Pokemon Court Chapter 1023

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 1023 Togekiss's ambition, floating astronomy
    Can civilizations be generated in the elves?

    The answer is yes.

    Although very simple, Terrance has seen, for example, the country of the diamond mining country, the interior is rich and colorful, with its own system, customs, and heritage.

    In the process of finding Togekiss in Togepi Paradise, Terrance has made new discoveries. It is hard to imagine that Togekiss has built a jungle palace with the power of more than 30 Togepi, which is quite a national institution.

    "This guy"

    On the way to Terrance, Togekiss also knew about the arrival of Terrance. In a short time, he quickly prepared a welcome ceremony for Terrance, with many Togepi welcoming Terrance here.

    Togekiss is in front, followed by a formation of 38 Togepis. They are like a uniform of the army. The front Frogadier waving a flag cut from a large leaf of a plant and cheering for Togekiss should have been awesome. Terrance saw innocence from Frogadier's expression.

    It seems like…I don't want to do this.

    "Unable to understand, can't understand Rotto…"Rotom Pokédex started shooting at the speed of Quick Attack and was amazed.

    In particular, the persevering expression on each Togepi's face is not like a change that can be completed in less than half a month.

    Togekiss flew to Terrance and looked at Terrance's black face. It immediately showed a charming expression, as if it was instantly turned into a dog's leg, and several Togepi's thirsty trees were handed to Terrance.

    "I hope your explanation can convince me…"

    When Terrance didn't ask anything, Togekiss took the initiative to pull Terrance and came to a quieter place to explain the cause and effect.

    It turned out that during Altaria's use of Fairy Aura to excite gx energy, Imprison, which prevented gx energy from flowing out, cracked and caused looseness.

    Although the crack is very small, the gx energy flows out slowly, but this energy is still very large for the individual. Togekiss first discovered the change. With this energy, Togekiss quickly created many "mirages". Once again, it has strengthened its prestige in Togepi Park. Today, with the miracles created by gx energy, Togekiss has successfully obtained the absolute surrender and respect of these Togepi.

    The reason why Togekiss is not allowed to enter outside, Togekiss hopes to maximize his power during this time and consolidate his position to be unable to shake…In Togepi Paradise, it is the masterpiece of Togekiss that is alive and well.

    "Do you really want to build a country?"Terrance has a complicated look.

    He did not expect that the togpi park's gx energy Imprison would be loosened after they left, and was used by Togekiss as its king's help. Now, Togekiss is like a god in Togepi's mind, and no one can change.

    Togekiss's transformation of Togepi Paradise with gx energy has made these Togepis believe that Togekiss is the savior sent by God, their only king. In addition, Togekiss has carried out many reforms.

    For example, after getting the trust of these Togepis, they began to ideologically transform them as “kings.” In the process, Togekiss realized that the nature of these Togepis was difficult to change, so they took a different approach and began to change their minds.

    Kindness is equal to the Punishment bad guy.

    The bad guy is someone different from its Togekiss position.

    What makes Terrance hard to understand is that Togekiss really succeeded. These Togepi began to follow Togekiss's orders, established the belief of defending the homeland, expelling the bad guys, and began to listen to Togekiss.

    "Is it all taught?" I don’t have to teach you to put gold on my face. ”Terrance looked at it suspiciously, and Togekiss just confessed his experience, giving Terrance an unrealistic feeling.

    It was said that Togekiss showed a serious expression.

    And swear, willing to train a Togepi army for Terrace to teach Togepi, Help Terrance here, so Togekiss hopes that Terrance can also leave it here.


    Terrance touched his chin and didn't expose Togekiss. He thought carefully: "Forget it, be happy with you, but you don't want to drop the chain when I need you."

    Does this agree?

    A trip to Togekiss.

    Don't worry about Terrance, don't worry about this important Togepi paradise?

    Togekiss thought that he didn't give Terrance a little trouble. It had prepared several sets of rhetoric to convince Terrance, but the process was better than it thought. For a time, Togekiss didn't know what to say.

    "Is this all the time?" Let Rotom collect the data and I will develop a new training plan for you. ”

    Terrance's second gimmick, and sure enough, Togepi Park and Togepi here, failed to succeed Purify Togekiss, but they were conquered by Togekiss.

    But Terrance has nothing to lose, big deal is just a little more worry, who makes him a Togekiss Trainer.

    Directly agreeing with Togekiss's request, Terrance also chose to believe Togekiss, as a top Trainer, he is confident that he still has it. Terrance also considers the value of such a choice, because let Togekiss stay, can really put Togepi Paradise The value of maximizing, since it took the initiative to ask for it, Terrance has no reason to refuse.

    Terrance didn't worry about what trouble Togekiss would cause. In fact, Togekiss's growth was more or less seen by Terrance. Togekiss, who followed Terrance's vision, also knew that the prank had to grasp a degree, and learned a lot with Terrance. After the knowledge of the outside world, Togekiss is still very promising. The most important thing is that it is embodied in "deception and fear."

    But the nature is hard to move, but as long as it doesn't make things too difficult for Terrance, Terrance closes his eyes.

    However, there was no problem with Togekiss, Frogadier was criticized by Terrance and took it. This guy didn't know what was going on at Togepi Park. Terrance gave him only 50% of the training tasks. A lot of time has ruined the past…

    Frogadier and Rotom have said that they are really innocent. After all, watering the flowers and plants of Togepi every day takes up most of the time…

    After negotiating with Togekiss, Terrance also worked with it on three chapters and explained the subsequent involvement of foreign forces in the development park.

    The current Togepi Paradise, not yet Terrance, is a good person. He also wants to consider the attitude of Mira's ancestral hall. Togekiss understands this and knows the general agreement.

    In fact, it is also looking forward to the next deep development, so that its people can quickly become stronger.

    Everything is for the founding of the country.

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