Pokemon Court Chapter 1025

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1025th pioneer, floating astronomy
    There is a moon above the Elven world. The light reflected from the moon gives the Fairy energy to the Elven world. The rich Fairy energy and long-term contact with some Meteorite-like minerals will produce an evolutionary stone called Moon Stone. You can let Clefairy, Jigglypuff and other elves evolve.

    In the Fallabor Gym Laboratory, everyone first passed the comparative study of Moon Stone and Moon Rock and found an interesting phenomenon.

    Moon Stone will absorb the energy fluctuations released by Moon Rock and then slowly increase the concentration to achieve quality results.

    "Be aware that like Water Stone and Fire Stone, they can only absorb energy during the formation process. After the formation, even if the surrounding energy is 100 times richer, it is impossible to change the quality."

    "The problem is not here. The key is that the energy contained in Moon Stone and Moon Rock is not the same, nor is it Fairy energy. In the process, the energy on Moon Rock is obviously transformed. This transformation process should be studied. Object."

    “I have extracted the conversion data of these energies, including the data of Fairy Energy. Please see…”

    On this day, the Fallabor Gym Laboratory is still very lively, and Terrance wants to join them together, but all he can do is control Rotom Pokédex, which is of little significance, but with the reminder of Rotom Pokédex, Terrance plans to go out.

    In order to conquer Lunatone.

    Terrance traded Cosmic Power's cheats for the Breeder batch of Lunatone to help him explore the altar of stars.

    In addition, Lunatone is needed for later research. In his original plan with Rotom Pokédex, the study of Fairy energy requires not only the comparison between Moon Stone and Moon Rock, but also the help of Lunatone.

    "Besides, I also took a Solrock over and over."Terrance Road.

    The moon itself does not shine, only reflects the sun. From here, the source of Fairy energy is the sun, Lunatone is related to the moon, and Solrock is related to the sun. For the next study, Terrance intends to take a two-pronged approach.

    Study the Fairy energy in both the sun and the moon.

    "The Xerneas and Alola patrons' understanding of Fairy's energy only stays on its composition. The essence of the Fairy energy they think is the composition of the Fairy energy. In fact, their use of Fairy energy is only a separation. Fairy energy…"Terrance said: "Maybe, even these Legendary Pokémons may not be able to figure out how Fairy's energy is transformed from solar energy. If you figure this out, apart from the breakthroughs in the academic field, may you make progress?"

    Terrance shook his head, which is really not necessarily, although the results are unknown, but the study is still to continue, like other attribute, but also the sages through countless explorations and experiments to study the source and essence, fairy this emerging attribute, This time it was the turn of Terrance to be a pioneer, to study, even if he did not get any benefits, but the accumulation of some experience left to posterity is also good, perhaps later generations can have the talent to be more outstanding people can be further on this basis may be, such a thought, Terrance do not pay much attention to the harvest, With a few elves, go straight to Mt. Chimney



    "Frogadier, the water flow condenses faster and the reaction speed keeps up with the heart!"

    "And, learn to prejudge and induce the movement of Beautifly, or you will never touch it!"

    In crossing Mt. Chimney, on his way to Meteor Falls, Terrance checked the growth of Power Herb by the way, with Beautifly, Arcanine, floating bubbles and dozens of grass spirits to take care of here, Power Herb vintage accumulated very fast, not ordinary The growth can be compared.

    At the same time, in order to check the training results of Beautifly, Arcanine, and floating bubbles, Terrance directed Frogadier and Mawile to play a simulation battle.

    In front, mawile all over the electromagnetic force agitation, conversion of magnetic field fluctuations oppressive beautifly reaction, while waving fists, mouth and entanglement, beautifly this side, the whole body was wrapped in golden light cyclone, it took advantage of Mew and the world Earl Dervish The unique golden Energy given by the tree replaces the Totem gas field, transforms the sunlight soaring in the sky into physical strength, and constantly fixes the physical damage caused by the use of high-pressure airflow movement and attack, during which beautifly with a strong wind pressure blade tackle, has been in Mawile The body left several bruises printed from the wind blade.

    For the first time, Mawile played against Beautifly. In the field of wind, Beautifly took the abilities of “feeling” and “predicting” to the extreme, making Mawile irritated, but the top fighting literacy makes it very fast. Start to calm down, try to avoid your own rash and sum up Beautifly's flying rules.

    After a minute.

    "just!!"In the eyes of the red mans, Mawile finally met Beautifly's body for the first time, and the fists broke the wind pressure to shake the Beautifly. At the same time taking advantage of this opportunity, Frogadier finally hit Beautifly for the first time.

    This simulation battle was carried out by Mawile and Frogadier in cooperation with Beautifly.

    At the rear, Frogadier moved constantly to change position, hands condensed Water Pulse, controlled the vibration of the waves, and tried to compress it to the extreme, Fling went out to attack Beautifly, but unfortunately, even in the face of double pressure, Beautifly still has a good time. It took only three minutes to get attacked for the first time.

    PaTerrance slammed the game.

    "Yes, there is progress."Terrance Road, Beautifly is now able to use the golden energy perfectly, but also adapt to the totem of the disappearance of the gas field sequelae, mawile although into the top field relatively late, but the excellent combat consciousness brought about by the adaptability is Terrance other elves do not have, frogadier Although a lot of training has been delayed at Togepi Paradise, the training of water Pulse has not fallen, probably by the way it watered the flowers and poured grass.

    The reason why Frogadier is allowed to train water pulse is because of the principle that it is vibrating, and if it adapts to vibrations now, it is very easy to master the sword in the sailor when it evolves, and then with the special mucus of the Greninja, which contains the sword of the sailor with high pressure and high vibration, Lethal theory can be maximized, this point Terrance not from other places to get the conclusion, is from four years later in the parallel space-time ash of the Greninja body to get the inspiration, that one cut to the extreme gold hand sword, the power is really good, unfortunately difficult to control, Terrance Now let Frogadier do is basic training, then the Sailor Sword will certainly become its "Ninja identity" the best weapon.

    "It’s a bit of a head."Terrance is in the heart, but whoever called Frogadier is attacking Beautifly.

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