Pokemon Court Chapter 1024

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 1024 Rotom's dream, floating astronomy
    The next day.

    According to Togekiss's guidelines, Terrance and Sara came to the Region where the gx energy outflow was the most concentrated, marking it here.

    Next, here is the place that should be developed first. Starting with this loosely-developed coordinate, the entire development project may save a lot of time.

    The faster gx energy is developed, the faster Togepi will benefit from this Togepi kingdom.

    "You are not here to supervise?"

    Sara, who was walking with Terrance in Togepi Paradise and talking about it, was surprised.

    It’s a bit unreasonable to know that Terrance will leave immediately after the start of the project. Even if he doesn’t stay here every day, he can leave so urgently. Isn’t the value of Togepi Paradise not valued by Terrance?

    "The time is tight, but I will take a look at it."Terrance shook his head.

    Tomorrow, Devon will ship four kinds of energy developers based on the information provided by Mira's royal family to carry out development experiments. Now, because the dusty gx energy of Togepi Paradise begins to flow out of its own way, Terrance is not worried about developing Togepi Paradise. This is the matter.

    Others, with Togekiss, he is also more assured, even if Togekiss is very unconstrained, but this is also about its own interests, so that Togekiss will certainly become more than anyone else.

    Terrance is really busy.

    Whether it's Moon Rock, the Lava team, or the Star Altar, Terrance needs a lot of time to prepare.

    WellWell, okay then.Sara Road.

    "Right, there is one more thing."Terrance suddenly stopped and turned to look at Sara.

    “After initially estimating the total amount of gx energy, I would like to start a project called Togepi's introduction plan, which is roughly to increase the number of Togepi in Togepi Paradise, and then distribute the gx energy to Togepi. Before leaving, I I hope to talk to Sara Queen about the distribution in detail."

    "Okay, this thing…I can be the master. ”Sara blinked. The implication is that today's royal family, headed by her, can ignore the opinions of other powerful people.

    Terrance smiled and nodded.

    In order to properly plan gx energy, Togepi's Breeder method can't completely follow a scheme, otherwise it is a waste of resources. This is a very large project, considering the talent of each Togepi. For this, Terrance may need to be a Togepi park. Specifically hire some Breeder homes.

    Considering the huge resources of Togepi Park and the number of subsequent Togepis, it is not difficult to build a Gengar army like Agatha Elite in a short time. I think that Terrance is very satisfied, although he has paid a lot of things, but everything is worth it.

    The value of Togepi Paradise, which is currently only known to a small group of people related to Terrance in the Alliance high-level, is that the current Togepi Paradise development plan is still a hidden secret, which is a semi-hidden plan.



    Although Terrance also holds the title of international researcher, his research literacy is not high. Most of the time he relies on Rotom Pokédex to help. On the side of the paradise development plan, Devon sent a research team to assist Terrance and returned to the Terrance. Five days after Mira's ancestor, the project has officially started and it has gone smoothly.

    On the other hand, for the study of Moon Rock, Terrance, who returned to the Naplu Road Museum, began to process it in an orderly manner.

    This time Terrance no bold self directly, even if there is Rotom Pokédex help, he also dare not, the last time from the world Earl Dervish Tree on the side of the flower, two or three under the Terrance play rotten, good in the time flower although rare, but not the only, But in front of the moon Rock, if it is gone, it is not so easy to find another piece, unless Terrance has the ability to go to the moon, or do not think about it.

    After several expansions, Fallabor Gym has now become the first building of the Napru Road Pavilion beyond the venue of the Contest competition. The Laboratory has undergone several renovations and the facilities have gradually improved.

    In fact, with the Moon rock stunt, a little bit of news out, you can attract a bunch of scholars, researchers, and even professor ran over to study together, but back to the text this Big Mac, and Steven himself is also interested in Moon Rock, did not use Terrance to find someone, A team of research teams with top expertise in mineral research and astronomical research was immediately in place and have now been placed in Fallabor Gym by Terrance.

    "Everyone, it’s hard."

    A total of six researchers began to conduct in-depth research from a variety of angles around a small Moon Rock. The facilities used were not only purchased by Terrance himself from the International Research Association, but also by the researchers themselves. The key reason for being well-known in the field of correspondence.

    "Terrance Elite is polite, hehe…Where did Rotom Professor go? ”

    UhIt seems to go to Charge. ”Terrance wipe the sweat, he is not very understanding of these professional knowledge, if there is any research progress, usually rotom to explain to Terrance, now it is also these scholars, Professor, researchers, in fact, Terrance also quite admire this guy, After all, it has some aspects of attainments, even let these elite people are admired for it, respect, it can be imagined that rotom Pokédex how evil.

    Rotom acts as the brain of Elf Pokédex, has given it a lot of incredible ability, has been rotom as the best assistant Terrance, many times for its system upgrade, and later Wicktor Master also brought data chip, once again strengthened Rotom Pokédex , as of then, the library library that may have given Terrance Rotom Pokédex had no idea that Terrance Rotom would have become so advanced.

    But this is not over yet. Terrance's Rotom's fate turning point is that Terrance became the Elite Four and received the Elite Medal, the highest level of Alliance technology. The Elite Medal contains many powerful features and is the peak of the technology level in the field of Elf Alliance…Under Terrance's approval, after opening the privilege, Rotom Pokédex tried several times to merge with the Elite medal. After that, Rotom was out of control, and the function became more and more abnormal…

    The special features built into the Elite medal Terrance have not yet had the opportunity to use, Rotom Pokédex is naturally not to be used autonomously, these special features consume too much energy, can be said to be almost all disposable functions, mainly for the safety of elite added, throw these, Light alone computing power, Rotom Pokédex has been beyond the level of ordinary computers, according to Rotom said, its dream is to become the most mini mega computer!

    The Mega computer is one of the most powerful, fastest computing and largest storage computers in the computer. It is used in the Alliance high-tech field and cutting-edge technology research. It is the embodiment of Alliance's scientific research strength. It has the security, economic and social development of Alliance. The importance of importance is an important indicator of the level of development and comprehensive strength of Alliance technology.

    With this as a dream, even Terrance was scared by Rotom's rhetoric.

    However, Rotom may not have this potential, but the upgrade process must be very long…

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