addition, can learn help such an auxiliary move, in addition to not fairy system, It is almost an elf with a tactical value of more than Ribombee, rather than a shortcoming that the fairy system cannot be reinforced by fairy Aura, and if it can be solved through the core of the ice moon, the potential of lunatone integration into the Fairy Legion will expand indefinitely.

    For the time being, Terrance only thought so much, so he began to curious about the "Cosmic Power" training method in the old leader of the rock and rock flow field. Since Cosmic Power can mobilize the power of the stars, that is, it can also mobilize the power of the moon. It is critical for Terrance.

    "Moon Rock, Cosmic Power's training method, plus the full support of the rock and rock flow field, I use the Sandstorm cheats, plus a corresponding set of ore resources in exchange."

    Terrance made the biggest concession, a set of ore resources corresponding to the Sandstorm Cheats, and a lot of value, definitely beyond the rock and rock flow field to take care of Lunatone and Solrock.

    Sandstorm Cheats and a complete set of ore resources are all hopeful to familiarize the Rockstone Dojo with the Sandstorm Cheats and create a powerful elf.

    The old leader of the rock and rock flow channel field was silent for a long time.

    In the end, looking at the serious expression of Terrance, he slowly said: "The deal."

    In addition to the full support of the rock and rock flow field that Terrance needed to enter the Star Altar, the rock and rock flow field did not seem to lose anything. The 14 elves were so badly injured that they needed a lot of rare ore to make up. There is absolutely no set of ore resources given by Terrance that are expensive.

    As for Terrance side, now for the sandstorm cheats is not so valued, if it is two years ago, he just according to the weather Institute's information to complete the cheats, even if the loophole is a lot of version, he will be hidden as a undercard, unwilling to take out, But now that he has seen Brandon's magnetic sand system, he is not so important to the airflow sandstorm system, now, Banguila is trying to integrate the system and the weight system, if successful, then this sandstorm cheats is Terrance elimination of things, It's nothing to come out and exchange these days.

    The research on Fairy Type is the root of his strength.

    "Mom, this way, how do I feel that I will soon run to the moon in order to perfect the Fairy Domain."Terrance was upset.

    The negotiations between the two were smooth and the items exchanged were finally determined.

    Terrance here. I got the training method of Moon Rock, Cosmic Power, and the promise of the Rock Rock Runway in the future when I entered the Star Altar.

    The Rockstone Runway Field has won the top Sandstorm Cheats and the corresponding set of ore resources.

    After this, Lucerne and Isthate also came back, isthate with Lucerne in this time to continue to visit the rock Flow Dojo, back, Isthate also gave Lucerne a contest star Crystal as a present, this crystal is of no use, Just pure good-looking, is the specialty of Qibao city, is to create decorative materials, the value of course is not cheap, rock flow dojo to Lucerne, on the one hand is to make a Terrance, on the one hand, is a good lucerne, Lucerne at a young age to master Mega Evolution, In the rock flow dojo it seems that the future of Lucerne may also be able to reach the height of Terrance.



    "Terrance seniors, have you settled?"

    When she left, she went to Terrance and asked Terrance about Moon Rock. Obviously she was also very curious about this thing.

    "Well, although I paid a little price, I finally changed Moon Rock."Terrance laughed.

    According to Rotom Pokédex, the energy on the Moon Rock is neither sunlight nor Fairy energy, but a special energy that is independent of the two, perhaps related to the origin of Fairy energy.

    This kind of energy is unique and only exists on this Moon Rock. Rotom Pokédex has confirmed this. If you want to find this energy, you can only find it on the moon. It seems to be the predecessor of Fairy Energy, the sun. The product after energy conversion.

    "Terrance's predecessors, I don't know if you said it before."Qi Qiya nodded and then suddenly asked.

    "What?"Terrance is weird.

    Wen Yan, Qi Qiya was dissatisfied with the moment, said: "I am your disciple."

    Terrance is speechless, and some swear: "If you encounter any difficulties in Breeder Altaria, feel free to ask me."

    It is an expedient policy to say that Qiaiya is his disciple, but if you only teach some knowledge about Altaria and Fairy Type, there is no problem. As for the teacher’s major events that are really related to inheritance, Terrance can’t let Qi Qiya decide. He himself did not dare to promise that Solaceon is not a joke.

    "That's so decided."Yan Qia nodded with a smile.

    Just as the two returned to the wind fisting trajectory field, a serious woman suddenly stopped in front of the two men. She extended her arm and blocked the path of Qi Qiya. She also said: "Miss Qiqia, Let me find you."

    "Rain Palace…"Seeing that he stopped himself, Zhai Qiya was distressed in an instant, and some of them were: "How come you come here."

    "Miss 琉琪亚, you have three business activities in the next place, the itinerary is very urgent, there is no time to hang out in this place."Said a woman named Rain Palace.

    ButI really don't want to go now. ”Qi Qia helpless.

    Upon seeing it, Terrance smiled. This Chelsea and Kalos champion Celebrity is too much. It seems that every day is full of trips, but also loves to escape. Fortunately, he did not have a special in-depth entertainment field at first, otherwise he might It becomes like this.

    The Rain Palace also noticed Terrance at this time. When she saw Terrance's dress, she was instantly hostile: "Miss Qiqia, who is he?"

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