Pokemon Court Chapter 1021

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 1021 Lissi's participation, floating astronomy
    Dressed up in sneaky, sneaky behavior, or the opposite sex, Rain Palace suddenly determined that Terrance was a casual person who tried to misbehave.

    Qi Qiya naturally knows what the rain palace brain has made up, and quickly waved her hand and put her finger on her mouth to make a "嘘~" action.

    "Hello, first time meet."At the same time, Terrance knew that it wouldn't work if he didn't explain it. He had to take the sunglasses slightly and greeted each other.

    It was the first time that Terrance saw the other party, but the other party was not the first to see Terrance. When Terrance took off the sunglasses, the rain palace looked awkward and amazed: "Master Terrance, how are you…"

    As a broker of Yan Qia, Yu Gong knows everything about the field of coordination. It is natural to know Terrance, the master of coordination…When she found that Qiqia and Terrance were together, don't be surprised.

    For a time, I didn't even know what to say to persuade Qiqi to hurry back to Hoenn.

    "Miss Rain Palace, since Yan Qiya wants to rest for a few days, let her rest for a few days, just as I have something to teach her, so precious time is not wasted."

    Seeing that Qi Qiya was more likely to exclude commercial activities, Terrance casually said two words to her, and the rain palace reluctantly agreed to coordinate the master's teachings, and the value was greater than the commercial activities: "In this case, after the star festival in Qiyi City Miss Ms. You must return to Hoenn with me."

    “No problem!”Yan Qia surprised.

    It’s rare to come to Qiyi City. I don’t want to watch the celebration of the stars here. I don’t want to go back too early.

    The transaction between Terrance and the rock and rock channel will continue and cannot be completed in one day. He also needs to stay in the city of Seven Miles for a few more days, probably before the end of the star celebration to return to Hoenn.

    Moon Rock's energy is easily lost, the rock Flow Dojo has a special container to prevent this process, Terrance finally with the Moon rock container also got the hand, in these days, Terrance from the Wind boxing dojo, to the grass star Flow Dojo, a succession of visits to the major dojo, Paid a certain price in exchange for the commitment of the other side, a elite Four face, the major dojo is not easy to refute, until the start of the star celebration, Terrance has completed all the layout.

    By the time he enters the altar of the stars, the avenues will contribute to Help.

    During this time, Qi Qiya has been following the enthusiasm behind Terrance to ask for some professional knowledge. Terrance is also willing to teach, but things like the autonomous Mega Evolution, Fire of Life, Fairy Aura, and natural energy can't be copied. It is impossible to teach, even if he is willing to teach, it is impossible to learn from Altria's Altaria.

    Otherwise, Terrance has long been an old Altaria corps of Breeder.

    Terrance's Altaria is not reproducible, so he can only teach some basics, but even these foundations have benefited Qiqia.

    "If you want to go down in the field of sound, then this annihilation technique is indispensable. It is a sound technique I conceived when I was 10 years old."

    F*ck off!"

    "Well, the core is the Mirror Move trick, I want to use your Altaria voice talent, it should be mastered soon."

    After Terrance explained the principle of annihilation to 琉琪亚, 琉琪亚 began to study this technique. As the first research technique of Terrance, the annihilation technique can play a decent role in certain occasions, but the limitation is very large, in order not to Let this technique be lost, Terrance intends to teach a part of 琉琪亚.

    Why is it part because, for Qi Qiya, she is destined to be unable to take this skill to the extreme…Can only be used as a special basis.

    The annihilation technique was developed by Terrance according to Fairy Aura. Without Fairy Aura, it is impossible to change the frequency of sound waves containing Fairy energy easily by Fairy Skin Fitness, so normal Altaria wants to master annihilation and take a long time. Experience countless battles to familiarize yourself with the laws of energy frequency changes.

    On the contrary, Terrance's Altaria can now ignore the process, even if some of the legendary elves use exclusive tricks, as long as the Altaria reaction is fast enough to quickly emit sound waves containing fairy energy, using mirror move to find each other's trick frequency, Then use fairy Aura by adjusting the fairy energy to adjust the sound waves to the same frequency as the other side of the trick, then there is a chance to crack each other's tricks.

    “Besides, if you want to make your Altaria go further, you can go to the Elf Idol Idol Project Team to find someone who is called South Rias.”

    If Alexia's Altaria is to enter the top-level field, it must be stepped in from the sound. After thinking about it, Terrance pointed out a path to 琉琪亚.

    "Idol Idol Idol Project?"

    “Well, my Rotom has summed up a lot of information about voice moves and skills. Now it’s in the hands of Miss Rias. It’s been a long time. She may have mastered it. If you are interested, you can go with her. Exchange some time."

    For the Idol idol project in the mouth of Terrance, she was very interested. After she learned that the project was owned by Terrance, she immediately took the initiative and hoped to join.

    Terrance taught her too many things during the day, which led to the fact that she was very uncomfortable. Although she had already regarded Terrance as a respectable figure in Teacher's mind, she still wanted to return something to Terrance.

    As Wallace's niece, Hoenn's super popular idol Lissi if he can join the project, the success of the Elf Idol Idol Project can be heralded, Terrance startled, laughing: "If you are interested, of course I have no problem, But you might as well talk to the person in charge of the project, but I'm sure she'll welcome you. ”

    琉琪亚's request made Terrance somewhat surprised, but a little careful, this is really helpful for the development of the Elf Idol idol project.

    After all, he is relatively busy, can not always pay attention to the RIAs side, for the entertainment field, Lucerne This girl must be more familiar than herself, if she can join, even if only occasionally activities, with her popularity, can definitely quickly let the Elf Idol Idol planning on track, and speaking of the Sound of the study, Lucerne and RIAs are all varied, and if the two of them can share their experiences, perhaps the five stocking elves of Terrance will get more benefits.

    Eevee, Jigglypuff, Lapras, Cherrim, Popplio…

    Thinking of this, Terrance reacted.

    "No white teaches this girl…"

    For the proposal of 琉琪亚, Terrance responded with a smile and did not express anything, and everything went well.

    Time flies, the transaction between Terrance and the rock and rock channel is completed, and the star festival of the city of Qiyi is officially kicked off. Under the leadership of Jialan, Terrance and Qiqia began to appreciate the star. Great scenery in the city.

    This is also the last two days of their stay in the city of Qiyu.

    After the celebration of the Stars, Qi Qiya had to leave with the agent. Terrance had to return to Hoenn because of the affairs of Mira.

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