Pokemon Court Chapter 1022

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1022 chapter of the Togepi paradise changes, floating astronomy
    Hoenn Region, Mirage Kingdom.

    After Princess Sarah succeeded, she became the new king of Mirage Kingdom and completed the Contest transition from princess to queen.

    In addition, thanks to a help from Togepi in Togepi, Sara has become the only person in the Mirage Kingdom who can freely enter and exit Togepi.

    However, Sara has only entered once.

    When she wanted to enter for the second time, she found that Togepi Paradise had been closed by a mysterious force, even if she followed her Togepi, she only figured out a vague reason.

    Because Togepi Paradise has also a new king, the Togepi Paradise will be closed for the next time, and outsiders can't just enter it!


    Sara and Togepi have been worried all these days. If it is not because of the connection with Togepi, I am afraid that Sara will doubt whether it is an accident.

    When Terrance returned to Mirage Kingdom, there were two days from the date of the joint development park agreed with the Mira Ancestral Room.

    From Sara, Terrance also probably learned about the current situation of Togepi Paradise. He didn't even think about it, and he knew that it was definitely Togekiss.

    Mira Palace, a quiet room.

    Terrance and Sara sit face to face, Sara holds Togepi, and on Terrance, Rotom stays by his side.

    "Queen Sara, in addition to being unable to enter Togepi Paradise, is there any other change in the Kingdom?"

    All as usual.Sara shook her head.

    "I understand, I decided to go to Togepi Paradise in person to solve the matter. As for the negotiations with Devon, I would like to ask Sara Queen to pay more attention. The project will start as scheduled in two days."

    "But Togekiss is there…"

    Thanks to the symbiosis of Mirage Kingdom and Togepi, Togekiss became the queen of Togepi Paradise, and Sara also began to use Togekiss as a tribute, because in a sense, the Togepi family is as honorable as the royal family in this country, which means Togekiss's status today. Equivalent to Sara.

    Stepping into Togepi Park without permission, Sara fears that it will have some bad consequences.

    "Don't worry about it, don't forget, I am after all its Trainer…"Terrance is helpless.

    Togekiss is very bad, and his mind is too thief. Closed Togepi Paradise, mostly for what purpose. As the Trainer of Togekiss, Terrance knows it too…

    After persuading Sara, Terrance went directly to the Temple of Togepi, the believers of the temple wearing the wizard costumes, devoutly rituals, and the Togepi of Sara opened the passage to Togepi.

    As Togepi unleashed magical power, a huge mirage emerged above the temple, connected to a mirrored threshold of the temple.

    Terrance stepped forward and touched it with a hand. After a bounce on it, Terrance reached back.

    "Rotom, analyze the energy structure."

    Rotom heard the news and started a quick scan. In less than three seconds, it came to a conclusion.

    The energy of the closed Togepi Paradise is the dusty force at the bottom of the Togepi Paradise, which is the combination of the Shiny Stone vein and the spiritual energy.

    This energy, as with the energy on Moon Rock, has never been recorded, so Terrance and Rotom gave it a code: gx energy.

    Gx energy is the value of Togepi Park, and it is also the energy that Terrance intends to develop next. This energy is not only a strategic resource, but also a great complement.

    For the Togepi family, gx energy allows them to grow at a rapid rate, which is where Terrance values.

    But what makes Terrance puzzled is…When he left, this energy was only partially stimulated by Altaria's Fairy Aura, and it was exhausted under his nose. Now how come the new gx energy appears again?

    The remaining gx energy should still be used by Imprison…

    At the same time, the Togepi Paradise also felt the movement on this side.

    Soon, there was a nearby Togepi who came to scout. On the side of Togepi, a Togepi slowly probed and wanted to see the outside picture. The next moment, it looked at Terrance's eyes…

    "It finally appeared."

    Looking at this little Togepi, Terrance smiled. Compared to the Togepi that I saw when I first entered Togepi, this Togepi had a fat lap. The Contest Condition was also surprisingly good. It seems to be very moist.

    Since Togepi has appeared, it is good to say that Terrance just wanted to show his identity, but who knows that this Togepi is more responsive.

    It was in communication with Sara's Togepi. Compared to Sara's Togepi's soft voice, this Togepi's tone of voice was quite heavy, and every sentence seemed to be the same, giving Sara's Togepi full oppression…

    The tone is so horizontal?

    This…Or Togepi?

    Rotom quickly translated Terrance, which means that Togepi is still banned.

    Terrance said nothing, since he found the attitude of Togepi, he could not enter the normal position. In desperation, Terrance dispelled the surrounding temple believers and went straight into it.



    After successfully entering the Togepi Paradise, Terrance's nose wrinkled and some unexpected changes.

    At the same time, he looked at the screaming Togepi who was yelling at him. Some of his headaches licked his temples and didn't know what to say.

    "Don't shout, take me to your king."Terrance's words, Gardevoir and Gallade's gaze around him, Lock On is on Togepi.

    Looking at Gardevoir and Gallade around Terrance, this Togepi felt a heavier pressure than the "king". In panic, the little guy took a few steps back and then turned around and fled slowly.

    "We also go in that direction."Terrance Road.

    By the wayRotom, you found no…"

    The previous senses were not too strong, but when it took a few steps, Terrance found that the Togepi paradise at this time could be described almost as alive, and it changed dramatically from the original Togepi paradise, which was initially dead and energetic.

    Terrance can be sure that even the entire Hoenn Region estimates that there is not much more than the place where there is more vitality.

    “It’s gx energy that has transformed Rotto here.”After Rotom analyzed, Dao.

    "What about gx energy?"Terrance is weird.

    The paradise development plan they are going to carry out is based on the premise that gx energy is under Imprison. Isn't gx energy born in advance?

    Forget itI think it should be clear soon. ”Terrance moved on and began looking for Togekiss along the route that Togepi left.

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